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Chandler Non-Woven Mesh Tote

From $2.08 To $2.59 | Min qty:150

Color Combination Convention Tote Bag

From $1.78 To $2.26 | Min qty:250

Phoenix Non-Woven Market Tote

From $1.42 To $1.93 | Min qty:250

Mesa Curve Non-Woven Tote

From $2.08 To $2.59 | Min qty:150

El Mirage Non-Woven Event Tote

From $2.04 To $2.52 | Min qty:150

Color Combination Non-Woven Gift Tote Bag

From $1.49 To $1.97 | Min qty:250

Non-Woven Small Tote Bag / Book Bag

From $1.31 To $1.82 | Min qty:250

Non-Woven Super Value Tote Bag

From $1 To $1.34 | Min qty:250

Custom Non Woven Tote Bags

Custom Non-Woven Bags For Commercial And Promotional Needs

The soft texture and eco-friendly nature of non-woven bags have made them quite popular these days among business owners as well as marketers. There are a number of non-woven bags manufacturers who are coming out with more styles and colors of the bags so that the maximum number of people start using them and say goodbye to the plastic bags. At ePromotions247, we also understand our commitment to Mother Nature and stock eco-bags of varying types for our customers. We supply bags across multiple locations in the USA meeting the needs of our clients and customers who look for non-woven bags bulk at wholesale rates 

Custom-printed non-woven bags at ePromotions247

Our collection of the bag is varied and can meet the needs of any business. From mini to large and big to small, bags of varying sizes and colors are available at our website which you can buy at cheap rates for home delivery. Our collection includes bags in colors like white, green, blue, red, yellow, or blue. Our stylish range even has a glamorous metallic bag, sparkle glitter

You can choose to buy mini tote bags, two-tone bags, large bags with padded handles, foldable bags, and laminated non-woven bags. They can all be personalized as per your promotional needs with the right choice of logo color and design.

The jumbo heavy duty bag in non-woven material with internal lining is just the right thing to have for carrying heavy stuff. They are reusable in nature and safe to clean. For bulk promotional needs, our buyers even prefer bags with zipper. They are also superb to be used at beaches keeping your things safe.

Businesses can also plan to distribute non-woven lunch tote bags among the employees for internal branding purposes.  

Promotional non-woven bags at cheap rates

Manufacturers, agricultural producers, shop owners, supermarkets, and even corporate houses look for products that can carry their names for a longer period of time. Budget-friendly marketing activity is what everyone looks for. Here comes the role of our non-woven bags with the logo as they promote a brand name in the most cost-effective manner. There are many reasons why our customers choose us:

Trusted non-woven bags supplier: We are in the industry for years and have established our name that enjoys the full trust and confidence of the customers. We understand the expectations of our customers and deliver results as per their expectations. If not satisfied, we can even supply custom-made bags to meet their exact needs.

Non-woven bags personalized to perfection: Our in-house team and latest printing technology ensure that your bags look different and the prints last forever. We can even suggest the color choice for the bag so that your logo or design reflects well in the given background. You can get screen-printed bags right the way you want.

Timely delivery and high quality products: We commit and leave no stone unturned to meet our commitment. No matter what is the size of your order, we will deliver it on time. Also, rest assured of our product quality as they have been the choice of our customers for years.