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Key Features Of Stainless Steel- Know About Products Made From This Metal December 14, 2021 08:00

Do you prefer to buy metal utensils and metal tumblers in bulk? While searching for metal drinkware and kitchenware, you may find several options like copper, stainless steel, and aluminum models. But, the most commonly chosen ones are made of stainless steel. However, why has stainless steel gained high popularity in recent years? Stainless steel has some special characteristics that you cannot find in other metals.

Find a longer lifespan with your stainless-steel items-

Corrosion-resistant stainless steel can last long, while other metals can rust very easily. That is why stainless-steel items have become more valuable to consumers. As a metal alloy, stainless steel contains around 10.5% of chromium in composition. The chromium layer has an anti-corrosive property for protecting the metal. Moreover, being a non-porous metal, stainless steel has a longer life. But, it is not indestructible, as the metal gets damaged due to contact with salt and harsh acids. These elements also cause scratches and stains on the surface. Still, stainless steel is better than ordinary steel.

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Stainless steel comprises several other metals-

As stainless steel is an alloy, it constitutes several other metals, including iron and carbon. The combination of various elements with the stainless steel can result in the formation of different alloys. Manufacturers use these alloys for creating several other products. In fact, metals present in stainless steel are highly durable.

The eco-friendly recyclable material- Stainless steel-

You can find stainless steel used for refrigerators, cutleries, pans and drinkware. Modern consumers like to save the environment from pollution, and that’s why they want to use these stainless-steel items. Likewise, stainless steel products can be the perfect choice for your promotion in business.

It is easy to recycle valuable metals like stainless steel. For this reason, this metal now has several applications in our everyday life.  The best stainless-steel products have at least 60% recycled materials. In the present metal market, stainless steel has become a highly valuable commodity.

Available in different forms and grades-

You can find multiple forms and grades of stainless steel. Every classification of stainless steel is available with some properties, including austenitic, ferritic, martensitic, and duplex. Moreover, you can classify stainless steel in other ways- Type 304L and Type 304.

Sinks, storage tanks, refrigerators, tabletops, and coffee pots have Type 304 stainless steel, which can endure corrosion from chemicals. However, Type 304 is also used for screws, bolts, and nuts.

The Type 304L stainless steel has a very low carbon content and is a versatile one.  While buying the wholesale blank stainless-steel tumblers, you can try to know about the grades of the metal used for them.

Stainless steel kitchen items and drinkware for everyday use-

Stainless steel cooking pot-

Made of food-grade stainless steel, modern cooking pots never contaminate your foods. They have thick bottom that is safe to be used with gas stoves and induction cooktops. Moreover, the best stainless-steel pots have thick glass lids protecting you from the risk of spillage. You will enjoy safe cooking with these premium pots. But, every part is not made of stainless steel. The bakelite knobs remain cool and you can grip them easily.

Stainless steel travel mugs-

Travelers like to carry hot beverages and cold drinks with them. That is why they buy stainless steel mugs with an insulated design. These specially designed travel mugs can retain the temperature of their drinks. Stainless steel mugs are like thermos and are better options than glass and plastic models. These eco-friendly mugs may also be customized with your brand name for promotional gifting purposes. Covered with a lid, these mugs do not cause a mess while stored in a bag. Thus, you may purchase a stainless-steel mug with a leak-proof design.

Stainless steel chopping board-

Some consumers have invested in wooden chopping boards to cut vegetables and other ingredients. But, the stronger and safer models are made of stainless steel. The smooth surface of the stainless-steel board is also easy to clean. The best fact is that it lasts longer than the wooden models. You can choose the board size based on your purpose. There are also multifunctional boards used for placing a pizza. The contact with knives with not damage the stainless steel surface. Moreover, the smooth surface does not trap bacteria and molds. After your everyday use, you may remove the food scraps without effort.

Stainless steel bowls-

Stainless steel bowls are one of the essentials in the modern kitchen. A stainless-steel bowl set can also be chosen as a gift. Some Stainless-steel bowls also have a copper base. The unmatched finish of these bowls ensures that they will retain their original look for years.

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Stainless steel straws-

Plastic straws may be unhealthy for you, and thus, you can invest in stainless steel straws. You can reduce plastic waste by using these metal straws for your regular purpose. The stainless-steel straws are reusable, and you can find them in both straight and bent designs.

Made of 304 stainless steel, a metal straw can weigh about 7 grams. While traveling to any place, you can carry a number of metal straws with you. By drinking water with these straws, you may avoid mess. Moreover, these straws are BPA-free products and are available in metallic colors. Use these metal straws after every use and maintain hygiene.

Stainless steel bottles-

Stainless steel water bottles and feeding bottles are BPA-free and eco-friendly models. You may also pour your juice into the stainless-steel bottles, as they do not affect the real taste of your juice. The best bottles have double-walled insulated design to minimize the loss of heat of your hot drinks. These bottles are capable of retaining temperature for 7 to 8 hours. However, you can also use them to store cold water on the summer season. Hardy stainless-steel bottles can last longer than plastic bottles. You can buy both stainless steel bottles and cheap tumblers in bulk for your promotional campaign.

Find wide variety of stainless-steel bottles and tumblers in bulk and order online.

What To Do With Your Waste Steel Tumblers? December 4, 2020 08:00

Do your kitchen cabinets have a stack of stainless steel tumblers and bottles? As they have become old, you do not like to use them for your everyday drinking purpose. However, these stainless steel items are reusable in a variety of ways. You do not need to throw away your steel tumblers. Nowadays, businesses invest in bulk stainless steel tumblers to use them as the best promotional products for their customers. They know that these steel containers are reusable and users will find their brand name on the promotional item for several years.

We have provided you with some tips on how to use your waste steel bottles.

Add measuring marks and measure liquid-

You may have a simple stainless steel tumbler that holds much amount of water. Now, you can print some measurements to indicate millimeters and ounces. These simple measuring marks added to the steel body can make your tumbler more valuable. You can measure your milk, water, and other liquids while cooking something. Thus, the waste tumbler has turned out to be functional piece in your kitchen.

Bulk Stainless Steel Tumblers

Store your cookies and biscuits-

You have bought wholesale stainless steel tumblers and personalized them as the best gifts for customers. You think that your customers would use those tumblers to hold water. However, one of the innovative ways to use those steel containers is to store biscuits and cookies. Some tumblers have tightly secured lids and they keep the interiors airtight. Thus, your cookies will stay fresh inside these tumblers. You may also store flour in your tumbler. What’s more, steel tumblers are the best choice to hold your nuts, pretzels, and snacks.

Freeze some liquid in your tumbler-

You do not like to store your drinking water in your old tumbler. However, you can at least use it to hold some water for other purposes. Sometimes, we do not find a container to store the leftover liquid after cooking. In that case, you may use your steel tumbler as the best solution. The tumbler will never be a piece of junk in your house. You can make the best use of it for your everyday needs.

Use your steel tumblers for your pets-

You may have some old tumblers in your kitchen cabinet. Take them out of your cabinet and use them for storing water for your pets. You can label them as your pet’s tumbler and get the best value from them. Tumblers look different from standard water bottle, and thus, store water for your pets.

Let your tumblers hold your flowers-

Why should you invest in a separate flower vase to decorate your rooms? The best option for you is to use your tumblers as small vase. When you do not prefer the steel tone, you may wrap the tumbler with a colorful paper. It is one of the best ways of beautifying your room. Fill the tumbler with some water and then put your fresh-cut flowers into them. Tumblers with blossoms will turn out to be centerpiece in your room. The old tumbler will get a new look while you use it as your flower vase.

Use metal tumblers as your utensil holders-

Spoons and other small utensils are not easily accessible when we do not keep them organized. You cannot find the right spoon and knife on your need. Remove the lid of your tumblers and put all the spoons into them. You can avoid a mess in your kitchen countertop and cabinet with this simple trick. Thus, do not throw away your tumblers while they look old and dull

Tumblers as pen holders-

It is similar to what we have told you for utensils. Your desk is full of books and other small kits. To store your pens at the proper place, you may convert your tumbler into a pen holder. You may think that it will look odd to place your tumbler on your office desk and study table. However, to maintain aesthetics, you may apply your creativity to paint them with colors.

Nowadays, businesses also wholesale blank tumblers and customize them with their brand colors and perfect color scheme. Similarly, you may transform the look of your tumblers with artistic designs.

Wholesale Blank Tumblers

From tumblers to pots-

You can grow your favorite flower plants in these tumblers. Dig the ground in your garden and put some soil into your old tumbler. Now, it is ready to grow plants. As steel is a durable material, you may use the tumbler for growing plants. Gardening enthusiasts will love the idea of cultivating small plants in the tumbler. You may add some accent by painting flowers and leaves on the steel body of tumblers.

Tumblers as your lanterns-

Although it is another interesting way of using your waste steel tumbler, you need some tools to do it. Buy a desk lamp and the essential DIY electronic tools to attach the light into the tumbler. Your tumbler can become a part of your table lamp, and you may make the best use of it.

Turn tumblers into colorful wind chimes-

It is the perfect option for those, who love home decors. Apply the bright colored paint on the steel tumblers with polka dots, stripes, and other patterns. You need more than one tumbler to create the wind chimes. The bright and bubbly colored wind chimes will make your interiors more aesthetic. 

Now, are you ready to choose tumblers as your corporate promotional items? Tumblers are easy to customize, and you can display your brand name on them. As steel tumblers are reusable, recipients will use them for several years. Your promotional gifts will be of high value to recipients. Instead of choosing plastic tumblers and bottles, you can invest in the steel ones. Stainless steel products will have no rust issues in the future. You can buy the bulk package of these tumblers with a reasonable investment. Tumblers are available with lids and without lids, and based on your needs, you can purchase the right ones.

Custom Drinkware Adding More Values To Your Campaign- How? November 6, 2020 08:00

Coffee mugs are one of the everyday essentials in our life, as we like to sip a hot beverage in the early morning. However, these custom coffee cups, travel mugs, and tumblers have become the best marketing tools for several companies. Organizations of all sizes try to impress their customers with promotional gifts. But, how do these coffee mugs add value to your marketing campaign? Let us now see why a set of drinkware can be the ideal corporate gifts for your recipients.

A galore of choices-

It is easy to find a coffee mug of a unique shape and model. You may choose the best travel mugs promotional corporate Christmas gifts. While some mugs are slimmer and taller designs, others have a compact shape. Moreover, you will find them in a range of materials, like glass and ceramic. When you are looking for something innovative, you may choose smart mugs with insulated designs. These specially designed mugs are capable of retaining the temperature of the drink.

Custom Coffee Cups

Simple yet effective

It is one of the reasons for choosing coffee mugs and tumblers as your promotional giveaways. Most of your potential customers use these mugs almost every day. Without any flashy decorations, these cups will add value to your giveaways. Every time the recipient holds your personalized cup, he will consider your brand name. What’s more, you can buy those custom cups at the lowest price. It does not cost much to print your brand information on these cups.

Mug colors that match your brand color-

Wholesale coffee mugs suppliers can present you with cups and tumblers of a variety of colors. Most of the companies like to choose promotional gifts that go with their brand color schemes. Surely, you will find tumblers and coffee cups of the desired colors. From navy blue to neon green, travel mugs are available in different shades. What’s more, you can beautify them with your brand logo. Every day when the recipient drinks his coffee from the custom cup, the perfect color scheme will remind him of your brand. Thus, buy a bulk package of promotional cups for your target recipients.

Travel mugs can work as your walking billboards-

You may have gifted portable travel mugs to draw the interest of your potential customers and employees. The recipients will take those logo-imprinted custom cups to different places. Thus, your logo and brand name will be viewable to several other prospects. It is another obvious way of getting values from your promotional gift. Buy the best reusable mugs for your marketing campaign and engage more customers in your business.

Find much space to fit your business information-

As you have bought coffee mugs for your marketing campaign, you will get a good amount of space to imprint your company details. Choose travel mugs of any style to serve your promotional purposes. Customize these mugs with your logo, company name, phone number, website URL, and email address. It is also better to display your company tagline in your cup. You will find more traffic to your physical and digital store. Business details shown on the cups will easily draw the notice of your target customers.

Last for a number of years-

You are going to invest your money to hand out your promotional gifts to your customers. You never want your customers to throw away those items within a few days. Small stationery items, plastic pens, and similar other objects will ultimately find their place in the bin.

However, coffee mugs will keep on giving values to users for several years. Recipients will drink their favorite beverage in your cups and mugs. Thus, your custom cups will surely leave an impression in their mind. You can place an order of coffee mugs, travel mugs, and stadium cups bulk to get them at a lower price.

Drinkware is shareable- Double your brand visibility-

What do you serve your guests to welcome them? Most of us provide them with some refreshing drinks, like tea and coffee. Thus, when your recipients use your cups to serve coffee to their guests, you can spread your brand name and promotional message. Your cups will help you to reach your marketing message to lots of potential customers.

Tumblers In Bulk

Useful in a range of ways-

Sometimes, you may wonder- Does everyone has the habit of drinking coffee and tea? Obviously, some of them do not drink beverage regularly. However, they will use your mugs in several other ways. Although they do not use the cup to sip coffee, they will never discard your gift.

For instance, the bright colored logo-printed coffee mugs may become beautiful tabletop souvenirs, fresh flower vases, and pen holders. Thus, drinkware can be the most versatile gift that you can offer your customers on any occasion. You can buy custom coffee mugs and tumblers in bulk to impress your employees and customers.

We have presented you with some strong reasons for investing in custom travel mugs, coffee cups, and tumblers. These branded items will keep your customers engaged with your brand. The bespoke shapes, your brand name and unique logo will make your gift highly memorable. You may also find out some innovative ways to display your brand information.

Moreover, it is better to choose eco-friendly, reusable coffee mugs and tumblers with lids and straws in bulk. The easily washable and durable mugs can give the lasting values to your customers. These mugs are most available as stainless steel, ceramic, and bamboo products.

You may claim that social media ads and TV ads may help you to reach wider audiences. However, you will need to invest a high amount to publish those ads. Thus, when you have a low budget for your marketing campaign, you can choose coffee mugs as your advertising tools. You can host a corporate event and offer these BPA-free mugs to your customers. Your promotional giveaways will be effective to attract lots of customers to your business premises. Finally, you will have a higher ROI from your investments.