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Tips To Pack Your Duffle Bag In A Smart Way August 10, 2021 08:00

Duffle bags have become the best choice for travelers to carry the luggage for both short and long trips. The durable bags are capable of holding a good amount of loads without the risk of damage. They are particularly useful for flight passengers who like to avoid checking-in bags. The stylish, customized duffle bags are also chosen as the unique promotional products. Hotels and travel agencies can invest in these bags to attract potential customers. You may also buy a decent sized duffle bag for your needs.

Duffle bags are available in a range of sizes, including the big and small, portable ones. However, when you think of starting a flight journey, you have to check the weight limit and size limit. The limit may vary with airlines. Still, the standard limit for the bag weight is 7Kg. Thus, never try to over-pack your bag, as it will turn out to be risky.

In most cases, manufacturers mention the accurate dimension of the bags. While measuring the height, you do not need to include the handle. Check out the dimensional details of the bag before purchasing the right one.

 How will you pack the duffle bag?

Leather duffel bags are available in a range of sizes. Most of them are spacious and can hold a number of items. Still, it is important to pack your duffle bags properly.

Hold the edges and fold them down-

Before starting to pack your bag, you have to fold down its upper edges. It will be easier for you to access the bottom part of the bag. While filling the duffle bag, you may fold back the edges.

Waterproof Duffel Bag

 Pack the items not much essential-

Packing should be started with low-priority stuff. Items that are not essential every day should go to the bottom part of your bag. On the contrary, the high-priority items must be on the top of your bag to make them easy accessible. You can open the zipper and take them out instantly. There is no need to rummage through the bag and waste your time.

 Keep your clothes rolled-

Start rolling your clothes to pack them easily in your duffle bag. This packing method will help you in saving space. As your roll every piece of cloth, it will resemble a cylindrical shape. Create a row by placing your rolled clothes properly.

Fold the undergarments, shirts, and pants in half-lengthwise and roll them. The tightly placed clothes will save space and minimize the risk of wrinkling issues. You may also use a rubber band for securing every item.

 Make a bundle of your clothes-

Some travelers do not like the rolling technique to pack their duffle bags. They can make a bundle of clothes. Bundling is also preferable, as it helps in avoiding creases during the trip. Create a neat bundle and put it into your bag.

Shake up your bag-

You have already packed a good number of items into your bag. Now, you need to jostle your duffle bag to let the clothing settle. It will provide you with more space to pack more items.

Buy packing cubes to keep the bag organized-

Packing cubes are the best options for creating compartments in the bags interior. You can easily arrange the dirty laundry, food, and toiletries in different bags. It is another trick of avoiding the waste of time to search for essential items.

Buy some packing cubes for proper grouping of your items. These cubes are mostly the mess bags that you can put into your big duffle bags. However, for packing your toiletries, you must stick to the airlines’ guidelines.  

Avoid packing heavy items-

You may try to pack a minimum number of heavy items. Although the best duffle bag is spacious, it cannot endure heavy weight like backpacks. Moreover, you must focus on your posture while carrying the bag. Heavy bags will affect your posture.

Learn the way of packing the footwear-

Your shoes can consume much space in your bags. The smartest trick for you is to put the smaller items (like undergarments, socks, and gloves) into the shoes. These items will also retain the shape of your shoes. It is one of the ways of saving your space.

Use a TSA lock for securing your duffle bag-

It is especially important for flight passengers who are carrying the duffle bags with them. TSA locks are different from ordinary locks and protect your personal stuff from potential theft. However, security officials can unlock these bags without any damage. Their task is to check the content of your bag.

Best Duffel Bag

Place heavier items at the bottom-

The zipper side of the duffle bag should be up while carrying and storing it. For this reason, you must keep your heavier items stored properly at the bottom. When you have placed your lightweight items at the bottom, they have a chance of getting crashed.

Pack your magazines and books at the end-

During your long trip, you may like to read your favorite books to avoid getting bored. That is why books and journals should be easily accessible. You must place them at the top part of the bag. It is better to let the books surround the packed items. It is one of the ways to protect your belongings by covering them with papers and books. However, the book lovers will also get benefit from these packing techniques.

Pack your water bottles carefully-

It is good to buy a waterproof duffel bag to keep your personal items safe. You have to place your bottles in a way that does not let them be turned upside down. Make sure that your bottles are not leaky.

Choose a separate pocket to pack your gadgets-

Gadgets may become damaged due to the contact with water. Thus, you can choose the side pockets and interior pockets to store them securely. Do not store your gadgets with your water bottles and wet towels, as they will affect the devices.

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