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Create Hand Sanitizing Stations To Benefit Your Employees At The Workplace September 24, 2021 08:00

It is nothing new that you have to be prepared for the flu season by keeping away from germs and bacteria. However, since the pandemic has hit the world, everyone has become more concerned about hygiene. Several companies have encouraged their employees to carry at least 3 to 4 personal protective equipment with them. In fact, PPEs have become promotional giveaways in recent years. The most important one of the hygiene kits is sanitizer. According to the WHO, hand sanitizers are effective in killing the germs, including bacteria and deadly coronavirus. While maintaining a clean indoor environment, hand hygiene is important.

Hand Sanitizer Travel Size Bulk

When you are opening doors, sharing public spaces, and shaking hands with clients, you have a chance of transmitting virus. That is why it is vital to clean hands with sanitizers. The best employees have created a hand sanitizer station in the workplace. Thus, as you think of reopening your office after a long-term lockdown, you have to invest in hand sanitizers. These hand sanitizer packages can be your personalized promotional products.

How does hand sanitizer station benefit your employees and customers?

Easy to maintain hand sanitation-

Every time when your customers enter your office, restaurant, retail store, and any commercial premise, they like to find hand sanitizing facilities. You may find alcohol free hand sanitizer packages in the market. However, some claims that alcohol-based sanitizers are more effective in killing germs. To avoid washing hands with water and soap, your customers can use hand sanitizers.

Your hand sanitizing stations must be close to the high-traffic zones, like conference rooms and transaction counters. Based on the nature of your business, you have to place your sanitizer bottles in different sites. 

Prevent the transmission of virus-

The high-quality hand sanitizers contain at least 60% alcohol. The prevent the virus and bacteria from getting activated. Make sure that your sanitizers are easily available to use. That is why you have to place them in sites, which are touched very often. By using sanitizers, you can prevent the germs from spreading to different places and your nearby persons. Buy multiple packages of hand sanitizers and keep everyone safe. 

Ensure safety at your workplace- 

Your employees play an important part in maintaining your customer base. Thus, you can encourage them to store a sanitizer bottle in their office desks. The sanitizer will be easily accessible to your employees. During the office hours, your employees will be able to maintain sanitation. Moreover, they can clean the surface and hands to avoid the effects of pandemic. They can prevent several health issues and reduce the number of absences.

Promote good habits-

With the hand sanitizer stations available to your customers and employees, you can promote healthy habits. Upon arriving at the office, they can sanitize their hands. You may also install a signage with a message of cleaning the hands with the sanitizer. Invest in hand sanitizer travel size bulk package to save cost. Small sanitizer packages will do their best to maintain hygiene and encourage good habits.

Show your feelings and thoughts to everyone-

Every organization has taken some steps to maintain hygiene during this pandemic. Your workers and customers anticipate something positive from you. Thus, to ensure safety to everyone’s health, you can buy a number of sanitizer bottles.

You have now understood how your investment in hand sanitizers will benefit everyone. You may also purchase other PPE kits for your employees. Encourage your staff to use masks and display a social distancing message in your workplace.

Alcohol Free Hand Sanitizer

However, where will you place your hand sanitizers?

The best spots where you need to place your sanitizers-

You always need to remind your workers of using their hand sanitizers. That is why sanitizers have to be accessible to them. You may check the high-touch surfaces where you have to place the sanitizer.

Restrooms- Most of us have a habit of avoiding the use of soap. It is not effective to kill germs by rinsing hands with water. Ultimately, it can result in risks in the future. When your workers are in a rush, they will not like to use soap and water. To save their time, you can place a hand sanitizer in the restroom. Your employees will surely use it before coming out of the restroom.

Entrances- A small doorknob may become the source of potential dangers in your workplace. Researchers have found that germs on a doorknob can be picked up your workers within 1 to 2 hours. Your employees touch the doorknob while getting in and out of the room. Moreover, you must disinfect other sites, like switches and windows. Near the entrance of your office, you can create your hand sanitizing station.

Lunch rooms, food courts, and cafeterias- Your kitchen, food courts, and other similar sites need to be sanitized. When someone eats food with germ-affected hands, it will affect his health. However, it is to be noted that hand sanitizers cannot replace hand washing activities. It will remove germs from hands and other places.

Conference rooms- These rooms receive traffic, as your clients, employees, and other visitors join the conference. Germs can easily transmit to different places. Tables, doors of the room, and several other spots can attract germs. Protect your employees and clients from having health issues due to unhygienic environment.

Desks of your employees- Phones, desks, and computer keyboards are the most important places that need attention. To prevent the risk of germ transfer, you have to sanitize these sites. Moreover, while your employees sneeze and cough, germs can settle in desks.

Transaction counters- There is an interaction of several customers in the transaction counters of your office. Thus, these places have a high risk of microorganisms. Moreover, the cash-based transactions can easily affect the hands with germs. Make sure that your employees working in the transaction counters can easily access the hand sanitizer.

You may find several other sites in your premise where you have to place your sanitizer. Your investment will benefit your employees and customers.

Order hand sanitizers travel size in bulk and in other packing models with logo customization and get great deals on your order.

Top Essentials To Pack Into Your Bag For A Beach Vacation April 27, 2021 08:00

A trip to a sandy beach is the best way to enjoy the summer season. The calm and tranquil atmosphere in the beach makes us feel refreshed. But, how do you get ready for your beach vacation? You may have already bought beach bags to reach the destination. Nowadays, hotels and other businesses in the hospitality industry choose beach bags as the best custom promotional bags to attract customers. You may also invest in the high-quality bags for travelers.

However, what items should travelers put into their bags? Before providing you with beach vacation packing list, we have helped you to select the right bag.


You can choose a lightweight and versatile bag for your beach vacation. In most cases, travelers prefer wheeled bags and duffel bags for their long trips. These bags hold a large number of items that you like to take to your beachside hotel. But, which bags are best for carrying small personal stuff from hotel to the beach? You do not prefer bulky bags for this trip. That is why you can look for specially designed canvas beach bags wholesale.

 Let us now make a list of beach necessities that you have to put into your eco-friendly fabric beach bags. 

Sunscreen lotion-

One of the most important items for your beach vacation is the sunscreen lotion. Buy high quality lotions and take them with you to the beach side. The direct UV rays and scorching heat can damage your skin. Thus, to prevent your skin from getting tanned, you have to pack the sunscreen into your bag.


Similar to your skin, your eyes need protection from sunrays. While packing your canvas eco bag, you must add a pair of sunglasses. The continuous contact of your eyes with the direct sunlight may affect your eyesight.  Take care of your eyes by wearing sunglasses.

Story books-

The lovely view of the beach will surely please your eyes. However, when you are a solo traveler, you may feel bored during your beach trip.  That is why you may take some interesting books with you.

It is better to put these books into your tote bags. Some consumers buy canvas shopping bags bulk for different purposes. These shopping bags with zippers are also the perfect choice for carrying your books.


Beach mat-

Regular beach travelers like to carry a mat on which they can lay their things. Thus, you must include a mat while packing your bag for the beach vacation. You may also sit on the mat to prevent your clothes from getting dirty due to the sands on the beach. There are innovatively designed mats with pockets in their sides.

Another alternative for you is the thick blanket that ensures protection from the hot sand. It is also better to take a towel and use it a mat.

Water bottles-

Look for eco-friendly water bottles and carry them to the beach to stay hydrated. When you are at the beach for long hours, you may feel thirsty. Thus, one of the essentials for your beach trip is water bottle. It is safe to carry more than one bottle with you. Try to avoid using plastic bottles for your drinking purposes. The best option for you is the stainless steel water bottle with insulated designs.

Beach umbrellas-

Although you have used sunscreen and put on your sunglasses, you may feel hot. To get the best feelings, you can install an umbrella in the beach. The specially designed beach umbrellas protect you from the rainwater and sun’s heat. The modern beach umbrellas have foldable designs and you can carry them easily to the beachside. Moreover, these beach umbrellas have sturdy frames to withstand strong winds.

Beach chairs-

Some travelers do not like to sit on their mats. These beach chairs are the perfect alternatives to them. These are foldable, lightweight chairs with sturdy frames and fabric seats. They look different from regular chairs. You can find integrated cup holders with pouches to store your magazines, bottles, and mobiles. These beach chairs have a versatile design, and you will get the ultimate comfort during your vacation. The best beach chairs also include a canopy to protect you from the sun’s heat.

Waterproof phone case-

You always take care of your precious smartphones and tabs. Still, as you are at the beach, there is a risk of having a contact of water with your mobile. You may look for a waterproof phone pouch with detachable lanyard. Make sure that your phone case design is compatible with your phone model. Keep your mobile safe from water damages.


You may have bought beach slippers and any other type of shoes for your vacation. However, it is important to ensure that the footwear will ensure protection against the broken seashells, glass pieces, and other risky debris. You may purchase rubber footwear that can be cleaned easily. Shoes with mesh designs are also best, as they do not accumulate sand and have breathable designs.

Hair conditioner-

You may like to take a bath in the seawater. However, the salty water can cause harm to your hair. That is why you can carry your leave-in hair conditioner with you. Use your conditioner repeatedly while going for a swim.

canvas shopping bags bulk


One of the common essentials to get ready for the beach vacation is the bathing suit. It is better to wear the suit inside your T-shirt. You can take off your shirt at the beach and go for a swim. You may also pack your swimsuit into your bag and wear them at the right time.

Portable charger-

You may not find charging stations near the beach. The safest choice for you is to carry a portable charger and recharge your mobile and other electronics. Choose waterproof coverings for your charger and keep it safe.

Kits for fun-

Some of us like to build small sand castles and play different games at the beach. You can carry beach toys with you and find a source of amusements.

Power Banks: A Popular Technology Gift For Your Employees January 6, 2021 12:30

Choosing gifts can be troublesome sometimes, especially when it is for your mates from the office or for your employees and clients. Now have you realized how the world has suddenly taken digital turns? There lies your answer for finding the best gift for your corporate needs.

A power bank can be considered as an extremely useful item for gifting. The promotional power banks today are such an impressive item and are used by a lot of people in the industrial sector as well as domestic households.

The following article show –

  • The benefits of a power bank.
  • The different types of power bank.
  • Why should you consider buying them?
  • Why are they a perfect corporate gift?
  • How to get a customised power bank?

The very first question that arises in a buyer’s mind while purchasing a power bank is, what are the benefits of purchasing a power bank and what different varieties of a power bank one can consider while searching for that one perfect gift?

Power banks are extremely beneficial today because

  • These are considered to be very useful when your phone runs out of battery while you are in the middle of a work.
  • They are extremely compact in size and thus do not add any extra weights to you.
  • Power banks are available in a variety of price ranges and you can choose the one which suits the best.
  • They do not require to be charged again and again. Charging them once gives you the freedom of using them for almost an entire day.
  • They are easy to use and can be even used by people who are not very tech savvy.
  • Last but not the least, they are considered as an amazing item for gifting.

The Power Bank market today has a variety of it in the stock. The following 2 major categories hold all the types of power banks inside them.

  1. Power Banks with low capacity -These are the power banks which have low battery capacity. These Power Banks are often called mini chargers as well. The benefit of using a mini power bank is that they are cheap in comparison to the high battery power banks. They are also portable to carry. Thus, it gives an advantage to consumers as they fit in pockets as well. Now by low battery, we mean a power bank having a battery life of less than 20,000 mAh.  For example - a power bank having a battery of 10,000 mAh is sufficient to charge your smartphone 3-4 times and keep you updated for the entire day. However, a power bank with 50,000 mAh can charge your phone 8-9 times which is much more than the smaller power banks.. These power banks are not often purchased much in comparison to the High capacity Power Banks but they are still in demand. The reason they have a low charging capacity is because they are small in size.


  1. Power banks with high capacity - Completely opposite of “power banks with low battery”, these power banks are the normal average size of batteries. The reason they are called huge capacity power banks is because the battery size of these power banks is larger than those of low capacity power banks. These tend to work for a longer period of time once charged and you can easily commute or travel without having to bother about your phone running out of battery. These power banks are in excess demand today in the market. They might be a little more expensive than those low battery power banks but are sure worth trying. Also, they can be bought as wholesale power banks because they are in trend today and can be used for promotional activities and gifting.

Why are Power Banks considered useful for corporate gifting?

A lot of people today consider power banks as a gifting item for promotional activities and as cheap corporate gifts. The reasons for this are quite understandable.

  • They are extremely useful for a world that depends on smartphones for the littlest of work.
  • You can gift someone a good long lasting power bank at a relatively affordable price.
  • You can choose from a variety of power banks offering different shapes, size, colors and power capacities.
  • Promotional power bank wholesales are quite in fashion because they ease your work life.
  • You can get your power banks customized in different ways by setting your company or your brand name as a way of corporate gifts.

How can you get your power banks customized?

If you are getting power banks for your corporate staff, the other best thing you can do to make them more special is getting them customized.

I am sure, you have often seen laptop bags with company logos. Similarly, you can get your company’s name or logo on the power bank to give it a more professional look. You can give this to your staff by their respective names to make it more personal.

People today engage in a lot of customization because it simply makes the employees and other staffs feel more connected towards the company they work for. Custom printed power banks are an amazing way to build connections and maintain trust and reliability in the organization.

Many websites and companies offer you the facility of getting your products customized at a fairly affordable price.

I hope by now, you are impressed by the quality and features of a power bank and why they make the best gift for your corporate sector. Not only for the corporate, the power bank industry is doing wonders even for the domestic households as well. Thus, if you are someone looking for the best corporate gift, a power bank is all you need to go for.

Order bulk power banks from online stores and run your marketing campaigns with more returns in the coming days. Do not compromise with the quality of the product and buy promotional products only from trusted supplier.