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Pick The Right Type Of Glassware For Your Drinks September 3, 2021 08:00

Standard cups and glasses are fine for your small gatherings in the yard. But, how do you serve your guests in dinner parties and cocktail parties? Your guests desire something better from your side. The container in which you pour your drink can make a difference to the aroma and flavor. That is why choosing the right glassware is important to please your guests. While buying cheap glassware in bulk, you have to check the shapes and other details. As wine is of different tastes, you can find glassware of diverse types. It is important to pick the right glasses based on your choice of wine.

Engraved Glassware

Types of beer glasses-

You may have already tasted different types of beer. Now, you must take some time to find the right type of glassware to hold the beer.

  • American Pint— You can call it a shaker. It has a capacity of holding 16 ounces of drinks. The conical shaped glass has a wide top. You may craft your breweries in this glass. In most cases, bar owners like to invest in this type of glass.
  • Irish Imperial Pint — Imperial pint is not much different from the American one. To have a foamy head of your drink, you can choose this model. The 20-ounce glass has a slight ridge and is available at the most reasonable rate.
  • Nonic Pint— It is another 20-ounce model with a bit dimple towards its top.
  • Beer Mug— When you are looking for something conventional, you can pick the beer mug. it is available in different sizes and shapes.
  • Dimple Mug— It has a special design to let you see how much beer you have drunk. 
  • Beer Stein— From technical perspective, it is not a glassware. It has not followed the fashion trend. You will find it beautiful and decorative.

Dessert wine glassware-

Port- It is the best glassware model to enjoy a small portion of dessert wine. You will enjoy the sweet flavor from your drink.

Sauternes- It is another option intended for drinking barrel-aged sweet wine. The glassware helps in bringing acidity of the drink to the forefront.

Sherry- You can drink your cold sherry from your dessert wine glassware. Moreover, you may also buy stemless glasses for wine lovers.

Other types of wine glasses- Guide to choosing the best one-

Highball glasses-

Highball glassware has a tall and straight design holding about 8 to 12 ounces of wine. You may also put some pieces of ice into it.

Consumers mostly buy it for serving cocktails to the guests. Due to the special shape, your drink remains cold and preserve its carbonation. The conventional-style highball glass has a smaller stature compared to other glasses. You can use the glass to serve, rum, gin, and tonic.

Lowball glasses-
It is an old-fashioned glass having a solid base. It is capable of holding about 6 to 7 oz of drinks. When you need to muddle the ingredients of your drinks, you can choose this glass. Moreover, you can pour your liquor without any mess.

Cheap Glassware In Bulk

Collin’s glass-

It is much similar to highball glass. However, it is slightly larger, narrower, and taller. The glass has a capacity of holding 10 to 14 ounces of wine. Keep your drinks chilled in the tall glass. Moreover, you can also use the glass to hold drinks diluted with ice pieces. The glass style has derived its name from the Tom Collins cocktail. Other drinks that you can serve with the Collin’s glass are Mojio and Paloma.

Zombie glass-

From the name, you can easily guess, that the glass is capable of holding your favorite Zombie cocktail. This drink is a blend of liqueur, rum, and juices. The narrow, tall design is easily distinguishable. To display some colorful drinks, you can choose this glass. Furthermore, the zombie glass is best for serving fuzzy navel and other eye-catching cocktails.

Martini glass-

It is the most popular type of cocktail glassware with a stylish look. You may easily identify the glass with its V-shaped bowl from which you have to sip the drink. In fact, martini glass is the standard cocktail glass. However, old cocktail glass models have a more rounded design. You may choose the glass to serve different strained cocktails.

Coupe glass-

Originally, the purpose of using the glass was to serve cool and tasty champagne. But, as the glass has a big round shape, consumers did not prefer it for carbonated drinks. This design causes dissipation of bubbles over the large surface. You can use the glass for holding cocktails that need straining. The glass shape also display the cocktail color. The glass also includes a long stem to prevent the transfer of heat of your hands to the glass. While buying corporate novelty gifts for your employees, you can look for this glassware model.

Snifter Glass

It is a unique glass model with a short stem. Still, you can place your finger on the stem and sip your drink. The large and spacious bowl-like top cause swirling to your drink. The mouth helps in trapping the aroma. You will get the desired smell from your alcoholic drink. In most cases, this glass is useful for serving whisky and brandy.

Margarita Glass

Margarita glasses are perfect for holding a blended and shaken tequila-based drink. Manufactured by hand blown glass, the glassware is designed with acrylic. The use of non-breakable materials has made the glass sturdy. Moreover, margarita glasses have a long, slender stem with a bowl on its top. To buy engraved glassware  for any purpose, you can choose the margarita style.

Margaritas are also perfect for serving mango and strawberry flavored drinks. You can pick the most elegant margarita style for your drinkware set.

Flute glass-

The surface area for holding the sparkling wine should be less. It helps in preserving bubbles of your drinks. Your drinks will not go flat within a short time. That is why flute glasses are favorites for several consumers.

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Choose High Quality Glass Bottles- Drink Pure Water Every Day April 16, 2021 08:00

Have you invested in wholesale glassware for different purposes? Especially, glass bottles have become one of the trending choices for gifting someone. You may also choose eco-friendly glass bottles for your customers.

Some of us purchase plastic water bottles. However, these cheap water bottles can cause serious health risks. On the contrary, it is safe to drink water from your glass bottles. While riding your vehicle, going to office, and attending gym classes, you can carry glass bottles with you. Before investing in the glassware, you need to learn about the glass bottles.

Wholesale Glassware

What benefits do you get for drinking water from glass bottles?

Glass-bottles are contaminant-free solutions-

Have you sipped water from plastic and metal water bottles? Now, you can drink your water from a glass bottle. You will surely find a difference in the taste. It is one of the reasons for choosing glass bottles.

Moreover, plastic bottles can contain hazardous BPA. You will have no risk of BPA while drinking water from glass containers. Take care of your customers’ health by choosing glass bottles as unique corporate giveaways. Let them enjoy odorless tasty water and other beverages.

It is easy to wash glass bottles-

You can easily maintain the cleanliness of your glass bottles. Regular cleaning helps in keeping up the clarity of glass. You may use these bottles for storing smoothies and fruit juice. Still, glass bottles will retain their originality. Some glasses are dishwasher-friendly, and thus, you may sterilize them under a high temperature level. You can remove potential wastes from the bottle with minimal effort. 

Holds the temperature of your drink-

You may use your glass bottles to store cold and hot drinks. Glass is the better material to maintain a steady temperature of your drink. Thus, you may use glass bottles for storing any type of liquids. The bottle will not absorb color, odor, and flavor of your drink.

Glass water bottles are eco-friendly-

Glass is recyclable several times, and thus, it does not cause harm to the surrounding environment. On the contrary, we need to throw away plastic bottles, and they are not biodegradable. There are different types of plastics, and a few of them are recyclable.

Thus, to save the environment, you can look for high quality glass bottles and jars. But, you can question- Where do I find glass bottles wholesale near me? You can choose a digital store to make the right choice.

Learn more about the glass water bottles-

Are the glass bottles durable?

You may raise questions about the durability of the bottle, as glass is brittle. However, glass bottle manufacturers design their products innovatively to ensure protection to the container. In most cases, glass bottles have silicone sleeves to protect the structure. When you have dropped the bottle, it will not get broken. Thus, the use of silicone sleeves adds durability to the overall product. While buying glass bottles, you can check out this feature.

Which glass is best for manufacturing bottles?

You can notice differences in the glass used for manufacturing water bottles. Some of us like to freeze water, and thus, freezer-safe tempered glass is the perfect choice for this purpose.

Non-tempered glasses have small air pockets that change their size with the change of the glass temperature.

On the contrary, tempered glass is highly resilient and manage the temperature fluctuation easily.

Some manufacturers also use borosilicate glass, which has heat resistant properties. You can store hot beverages and water in these glass water bottles.

Thus, you need to know to glass type while purchasing the drinking bottles. Most importantly, your bottles must have food-grade materials to ensure safe drinking water.

Another option for you is to buy wholesale amber glass bottles.

Amber glasses have some special properties for which are perfect for manufacturing water bottles.

UV Protection- Bottles made of amber glass protect the content from UV rays. It is highly important, as the UV rays may affect the components present in the main content. For instance, when you have stored beer, it can get spoiled due to UV rays. It is better to store your beer in the amber glass.

Glass Bottles Wholesale Near Me

Protection against the blue light- Blue lights have both advantages and disadvantages. However, photochemical effect is one of the problems with a light. You can find this effect on edible items due to the interaction of bacteria. You can look for cobalt blue bottles to have light-blocking protection. In this case, amber glass bottles are the best choice, as they prevent the blue light effects.

Other features to be checked to buy glass drinking water bottles-

Narrow versus wide mouth-

Some glass bottles have a small, narrow mouth similar to what you can find in plastic bottles. While drinking water, you will have no chance of a mess. However, there is one demerit with the narrow-mouthed water bottle. You cannot put big chunks of ice into the bottle.

To solve this problem, you can choose wide mouthed water bottles. You have to twist off their caps and get access to water easily. However, it is important to drink water carefully to avoid spillage.


The size denotes the capacity of the bottle. Based on your needs, you can decide on the size of your water bottles. The standard water bottle size ranges from 12 oz to 22 oz. You may prefer the smaller ones to fit them into the cup holders into your cup.

Check the lid style of your glass bottles-

Although the main body of bottles is made of glass, their lids are made of some other materials. While some bottles have stainless steel caps, while others have polypropylene plastic models. This special plastic is resistant to corrosion and chemical leaching. The best water bottles have a leak-proof design to prevent spillage of water and any other liquid. Some caps are integrated with a large O- ring to increase the portability of the bottle. Thus, check out the lid design and invest in the right glass drinking water bottles.

Buy high quality glass bottles online at wholesale rates and get them customized for brand promotion.