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Hand Sanitizer With Alcohol, 1 oz.

From $1.77 To $2.12 | Min qty:3000

Hand Sanitizer with Alcohol, 2 oz.

From $3.37 To $3.79 | Min qty:1000

3-Ply Disposable Face Masks-FDA & E Certified

From $0.72 To $0.88 | Min qty:5000

KN95 Disposable Face Mask-5-Layered

From $3.61 To $5.61 | Min qty:1000

KN95 Disposable Face Mask

From $3.27 To $4.53 | Min qty:1000

Alcohol Wipes, 10's

From $1.31 To $1.7 | Min qty:2000

Disposable Face Shield

From $3.24 To $5.34 | Min qty:1000

Disposable Thermometer

From $0.23 To $0.54 | Min qty:5000

PPE-Personal Protective Equipment

Best Quality PPEs From Trusted Personal Protective Equipment Suppliers In USA

The prevailing contagious environment has made it mandatory for all of us to use PPE gear and keep ourselves and our families safe from any kind of infection. Workplaces and corporate organizations have also made the use of PPE mandatory at their premises and even families are using them at indoor and outdoor locations. People, companies and organizations are buying them in bulk for their people and are ensuring that their people wear PPE mandatorily. This situation has also encouraged the brand marketers and advertisers to promote their brand through these personal protection items and make their presence visible among the people through these widely used products. 

Personal protective equipment at ePromotions247

We have been supplying high quality ppe safety gear and other products across USA with due diligence and high priority for customer satisfaction. Our collection for personal protective equipment includes face masks, hand sanitizers, wet wipes, disposable thermometers, and more. All these products are procured from reliable manufactures and come with a guarantee for the quality which ensures that only best quality reaches you all.

The hand sanitizers come with alcohol and non-alcohol base with natural ingredients as well. They perform high in killing the germs while keeping your skin soft and supple.

The face masks are FDA & E certified and come in 3-ply or 5-ply layers. You can also place order for KN95 masks which will protect you when you are out in any contagious environment. For regular use in pollution or outdoor atmosphere also, you can use them.

The disposable face shield is too good if you plan to travel or enter a crowded location which requires you to be extra careful. They are easy to wear and keep you easy.

Considering the easy spread of infection these days, we have also brought the disposable thermometers which are easy to use with a liquid crystal strip. They can effectively measure the body temperature in Celsius and Fahrenheit in just 3 to 5 seconds. 

These safety personal protective equipment are a must if you wish to keep yourself safe from infectious conditions.

Promotional use of PPE equipment

Advertisers and brand marketing teams are eagerly vouching on these PPE protection products which are easily helping them gain attention of the onlookers. Once your brand name or logo gets printed on the bottles or the packets of the product, you surely end up with people knowing your brand. Since these items are used frequently and daily, others coming across the user also get a look on the product and come to know about your company easily. Also, since everybody is looking for these items, it is not difficult to create your brand presence through these items. At workplace, you can offer any specific type of PPE to your people, visitors, employers, non-working staffs etc and run your subtle branding activity without any hassles.

At ePromotions247, we have huge supply of these products to help you run your branding activity without any interruption. Check all the available items and place order for them to get quick doorstep delivery. We offer easy customization or personalization of the products to make them speak on your behalf and leave a positive impact for your brand.

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