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Gift With A Shine: Consider Aluminium Bottles December 11, 2020 08:00

The world has taken turns to the digital era and thus, everything today has been urbanised as per the standards. The products and services available today have been designed in such a way that creates a smooth user-interface allowing more and more people to use them.

One such thing is bottles. In the ancient era, one must not have thought about how simple water bottles could evolve into stainless steel bottles, plastic bottles and even aluminium bottles. Not only this the use of these bottles as a product to flaunt your business is another big chane that the modern businesses are witnessing. 

Wholesale Aluminum Water Bottles


  1. WEIGHT – No one likes to carry heavy and bulky bottles and add extra weight to themselves. Thus, aluminium bottles have been designed in such a way that the person carrying them do not feel any extra weights to them. They weigh much less than those heavy double-wall stainless steel water bottles.
  2. RECYCLABLE- Aluminium bottles are recyclable and thus, taking care of the quality. Now, who doesn’t want to buy such a material who has the perfect quality even after getting it recycled twice or thrice. Aluminium metals provide such features of durability and recyclability and so does, aluminium bottles.
  3. LOGOS – Aluminium bottles have a large surface area, thus providing you with the benefit of getting your favourite logo and stickers printed on it. Children are always excited about bringing personalised bottles to schools. Also, some adults use personalised quoted water bottles in their workdays. The aluminium bottles are a great deal in such cases.
  4. SAFE TO EAT AND DRINK – Aluminium bottles have highly proved to be easy to drink from and easy to eat bottles. They involve no harm from its internal surface or chemicals used from it. Thus, aluminium bottles are in high demand in the market today and can also be used for promotional activities. They add extra features to its sale because they are environment friendly and reusable.
  5. DESIGN -Aluminium products have maintained their existence in the market by their continuous sleek designs and shapes they come in. Customers tend to directly attract to these products and that is the reason their demand in the market has increased to multiple folds over the years.

You have surely ordered bulk metal water bottles or bulk plastic water bottles for promotional purposes. Have you ever considered ordering wholesale aluminium water bottles for promotional activities? 


  1. BPA FREE – Aluminium water bottles are BPA free. It is a chemical and the benefits of a product being BPA-free is that it eliminates the risk of cancer, diabetes and many such issues from the material of the bottle by eliminating the chemicals in the bottle.
  2. LESS EXPENSIVE – While there are other metals or steel bottles that can cost you too much even if purchased in bulk, aluminium water bottles are considered to be less expensive than metal bottles. This is an added advantage of choosing aluminium water bottles for your promotional activities.
  3. BRAND STANDARD – The physical qualities of aluminium distinguish it from all other water bottles available in the market in terms of packaging and other material. The style and design of such bottles thus are creating a huge impact over other promotional items. 


There is always a way to handle things. If not handled and maintained properly, it can ruin the quality of products and they might not last as long as they are supposed to.

Double Wall Stainless Steel Water Bottle

Similarly, the aluminium bottles also have a way to be carried, maintained and cleaned so that they add more value to you. It is often believed that the money you spend on the products should be an asset for you. Following are the ways to make these aluminium bottles an asset for you –

  1. Always use warm water to clean the flasks and the cap and leave it in open to dry. Not doing so could lead to a weird smell in these bottles.
  2. Do not pre-heat these bottles using a microwave.
  3. If you do not want the water to spill all over you while you open your bottle, do not fill it to the top. Always leave some space between the surface and the cap.
  4. Avoid dropping the bottle as the bottle may get dented.
  5. Clean the exterior of the bottle by using a little amount of white vinegar.
  6. Make sure the bottle does not have any residues of any drink or else the bottle can get smelly. 


There are a lot of promotional activities going around today. These activities take place in various forms such as Instagram giveaways, Instagram promotions, business promotions, school events, prize distributions and many such more. At times like this, using these aluminium bottles can be the best item you can find among all other products in the market.

You can use aluminium bottles using sports and athletic events because they are amazing bottle suppers.

You can also use these bottles in schools for kids by customizing the. Some aluminium bottles come with a cup to help you drink at ease. These thus can be helpful for even small children as they will not spill the water all over their clothes.

One reason why they can be used as a method for marketing is that they are relatively cheap than other bottles available in the market. Using quality-based products always leave a better impression of the party using it. 

I now hope that the increased market of aluminium bottles makes some sense as to why they are preferred among people. Even marketers, business heads, and HRs are buying it in large number today as wholesome promotional products and you should also go for it because they are everything a person needs giving sure exposure to your business logo printed on it.

Find a wide variety of designs of aluminum drink bottles in your budget and get them printed for promotional purpose.

Personalized Water Bottles For Branding Campaign- Find The Trending Designs November 13, 2020 08:00

Which is the most important thing we carry with us during every trip? Surely, everyone has different needs. However, we always take a water bottle with us during any long and short trip. Thus, to promote your brand to your potential customers, you can invest in custom water bottles as branded promotional items. Water bottles, available in a range of shapes and sizes, are not simply necessities in our life. They have turned out to be one of the style accessories for the daily commuters. With brand-related imprints and logos, you can personalize these bottles. 

Let us look at water bottles of diverse models that you can choose as the best promotional gifts on different occasions. 

Premium quality metal water bottles- 

With your custom giveaways, you can reduce the plastic usage in this world. Replace the plastic bottles with metal water bottles made from stainless steel and aluminum. Logo-engraved, branded metal bottles are long-lasting products, and they will appeal to your customers.

Buy these reusable water bottles bulk for your general promotional campaign. Moreover, these promotional bottles are the best giveaways during the grand openings of your company. Some organizations also choose them as their corporate party favors. It is up to you how you will use these custom bottles as your advertising tools.

When you have a tight budget, you can buy small 350ml metal water bottles that are highly portable. Recipients can easily put those items into their bags. Some brands also prefer multipurpose stainless steel thermos bottles with a capacity of 500ml.

With insulation, double-walled design, and copper lining, these thermos bottles can grab the attention of your potential customers. These specially designed bottles can keep your drinks cold and hot for 24 hours. Thus, these stylish and sleek custom metal bottles will add a considerable value to your marketing campaign.

Custom Water Bottles With Logo

Custom shaker bottles-

Are you going to choose gifts for fitness freaks and sports enthusiasts? These BPA-free, shaker bottles are the best utility items that you can buy for your target recipients. Nowadays, gym clubs, fitness centers, and fundraisers choose these trendy shaker bottles to impress their customers. However, you may also prefer these promotional items for your employee recognition events.

Health-conscious persons like to carry protein shakes as their pre-workout and post-workout supplements. That is why these shaker bottles can be the most valuable items in their lives.

With easy-to-open lids, these bottles help with a single-handed operation. Some bottles have a wire whisk that blends the supplements to ensure a smooth consistency. The presence of multiple compartments is another notable feature of these shaker bottles. You can look for freezer-safe, microwave-safe, leak-proof shaker bottles for your potential customers. Add the name and logo of your brand to make those bottles look unique.

Personalized tumblers of varying shapes-

Shaped like stylish wine glasses, these tumblers are the big drink jars. Tumblers are best for those who love drinking coffee, tea, lemonade, and other beverages during their trips. What’s more, big tumblers can give you much space to print your brand name and other details.

To add a different flavor to your branding efforts, you may choose infuser tumblers. These custom water bottles with logo have a filtered design and centered compartments. Moreover, to ensure convenience to your recipients, you can purchase tumblers with lids and straws. As these tumblers are integrated with straws, users do not need to use disposable plastic straws.

Tumblers are available in a range of colors and materials, like propylene, ceramic, plastic, and stainless steel. However, some models have translucent designs that let users view the content. 

Restaurants, bars, and some other commercial establishments invest in tumblers as their promotional giveaways. On any occasion, you can attract your potential clients with custom-printed quality tumblers. 

Flasks and thermos with insulation-

The dual-walled bottles with a special insulated technology have the best choice for recipients of any age. These flasks can keep the favorable temperature of water for long hours. Moreover, bright colored flasks with a unique design can catch the attention of your recipients. You can buy personalized thermos as your employee rewards and promotional giveaways for customers. Mostly, travel industries choose these items as their custom gifts. However, businesses from any niche can find value from gifting these products for marketing purposes. 

Collapsible, travel-friendly water bottles-

When your target recipients are travel enthusiasts, they need to pack their bottles in the luggage. Your customized, collapsible water bottles would be of high values for them. There are flexible bottles collapsing naturally while you drink water. However, some collapsible bottles have rigid designs that retain their shapes until you fold them. One of the most notable advantages is that you can fit them into some tight spaces. Another innovative design available for you is silicone roll-up water bottle. The mouthpiece and cap can cover much space. But, you can roll the bottle into a small tube.

Water Bottles For Sale

Smart water bottles for tech lovers-

As your customers and employees love tech products, smart water bottles can be the best gift for them.  Stainless steel insulated body, auto-seal cap, and leaf-proof and spill-proof design- these are common to smart water bottles.

Some uniquely designed smart water bottle are capable of tracking your daily intake of water. You can connect them with your mobile app and get the detailed data about your water consumption. There are also rechargeable bottles, as manufacturers provide you with a cable. With long-lasting battery life, integrated sensor, and other technologically advanced features, these smart bottles are high-end corporate gifts.

Now, you can start searching for the best custom water bottles for sale. As your potential customers will use those promotional bottles regularly, you will have better brand value. Embed your messages and tag lines without affecting aesthetics of the bottle. Your recipients will take those bottles everywhere, and thus, your brand name will be viewable to several other people. Based on your budget, you can buy a bulk package of eco-friendly and reusable water bottles for your customers.