Have you ever wondered how as a child you were so fond of carrying water bottles to school every day? Every time we would carry a water bottle with us, we made sure that we carried the best available in the shop.

The very same effect of carrying the best drink bottles is coming along our way of doing an online business. In the world where a business is a king, every brand wants to publicize itself in the best possible way. For this, they put their heart and soul in finding the best items and services that can be utilized as their brand influencing items. Thus, drink bottles are considered one of the small business promotional items today. These bottles have turned their way towards more effective, useful and affordable techniques of promotions.

In your search for most effective and affordable drink bottles, we have listed a few popular choices these days which can help you choose the best bottle for carry your business logo.


Drink bottles today are available in different categories. The material used inside them divides these bottles into 4 different ways.

  1. PLASTIC WATER BOTTLES – This bottle is best when you have to do the simplest tasks like going out for work or studying. Plastic bottles are easy to carry and kids love these bottles as they come in a lot of shapes. These plastic drink bottles in bulk are much cheaper than all other water bottles purchased individually.
  2. STEEL WATER BOTTLES – We have been using steel bottles for the longest time now because they keep the temperature of water intact. They are considered the best kind of bottles to be used in winters, or if you are going for a workout. They are insulated and also looks stylish.
  3. ALUMINIUM BOTTLES – These bottles are also easy to carry and are lightweight. They are often used by people who love outdoor activities like hiking etc. They are bigger than other drink bottles thus avoiding frequent refills.
  4. GLASS BOTTLES – These bottles are heavier in comparison to all other bottles. You must have seen these bottles in fancy cafes and restaurants. They are best to add a stylish appearance and also on the same hand can carry a customized logo.
  5. INSULATED WATER BOTTLES: They are commonly referred as flask but are widely used as drink bottles. Carrying warm water or cold water both is possible in such bottles. Businesses choose them readily to offer to their employees as a promotional gift.


There is no hidden fact that drink bottles are a great way of marketing your brand to a wide audience to gain their trust. The reasons for using these water bottles as a way of promotion in business are –

  1. DIFFERENT SHAPES AND SIZES – These drink bottles are available in a variety of different shapes and sizes. You can easily choose the size or shape of the bottle that suits your brand in the best way. You can even be more flexible and choose your particular kind of bottle for your business promotional activities. 
  1. ENVIRONMENT FRIENDLY – Our world has grown towards a more natural approach of life today and thus, products made are environment friendly. These bottles are also eco-friendly. Using them as a business item is better this way because using eco-friendly products can also improve the image of your company or brand. 
  1. MULTI-PURPOSE – Since you know that these bottles are available in 4 different categories. It provides a better choice than most single used products. People can rely on these bottles for a variety of choices and would entertain your sales in near future.
  1. ECONOMICAL – These drink bottles are not too expensive. Instead, there are relatively cheaper. Thus, if you want to carry your promotional activities on a budget, considering these bottles can be quite worthy.
  1. BPA FREE – These bottles are free from any sorts of organic compounds in it which can be harmful to your health. So, if you choose to use custom BPA free water bottles as a promotional item, there are more chances that people would like to buy from your brand more often.

All the reasons mentioned above are enough to say why you should consider using drink bottles as a promotional business activity. All these reasons tend to increase the brand image of your company. 


If you are considering to use these bottles as a way of your promotional activities or mere giveaways, then the most effective way is to get your bottles customized. There are a variety of ways you can adopt to get your hands-on customized products. 

For example – You can get your employee’s names on the specific bottle, or you may choose to get your brand logo printed on the bottle with a very customized message.

Since these bottles are a reflection of your work, you can also choose to imprint a specific logo for a specific type of bottle. For instance, if it is a giveaway to all the fitness freaks out there, then you can imprint an inspiring quote on that particular drink bottle. 

Customizations like these helps to maintain your identity and integrity in the business world and obviously in the eyes of the person who shares that product. It also shows that you care about society and your company has all grounds of ethical and moral values.


You can get these drink bottles customized with the help of several stores or online websites today. Also, you can get such services outsourced for a minimum price and enjoy all sorts of flexibility and creativity on your products.

However, if you buy these water bottles from an established supplier of promotional products, you can get the customization services from them as well. They sell products along with personalization or printing of the products at the same cost or some nominal charges.

Order bulk drink bottles and other small business promotional items today  at wholesale rates and get them delivered to your doorstep.