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Non Woven Boxy Grocery Bag

From $1.55 To $1.86 | Min qty:100

Jumbo Heavy Duty Grocery Bag

From $1.75 To $1.95 | Min qty:100

Insulated Grocery Tote

From $3.43 To $3.86 | Min qty:100

Non-Woven Shopping Tote Bag

From $1.38 To $1.86 | Min qty:250

Shopping Bag

From $1.45 To $1.67 | Min qty:100

Huge Reusable Shopping Bag

From $1.63 To $1.86 | Min qty:100

Cute Cotton Mini Tote Bag - Colors

From $1.5 To $2.76 | Min qty:100

Cute Cotton Mini Tote Bag - Natural

From $1.31 To $2.57 | Min qty:100

Cotton Economical Basic Tote Bag - NATURAL

From $2.14 To $3.4 | Min qty:100

Cotton Economical Basic Tote Bag with Color Han...

From $2.43 To $3.69 | Min qty:100

Cotton Economical Basic Tote Bag with Bottom Gu...

From $2.43 To $3.69 | Min qty:100

Cotton Economical Basic Tote Bag - COLORS

From $2.62 To $3.88 | Min qty:100

Simple Canvas Tote Bag with Cotton Web Handles ...

From $2.74 To $4 | Min qty:100

California's Hottest Canvas Grocery Bag - Natural

From $4.21 To $5.48 | Min qty:100

Modern Classy Canvas Satchel / Messenger Bag wi...

From $6.19 To $6.99 | Min qty:100

15.3L Zippered Tote for everyday use - Natural ...

From $6.59 To $6.99 | Min qty:100

All Time Classic Canvas Nautical Boat Bag - Sma...

From $8.5 To $9.76 | Min qty:100

Madrid Style Canvas Classic Tote Bag with Botto...

From $5.05 To $6.31 | Min qty:100

Jute - Burlap Shopping Tote With Cotton Webbed ...

From $5.50 To $7.24 | Min qty:50

Jute - Burlap Shopping Tote

From $5.90 To $7.65 | Min qty:50

Jute/Cotton Shopping Bag

From $6.05 To $7.79 | Min qty:50

Jute - Two Tone Small Burlap Gift Bag

From $3.61 To $5.35 | Min qty:50

Jute - Mini Burlap Gift Bag - Natural

From $4.69 To $6.44 | Min qty:50

Jute - Burlap Shopping Bag

From $5.50 To $7.24 | Min qty:50

Custom Eco Friendly Bags


Eco-friendly custom logo bags at wholesale prices

The need to go green has taken full momentum with the widespread acceptance of reusable tote shopping bags and other models that add convenience to human life without harming nature. Business owners, retailers, shop keepers, supermarket owners, and brand promoters eagerly look for varied types of printed tote shopping bags or promotional printed bags to sell their product in or publicize their brands. At ePromotions247, we cater to all these diverse needs for eco-bags through our range of products that are exclusive and versatile at the same time. These bags are meeting the requirements of our clients and customers coming from different industry verticals as well as independent buyers who bulk buy the bags for their extended family, friends, and relatives or during some occasions.   


Wholesale shopping tote bags at ePromotions247

This portal has an extensive collection of plain, blank, printed, and custom-printed shopping bags in a wide range of sizes to meet the demand of our varying customers. From mini sizes bags to small, large, and extra-large sizes, we have it all for you. The commercial need for heavy-duty recycled shopping bags can also be met here among huge supplies of the bag in the best quality fabric.

The most common types of fabrics used in the manufacturing of these bags include jute burlap bags, cotton bags, canvas shopping bags, denim bags, and other materials that are made of high-quality fabric that allows durable use of the bags. Our blended bags with jute and cotton is a special hit among the customers. You can also explore different types of woven and non-woven bags, bags with internal lining, padded handles, and long and short strap, and many others. 

If you are a buyer very particular about the design of the bag, then worry not! We have catered to the designing part as well with bags like zipper bags, bags with polyester handles, burlap shopping bags, laminated burlap bags, burlap bags with leather handles, jute gift bags, mini burlap gift bag, and many more designs.

The color galore in the bag collection is sure to gain your attention. Starting from blank bags available in natural colors, we have single color bags as well as dual-color or printed shopping bags. Two-tone color bags are available in natural jute color, alternated with pink, blue, black, green, or white color. The non-woven grocery bags are available in single colors like blue, green, black, pink, and others.

The eco-wine bags are the choicest collection on the site which are great in looks and safe for the use. Bags with four compartments or three compartments can be bought with front burlap. The gift bags are available in mini and small sizes and are perfect to hold all the goodies you wish to gift in a safe and eco-friendly way.

A charm to our collection is the foldable shopping bags that add convenience to the user experience. They are compact enough to carry anywhere and use whenever required.


Buy promotional bags with logo online

Advertisers and brand marketers have ample opportunity to pick the products here and get them customized the way they want for advertisement. Our promotional tote shopping bags with imprinted brand logo or design go the extra mile to generate awareness among the prospects and build a brand presence in the most efficient way. Apart from logo or design, you can also choose to personalize the bags with some personal quote or message that gains the attention of the people.

The custom tote shopping bags are also chosen by farm markets or supermarkets to offer to their customers for a minimum amount of purchase.

At ePromotions247, we can help our customers across the USA procure the best quality eco-friendly shopping bags at the best rates with customization or personalization of the product within the given time frame.  

Let us know your requirement and hear back from us with the best options for your need.

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