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Fanatic Event Folding Chair

From $17.49 To $26.38 | Min qty:24

High Sierra Packable Hammock With Straps

From $39.98 To $50.38 | Min qty:12

Easy Inflate Air Couch (225Lb Capacity)

From $29.98 To $37.78 | Min qty:24

Game Day Director'S Chair (265Lb Capacity)

From $29.98 To $37.78 | Min qty:12

High Sierra Camping Chair (300Lb Capacity)

From $34.98 To $44.08 | Min qty:24

Pop Up Beach Tent

From $31.98 To $40.3 | Min qty:24

Folding Moon Chair (400Lb Capacity)

From $49.98 To $62.98 | Min qty:12

Six Pack Cooler Chair (400Lb Capacity)

From $39.98 To $50.38 | Min qty:12

Premium Padded Reclining Chair (400Lb Capacity)

From $39.98 To $50.38 | Min qty:12

Game Day Folding Table (4 Person)

From $24.98 To $31.48 | Min qty:24

Oversized Folding Chair (500Lb Capacity)

From $34.98 To $44.08 | Min qty:12

Game Day Cooler Seat (200Lb Capacity)

From $11.98 To $15.1 | Min qty:24

Game Day Event Chair (300Lb Capacity)

From $16.48 To $20.77 | Min qty:24

Portable Folding Chairs, Hammock, Canopy

Promotional Custom Folding Chairs, Hammock, And Canopy

The world of brand promotion and advertisement has seen a tremendous change with more innovative ideas and products dominating the industry. In this segment, the use of custom logo folding chairs have proved to be a very attractive and effective tool of brand advertisement as the portability of the product definitely attracts the attention of people. These portable and foldable chairs are best for indoor or outdoor activities and offer a lot of utility options to the users increasing its value and preference. Since they are available in so many different shapes, designs, colors, and sizes, they fit the business needs across all verticals. At ePromotions247, we have assorted varieties of wholesale promotional chairs at the best prices so that you can have plenty of choices to make the best decision. 

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Our collection meets the need of all the varying requirements and purposes with a diverse range of chairs. From heavy-duty high-back chairs to lightweight and compact chairs, you can have a piece in every size. These chairs are made of metal, aluminum, and canvas with a plain or printed background. They are easy to fold and carry to places making them perfect for you if you love outdoor visits. People keep a few of them to use in the lawns, inside the house in different rooms, or even out outdoor fun trips. Chairs with footrest and straps are best for young kids who need to be kept in one place. After the use, fold up and store at a place as they really occupy very less space. Mostly the hammocks and beach chairs are bought together by our customers.

Indoor and outdoor folding chairs for businesses

You might be running a food joint, milkshake stall, a pizza center, or an ice-cream parlor. Our cushioned chairs with canopy can be put on the outer stretches of your shop. Get the fabric customized with your logo and get them noticed even from far off distances. The beach chairs are just the best choice for any business running on the seashores. However, they are mostly bought by individuals as well who love to carry their own chairs when on the beach. Likewise, the director’s chair, camping chair, and others for sporting events and picnic are available at the best prices. Lounge chairs with the cushioned seats are one of our preferred products available at highly cheap rates.

Bulk event chairs for promotions

Promotion can be done through any of the useful product which comes handy. The foldable chairs, beach chairs, and travel stools can be used very well for promotional needs once customized with the right company’s logo. When you buy bulk folding chairs, you also get a good deal on the cost-saving bucks for yourself. These chairs are highly durable and a long-lasting product that does not witness any quick wear and tear. This is one of the main reasons you can invest in this product as they will get you good visibility as well as the goodwill of the users. Rest assured that your brand will get a good recall time and people will refer you whenever the need arrives. 

Bulk chairs for sale online

If you wish to buy camping stool, outdoor folding chairs, or simple stools in bulk, you are on the right page. Explore our extensive collection, check the features of the products and the deals on them, and place an online order for doorstep delivery. As an established supplier of wholesale custom chairs in the USA, we assure you of timely delivery, high product quality, and best in town customer service. 

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