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Custom Hand Sanitizer

Custom Hand Sanitizer In Bulk At The Best Rates

Hand sanitizers are a must in today’s world where we need a protection from infections and contagious environment. No matter you are at home, workplace, travel, school, or college, you need to disinfect your hands frequently to prevent the pathogens entering inside your body. The product is so much in demand, that businesses and marketing managers are also considering it as the most suitable product for logo branding or advertisement. At ePromotions247, we are brought a huge collection of hand sanitizers in different shapes, sizes, and types so that everyone uses them as per their preference. Business owners can buy personalized hand sanitizers in bulk to offer to their employees and keep the workplace and the employees safe. 

Wholesale hand sanitizers at ePromotions247

We offer a wide selection of high-quality hand sanitizers to our customers across USA at the best wholesale rates. Be it hand sanitizer gel, liquid, or the spray, you will get them all in the most convenient packages. On bulk orders, we can also get your product customized with company’s name or logo for business promotion or advertisement. Explore the different varieties available on this portal.  

Types of hand sanitizers

Alcohol based hand-sanitizer: They contain 65% alcohol along with other ingredients that kill germs and bacteria. Apart from prevention from infection, they also offer moisturizer to the skin.

Non-alcohol hand sanitizer: They have low or no alcohol content which works well as anti-bacterial and antiseptic.

Waterless hand sanitizer: Prevent the spread of germs with this waterless instant hand sanitizer that is hard on germs and soft on hands.

Natural hand sanitizer: These natural sanitizers can effectively kill virus, bacteria, fungi, or molds with its natural ingredients which have no side effects and are easy on the skin.

You can buy 0.5 oz hand sanitizer bulk for all these varieties and save good amount of bucks on your order.

Easy to carry hand sanitizers

Considering the infectious scenario and the need to keep ourselves protected from invisible pathogens, we must carry sanitizers that are easy to carry and fit everywhere. Our collection offers you all sizes of sanitizers ranging from mini, to small and big. The common sizes include the 10ml, 20 ml, 10z, and 20z bottles or packs. A few of the other easy to carry models include the below:

Mini hand sanitizer bulk: Perfect to be carried in handbags, shirt pockets or small bags. Adults, as well as kids, can use them.

Slim hand sanitizer spray: It is easy to use and minimizes the wastages as the spray can be made at targeted place. They are slim enough to be placed in any small place.

Miniature hand sanitizer: They not only look attractive but also offer you the ease of carriage. Beautifully packed in miniature bottles, they are just the right choice for gifting in bulk.

Pocket size portable hand sanitizer: It matters to keep your hands sanitized no matter where you are. These pocket-size sanitizers are lightweight and portable to be carried to different places.

Easy squeezy hand sanitizer: Instead of pouring or spraying, you can squeeze the bottle to take out required amount of the gel and use it safely.

Clip-N-Go hand sanitizer:  The bottles or packs come with a clip that can be clipped to your shirt, bag, laptop bag, key chain or anything else that you are carrying. When needed, you can use them easily without the pain of taking out from your bag or pocket.

Pen spray sanitizer: They look like a pen and can be clipped to your shirt pocket. They look slim, lightweight, and easy to carry. They are also one of the preferred promotional hand sanitizers.

Card-shaped hand sanitizer spray: The design is amazing as it looks like a card and not a bulky bottle. Just spray and go on like carrying a card. 

Place online order for hand sanitizer promotional item

Select any model of hand sanitizer and place an online order for quick doorstep delivery. We can get the product custom-printed with your brand logo which can be used as a promotional tool for your brand. These highly useful products would definitely carry your name across people who would get visibility for your brand name.

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