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Folding Chairs In A Range Of Styles- Choose The Right One October 8, 2021 08:00

Do you have a hotel, restaurant, bar, and any other commercial facility? You also need to host events for your customers and business partners. One of the most common commercial needs is the seating space. Comfortable seating can please your customers. However, when it is an outdoor event, you need temporary seating solutions. Thus, the best option for you is the high-quality folding chair. The lightweight folding chair does not cost high. You can look for folding chairs in bulk for sale. The bulk order will save you money. Your guests will also take their seats and praise your seating arrangement.

Folding chairs of different types-

In most cases, the foldable chairs are available with a two-piece model. One piece comprises the front legs and the backrest. Another piece includes back legs and the seat. There are swivels connecting these two pieces. Due to these swivels, you can move the chair between two positions. Now, check out the most common types of foldable chairs available for you.

Folding Chairs In Bulk For Sale

Foldable plastic chairs-

You can easily carry these chairs from one place to another. Although plastic chairs are lightweight, they are durable. As manufacturers can mold plastic into any shape, you can find plastic foldable chairs in different styles. They are the cheapest available models for consumers. High-quality plastics do not get damaged easily. They will not degrade in contact with sunlight. However, some folding chairs have a combination of metal with plastic.

Foldable wooden chairs-

These wooden chairs are slightly better than the plastic ones in terms of aesthetics. However, the price can be higher while compared to plastic models. These wooden chairs are available in different styles, and manufacturers use quality wood to design these chairs. The most popular ones are the beech wood chairs. These wooden chairs are durable and last for years. But, there is a risk of scratches and chipping problems.

Foldable resin chairs-

One of the best alternatives to wood is resin. You will find resin chairs with a contemporary look. The resilient resin chairs are UV-resistant. The resin chairs have consistency in colors, and they can hide scratches on the frame and seats. The best foldable chairs have padding to ensure comfort to users.

Foldable metal chairs with fabrics-

As you need to use your chairs at outdoor sites, you can choose this rugged furniture. Although the chairs have fabric seats, they have strong metal frameworks. You can find them in different colors, and based on your needs, you can choose the right shade of your chairs.

When you need custom logo folding chairs, you can invest in these models. You can easily print your brand logo on the fabric of your chairs. These chairs will serve a promotional purpose in your corporate events.

Foldable chairs with an ergonomic handle-

You need to move the folding chairs from one place to another. They do not have wheels that are present in office chairs. However, they are integrated with a handle to ensure easier grip. You can hold the handle and carry the chair to the desired place. From beach to porch, everywhere needs comfortable seating space. These lightweight foldable chairs are the perfect choice.

Foldable sling chairs-

Although they are conventional-style chairs, they have not lost their value. They have seats made of high quality fabrics. Some sling chairs also have padding near the headrest. The impeccable style chair will give you comfort at both indoor and outdoor sites. Buy bulk chairs for sale and get them at the lowest price.

Portable backpack chairs-

You can take these chairs to the picnic spot and camping sites. The easily foldable chair can be carried like a backpack. You will not feel it bulky. Moreover, this chair has adjustable straps that you can attach to one side. While unfolded, the chair will look like standard mealtime chairs. The backpack chairs also include a spacious side table, cup holders, and a small pocket. You can store your books and phones in the pocket. The innovatively designed foldable chairs are available in solid colors and printed patterns. You may also customize the fabric of these chairs.

Custom Logo Folding Chairs

Things that you must check while buying foldable chairs-

Durable and comfort-

These are two important factors while purchasing the folding chairs as branded promotional items. Your customers, business partners, and employees will use the chairs. Durability ensures that they will not fall from their seats. To retain your impression, you need to invest in high-quality chairs. Make sure that you will not need to replace your chairs for several years. Check the materials used for the frame and seat of the chairs.

Safety standard-

Safety is one of the most important factors for buying your folding chair. Reliable chairs with folding mechanism can endure more than 500 pounds of load.  However, as materials and designs of folding chairs are different, they have varying weight carrying capacities.

Ensure that the chairs have a smooth folding mechanism. You can fold and unfold these chairs without much effort. When you have hosted a large outdoor event, you may unfold the chairs and place them in rows. The attendees of the event can take their comfortable seats. The low-quality chair has a risk of accidental folding when someone sits on it.

Storage and portability-

Never overlook these two factors while buying chairs for your business purposes. You like to store your chairs by folding them. The folded models do not take much space in your commercial facility. Moreover, you can stack the chairs together and store than at any place.

Other innovative features of modern folding chairs-

Mesh folding chairs have a revolutionary design. They have an ergonomic design with a backrest to give you the best level of comfort. Moreover, some folding chairs have a special structural elastomeric and polyester weave to reduce pressure points. This design is unique and ensures better airflow. The best fact is that these modern chairs are more lightweight than standard upholstered chairs. Chair frames also have an engineered design.

Find bulk chairs for sale online and order now for free doorstep delivery.

Unique And Attractive Giveaway Items For Business Events April 13, 2021 08:00

Employee recognition, company inauguration, product launch, loyal customers’ gifts—these are some common occasions, when you like to buy promotional giveaways and present to your endeared employees. Custom-designed items with your brand name can be the most remarkable gifts from your company. Branded giveaways always have a special value to recipients. Still, the brand owners have one biggest concern. Which promotional giveaway items are the perfect options?

You can find a range of products that are customizable. However, they have different values to your potential customers, business associates, and employees. You need to be thoughtful while choosing the promotional gift for your marketing campaign.

Before making a list of items as your corporate gifts, we have provided a guide on how to decide on the right product.

Know your recipients-

You have to think of the target recipients’ interests. You may ask questions to know more about their interests. For instance, you need to focus on their age, gender, and other demographic details

Do some research-

With a little effort, you will learn about the promotional products that have bought success to other companies. The statistical data will help you to make the right decision.

Usability and durability-

You like to reach your target audience with your promotional products. However, when they have no functional value, your potential customers will not use them. Look for highly resilient and usable gifts for your marketing campaign.

We have now made a list of some items that will grab the attention of your recipients.


The lightweight custom blankets with a versatile design can be one of the most considerate gifts. These blankets are perfect for both indoor and outdoor usages. The fleece throw blankets make us feel cozy. On the chilly winter days, your customers will feel thankful to you when you offer these blankets. Look for reliable blankets wholesale suppliers to get these products at the most affordable rate. Let users get wrapped in these blankets and feel the warmth.

Fleece is one of the highly resilient materials and do not add weight to the products. Thus, it is easy to carry fleece blankets to any place. There are also cotton blankets, which are soft and breathable. You will stay comfortable throughout a day using these cotton throw blankets. Cotton blankets last long and are easy to maintain.

From the plush throw blankets to fleece picnic blankets, everything is available for you. Moreover, you will find blankets in a range of colors. It will be easy for you to buy one that matches your brand color. You will also get much space to print your brand name on the blankets


Towels are one of the best promotional gifts for customers of any agents. From cotton terry towels to monogramed plush towels, there are several choices for you. Recipients can take these towels to the gym center, spa, and several other places. Moreover, towels are one of most commonly chosen bath accessories.

By choosing custom printed towels as promotional gifts, you can create a positive impression. Moreover, towels area available at a reasonable price, and you can make a bulk purchase.

Based on the purpose and usage, towels are of different sizes and designs. For instance, pool towels and bar towels are for recreational purposes. When you need to sop up spills, you can use your bar towels. Similarly, pool towels are the best investments while you regularly host pool parties.

You can find towels in decorative designs and solid colors. However, make sure that the chosen towels display your brand name clearly. You will get value from offering towels to your customers.

Cheap Umbrellas In Bulk

Foldable chairs-

You may think that chairs are bulky items, and you cannot carry them to your event venue. However, there are lightweight folding chairs, which are the most acceptable promotional gifts. These foldable chairs look different from the standard chairs. Although the frames of these chairs are made of steel and other metals, the seats have fabrics. They are long-lasting chairs with tubed frames and have high stability. You can use them for both indoor and outdoor purposes. It is better to use these promotional chairs for your corporate events. Find an impressive and colorful look of these foldable, fabric chairs.

Fabrics used for these chairs can range from nylon to mesh. These are durable fabrics and do not tear away easily.

Some foldable chairs include cup holders. Use these chairs as your lawn chairs, beach chairs, and camping chairs. Innovative models are available as backpack chairs. Moreover, some party chairs have an integrated umbrella to make you feel comfort at the outdoor site.

Use the fabric part to add your brand logo. Promotional folding chairs will make your marketing campaign more effective. Available in different bright colors, they can easily grab your attention.


When you have hosted an outdoor event for your marketing campaign, you can invest in promotional umbrellas. Your guests will get protection against sun while taking their seats under umbrellas. These are big umbrellas and look different from standard umbrellas. They are available in multiple colors and match perfectly with your brand’s color.

The big promotional umbrellas have powder-coated steel frames with high quality fabrics. The combination of polyester and nylon makes the fabric stronger. You can find space for advertisements. As you install the umbrella in outdoor sites, it will display your brand name to your guests in the corporate event. In most cases, businesses like to invest in this umbrella for trade shows.

Promotional, custom-printed umbrellas are of different types. For instance, you can find golf umbrellas with a diameter of about 48 inches and a length of 4 feet. The canopy is small, and thus, you must not choose them for beach usage.

There are also printed tables with an umbrella. You can reveal digital printed artwork theme on your promo table and an integrated umbrella. The beach side umbrellas are big and have a sturdy design to endure strong winds. Thus, you can look for several other umbrella models for your promotional campaign.

Find wide variety of promotional giveaways online and choose the one as per your recipient type and your budget. We are established supplier of promotional products in Australia offering products at wholesale rates and free doorstep delivery.