Top 6 Interesting Gifts For School Children On Various Events December 10, 2021 08:00

The holiday season is around the corner. The children will come back to school after a long winter vacation. Don’t you like to cheer up the mood of your students during this vacation? You can host an event where students of any age can take part in different activities. Surely, the major goal of hosting an event is to give fun to students. However, you can find an opportunity to promote your school through the event. But, how will you reach your target? Like any company, your school can invest in business promotional products. Distributing products with your school logo will extend the reach of your name and enhance the popularity of your school. But finding the right product in your price range is too crucial along with its effectiveness. Find the list of the best gifts that you can offer to your children.

Personalized Inverted Umbrella

School bags-

Backpacks can be the most useful gifts for school goers. Most students like to use backpacks to carry their books. Some kids complain that super-heavy school bags affect their posture and cause pain. That is why you can look for ergonomic backpacks with padded straps. Sturdy and comfortable backpacks are available at an affordable price.

Black backpacks can be a classic choice, and they are perfect for both boys and girls. A medium-sized backpack with double zippered system will bring a smile to the children. You can customize them by writing the name of your school. Backpacks are available in a range of shades, and it is good to choose one, which matches the color of the school uniform. 

Canvas backpacks can be highly sturdy, and they do not tear away easily. However, some backpacks are made of high-quality nylon with an elegant look.

But, the most important thing is that you have to check the additional features of the backpacks. For instance, some backpacks have compression straps for your comfort. The mesh bottle holders on 2 sides are also useful for backpack users.


Rain and other weather elements prevent students from attending schools. Moreover, the scorching sunrays can make students feel tired when they come to school. That is why you can invest in the bulk umbrellas with logo. The umbrellas with your school logo printed on the canopy will be the perfect gift during an event. The colorful and compact umbrellas with a foldable design can be easy to carry. Thus, buy the small portable umbrellas for your school students.

It is better to choose the personalized inverted umbrella for your students. In case of the inverted umbrellas, the wettest part will face inside while folded. So, these inverted umbrellas will minimize the risk of getting in touch with books. They will not damage the schoolbooks of your students.  Moreover, the C-shaped handles of inverted umbrellas are comfortable to grip.

You do not need a high investment to buy wholesale promotional umbrellas. However, you must check the structure and reliability of the chosen umbrellas. The frames have to be made of quality materials to ensure durability.

Promotional pens-

When you have the tightest budget, you can choose pens as the best gifts for students. Pens are the most valuable items for everyday needs of students. These important writing tools are available in a range of models.

You can purchase pens with a rollerball tip. The best-quality pens ensure smudge-free writing, and students do not need put much pressure to dispense the ink. Nowadays, several students like to use gel pens, as the water-based ink ensure smooth writing. With a stylish barrel and retractable mechanism, a pen can encourage a student to concentrate on his study. But, make sure that the pen has an ergonomic design and is easy to grip. Your students will feel thankful to you.

You may also offer highlighters to your students. Both school and college students need to use highlighters to mark important parts in the books. It is good to make a combo gift package of standard pens and highlighters. Embed your school’s name into the pens and make them promotional.


Every school has some responsibilities to ensure the best health of students. That is why you can choose drinking water bottles as gifts and encourage your students to drink fresh water. Students need to carry their water bottles every day. So, your gifts will be highly useful for them. But, do not buy plastic bottles, as they are detrimental to their health.

There are eco-friendly and better options for your drinkware. Stainless steel water bottles are the safest options, as they do not contaminate the drinking water. Moreover, these stainless steel models do not have bad odor and are recyclable materials. The sturdy bottles are also easy to clean. The best stainless steel bottles have an insulated design to maintain the temperature of the water.

Copper water bottles are also the risk-free options. It can kill the microbes infecting the water. Copper containers ensure better digestion, and thus, it is healthy to drink water from copper these bottles.

Wholesale Promotional Umbrellas

Coffee cups-

Coffee and tea are refreshing beverages, and teens like to drink them every morning. Personalized coffee mugs will attract the attention of your students. You may find different ways of personalizing these cups. For instance, you can print the name of every student for customizations.

As a Christmas gift, coffee cups may also be personalized with the photos of Santa Claus.

Coffee cups are made of different materials like ceramic. However, you may also invest in specially designed mugs with lids. The spill-proof mugs will be useful for holding the energy drinks of students.

Caps and hats-

Like umbrellas, caps can protect your students from the heat of sunrays. That is why you can buy a bulk pack of promotional caps for students. Caps and hats have gender-neutral designs, and thus, they are perfect for both boys and girls. The wide-brimmed hats will also the face from sunrays.

The standard caps also give you some space to show the school name and logo. The adjustable straps at the backside are one the notable features of the caps. From the structured 5-panel caps to the mesh caps, every model is versatile. Thus, invest in the quality caps for your students.