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Jute - Burlap Shopping Tote With Cotton Webbed ...

From $5.50 To $7.24 | Min qty:50

Jute - Burlap Shopping Tote

From $5.90 To $7.65 | Min qty:50

Jute/Cotton Shopping Bag

From $6.05 To $7.79 | Min qty:50

Jute - Two Tone Small Burlap Gift Bag

From $3.61 To $5.35 | Min qty:50

Jute - Mini Burlap Gift Bag - Natural

From $4.69 To $6.44 | Min qty:50

Jute - Burlap Shopping Bag

From $5.50 To $7.24 | Min qty:50

Jute - Unlaminated Burlap Economical Shopping Bag

From $3.48 To $5.23 | Min qty:50

Jute - Unlaminated Burlap Shopping Bag With Sel...

From $3.91 To $5.65 | Min qty:50

Jute - Large Burlap Shopping Bag

From $7.65 To $9.39 | Min qty:50

Jute - Two Bottle Clear & Solid Front Burlap Wi...

From $3.79 To $4.99 | Min qty:100

Jute - Three Bottle Clear & Solid Front Burlap ...

From $4.79 To $5.99 | Min qty:100

Jute - Four Bottle Solid Front Burlap Wine Bag

From $5.69 To $6.79 | Min qty:100

Jute - Burlap Two Tone Tote - Natural

From $6.12 To $7.87 | Min qty:50

Jute - Canvas / Bulap Cute Gift Bag

From $3.67 To $5.41 | Min qty:50

Jute Gift Bag With Contrasting Trim And Handles

From $5.17 To $6.91 | Min qty:50

Jute Gift Bag

From $6.18 To $7.92 | Min qty:50

Jute - All Natural Burlap Grocery Tote With Rop...

From $4.07 To $5.71 | Min qty:100

Blended Fabric, Jute and Cotton, with thick Cot...

From $8.05 To $9.63 | Min qty:50

Jute - Stylish Double Zipper Burlap Tote Bag

From $4.55 To $6.19 | Min qty:100

Jute - All Natural Burlap 2 Tone Shopping Totes

From $4.55 To $6.19 | Min qty:100

Jute - All Natural Cube Style Jute / Burlap Pro...

From $3.99 To $4.99 | Min qty:100

Jute - Burlap Tote Bag With Leather Handles - N...

From $7.74 To $9.48 | Min qty:50

Jute - All Natural Economy Burlap Tote With Rop...

From $4.19 To $5.83 | Min qty:100

Jute - Large Burlap Tote Bag - Natural

From $9.59 To $11.33 | Min qty:50

Bulk Jute Burlap Tote Bags

Burlap Jute Bags Bulk: A Star In Promotions And Utility

Jute bags have been in existence and usage for too long. Its high functional attribute has always kept a safe room for it in the world of business and commerce. However, with rising awareness of the harmful effects of plastic bags, the use of jute bags, hessian bags, or customized burlap bags has seen tremendous growth. At epromotions247, we have also come forward to assort the diverse collection of such reusable and eco-friendly jute bags which can be put to a number of usages. After using them, the organic fabric of the bags can be recycled again to design a number of other bags. There are a number of jute bag manufacturers who are coming out with very innovative styles and designs of such bags. We are well-known supplier of custom-printed jute bags across the USA with a number of happy clients.

The myriad of designs and sizes available in this segment allows every segment of buyers to find their perfect reusable bag easily. From a supermarket owner to a vegetable shop owner or a corporate organization, everyone can tap the potential of these bags by using them properly. Printed jute bags or burlap bags with logo can extend the reach of your brand name across geographies. During your internal or outdoor advertising events, you can use such bags as a freebie and build relationships with existing and new customers and employees. Such branded bags can continue doing your brand advertisement for too long than expected to give you a good return on your marketing investment. 

High quality wholesale jute bags at EPromotions247

Considering the widespread use and need for custom jute bags for various commercial and promotional needs, we have curated the best designs and quality of bags for you. From small to big, large, and mini sizes bags, you can pick the best and stylish bags at cheap rates with us.

Our collection includes heavy duty jute bags to light-weight hessian bags for carrying things for different purposes. They are fit to carry groceries or be used as backpacks. Other types of bags include conference bags, lunch bags, totes, sling bags, shoulder bags, shopping bags, messenger bags, and even laptop bags. All these burlap bags wholesale can be bought online and used by businesses for various branding and advertisement needs.

A decorative or a well-printed bag can be even used as a conference bag meeting the needs of corporate organizations. Such personalized bags when used by the employees help in creating internal brand recognition.

Small jute pouches are our special products which are usually bought in bulk to be used as a return gift for personal or official events. They are beautifully designed and decorated to look attractive. The totes, another of our fast selling products, are used as beach bags as they are safe for outdoor usage and accommodate a lot of things safely.

One of the popular choices among corporates is the wine bags which have a transparent front side giving a glimpse of the bottles kept inside. They are purposefully designed to keep safe the bottles inside under compartments. One bag can accommodate two to three wine bottles. However, single bottle bags are also available which have padded jute handles and zippers for comfort and safety. You can buy such burlap bags bulk for your upcoming corporate event and please your employees with a wonderful gift. 

Buy customized burlap bags online

You can find many burlap bag manufacturers online but the one who can offer customization can perhaps meet your product as well as promotional needs. No need to wander cluelessly as we are one of the reputed suppliers of custom burlap or jute bags across the USA along with required customization. You just need to select the type and size of the bag and we assure you to get it screen-printed the way you want. You can also explore the decorated bags and pick them directly as they might not need printing your name or logo on them.

With us, rest assured of the product quality and the cost as we believe not in selling the products but in building a lasting relationship with our customers so that they remember us with love and trust.

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