Woven And Non-Woven Bags- Buy The Best Bags With A Versatile Design February 12, 2021 08:00

When we search for eco-friendly fabric bags, we can find two common options- non-woven and woven fabrics. Eco bags have become a trendy choice due to the increasing environmental consciousness. However, these bags are available in a range of fabrics. Nowadays, several businesses buy woven and non-woven polypropylene bags wholesale. However, are these woven fabrics different from non-woven ones? We have discussed more about these woven and non-woven fabric bags. You can go through the relevant information and make the right decision.

Non-woven bags with diverse styles-

Non-woven bags, designed with non-woven fabrics, have a special web structure created with the entangled fibers. You can find these bags treated chemically, thermally, and mechanically. We have noticed the introduction of these bags first in China. However, in due course, these eco bags have become popular in different parts of this world. Nowadays, several bag manufacturers choose non-woven polypropylene cloth to design their bags. Due to the polypropylene, these bags look like cloth bags.

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Non-woven fabric bags are available in a range of styles-

Non-woven bags with a D-cut design-

This D-cut model is useful for carrying the bag easily. You can replace your plastic bag with this D-cut fabric bag. There is a soft handle provided with this bag.

Non-woven bags with a U-cut design-

You can find this design mostly in grocery bags. It is similar to what you find in plastic bags. Thus, when you think of replacing your harmful plastic bag, you can rely on these non-woven fabric bags.

Non-woven bags with a loop handle-

With a stylish and elegant look, these bags are useful for multiple purposes. You will also find these bags with a high stability.

Know about woven eco-friendly bags-

The most commonly chosen fabrics for eco-friendly bags is polypropylene. Although it is a lightweight fabric, it has a high durability and strength. That is why woven bags have found their applications in different industries.

Woven polypropylene is one of the cost-effective choices for bag manufacturers. However, these affordable materials do not compromise quality and give you a lasting value.

When you like to use woven bags, it is better to need to know about different types of weaves.

Plain weave-

It is the simplest weave type, as the weaver weaves the threads together. Thus, the woven bags have interlaced threads, and you will find the strongest weaves due to the constant crossing of threads. You can find this weave style in canvas and muslin bags.

Twill weave-

It can create a diagonal pattern and different patches in your woven fabric. However, you will find a fewer binding points than that of the plain weave. You will get thicker clothes with this weave style. For instance, this weave pattern is mostly used for denim fabrics.

Dobby weave-

Dobby has a highly advanced weave design useful for creating a slightly raised fabric texture. Dobby weave combines yarns of different thicknesses and weave techniques. Moreover, the weft and warp may be of different colors. Due to this weave style, the fabric does not have wrinkles.

Satin weave-

You may have heard about polyester satin, silk satin, and polyester satin. The satin weave is very popular, and it has floating warp threads that add a shiny look to the fabric. While there are uncrossed threads, we refer to the weave as the satin style. You can find this style mostly on shirts, gowns, and upholstery.

Herringbone weave-

Herringbone is much similar to the twill weave. It is the herringbone pattern, as it looks like the herringbone fish skeleton. You can find herringbone patterned woven threads on the fabrics. There are several variations of this herringbone pattern, which adds beauty to the fabric.

Thus, these are some common weave styles for fabrics, and only a few of them are used for bag designs. 

Non-woven and woven bags- How both of them are advantageous to us?

100% eco-friendly and green-

As you are looking for biodegradable and eco-friendly products, you can invest in these fabric bags. They have no harmful chemical and do not emit poisonous gases. While plastics are non-biodegradable materials, these polypropylene bags do not cause any adverse effect on the environment.

Recyclable and reusable-

Non-woven and woven polypropylene bags are easily recyclable, and you can keep the surrounding environment clean while using them regularly. Cleanse these bags and use them for different purposes.

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Bags with high durability-

Polypropylene bags are different from conventional shopping bags that do not last long. Most of these bags can last for 5 years. You may carry more loads with these bags. For instance, you can buy canvas tote bags with rope handles wholesale, as these woven fabric bags are highly durable. Some fabric bags are water-resistant, and thus, they are a better choice than that of the paper bags. Use these bags for a range of purposes and protect the environment from plastics.

Polypropylene bags as the promotional tool-

It is easy to print the woven and non-woven bags. You can buy blank tote bags bulk and print your business logo on them.  The best eco-friendly bag sellers provide you with customization services. Thus, based on your needs, you can customize these bags. Woven and non-woven bags are available in different colors and sizes. You will surely find one that fits your needs. 

Woven and non-woven polypropylene bags- Structure and uses-

These eco-friendly bags have a structure different from that of polyethylene bags. Polyethylene bags have a highly steady structure, and it is not easy to separate the fabrics. They take almost 300 years for bio-degradation. However, the chemical structure found in these bags are not much stable, and thus, these polypropylene bags undergo a chain degradation.

Nowadays, promotional companies, departmental stores and grocery stores purchase these bags for different needs. These woven and non-woven bags are useful as food bags, garment bags, coffee bags, cake bags, and wine bags. You may also buy large canvas tote bags bulk package, as canvas is one of the plain-woven fabrics with high sturdiness. Moreover, there are canvas handbags, foldable bags, and messenger bags of different designs.