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Discover Promotional Umbrellas Of Different Types For Business Purpose November 2, 2021 08:00

Umbrellas are one of the best corporate gifts to make your promotional campaign successful. Available at a reasonable rate, these umbrellas are highly valuable items for your consumers. They are the best utility items that your consumers can use throughout the year. During the heavy rainfall and hot summer season, they need umbrellas. You can buy printed umbrellas from promotion companies.

The large umbrellas make your brand logo easily noticeable to your potential customers. However, which type of umbrellas should you buy for your customers? Check the list of different types of promotional umbrellas.

Umbrella With Logo Printing

Patio umbrellas-

Also referred to as garden umbrellas, they are highly portable. They are available in semi-fixed and fixed versions. Some users like to take them to the beachside to ensure protection against the harsh sunrays.

Street vendors also invest in these umbrellas to protect their goods from sunrays and rainfall. The diameter of the umbrella is about 8 to 10 feet. Moreover, the weight of these patio umbrellas is 30 kg. The structure needs to be strong, as it has an outdoor application. The powder coating applied to the framework is another reason to ensure protection.

Folding umbrellas-

They are compact umbrellas with a diameter of about 3 feet. However, you may order a custom size based on your needs. The folding umbrellas include 4 panels, and you can print your logo on each of these panels. Edge-to-edge printing will enable you to promote your umbrella. There is no color restriction while personalizing the umbrella. The iron stand is strong, and the diameter of the pole is 1 inch. 

The best folding umbrellas are made of polyester tefta that has waterproof materials. Several companies place an order for folding umbrella printing online. Start your branding campaign by investing in the folding umbrellas. 

Tables integrated with umbrellas- 

A single umbrella with a company design is best for gifting purpose. But, when you need umbrellas for corporate events, you can choose a table fitted with an umbrella. It is one of the cost-effective solutions for you. You can print 3 sides of your umbrella. The umbrella is placed at the center of the table. 

Golf umbrellas-

The big promotional golf umbrellas are useful for several purposes. During the golf tournament, the umbrella can protect golfers from the rain and sun. The diameter of the golf umbrella is about 48 feet. However, you must not use the umbrellas near the beachside. The golfer also protects his basket by using the umbrella. Your golf equipment will be dry due to the use of this umbrella.

Roadside vendor umbrellas- 

Fruit sellers, tea stalls, snacks counters, and several other roadside stalls need these umbrellas. These vendors can display the business contact details and the name of the stalls. However, any business can invest in these big umbrellas. 

Stylish umbrellas-

The trendy and elegant umbrellas are available in a range of cuts and shapes. While promoting cartoon characters and films, the production houses like to generate buzz. These companies look for unique umbrellas to grab everyone’s attention.

Mini umbrellas-

They are also known as the telescopic umbrellas, as they have a compact design. Travelers and daily commuters like to use the umbrella, as they do not prefer bulky luggage. You may also buy these mini umbrellas and pack them in your gift bag. The baggage will not be bulky. During a tradeshow and corporate event, you can please your attendees with these portable umbrellas.

Stick, tube, and solid umbrellas-

Stick are conventional style umbrellas easily identifiable with the curved end. Users can use the pole as the walking stick. The stick is slightly longer than that of standard umbrellas. There are handmade springs with the costly stick umbrellas.
The tube umbrella includes a metal shaft and is available in stylish designs. The slim models have made them attractive. The handles of these umbrellas are of different types.

Another option for you is the solid umbrella with a continuous wooden piece.  Thus, the shaft handle can create a single piece.  Since there is a single piece of wood, you may use it as your walking aid. 

Umbrella Printing Online

Clear umbrellas-

These umbrellas have a unique design, as they are made of transparent, see-through fabrics. They may not work best to protect you from the sun’s heat. However, they will protect you on the rainy days. These transparent umbrellas are mostly used as a prop during the photography session.

The clear umbrellas have a clear PVC fabric. However, as the frames and handles are sturdy, you do not need to compromise the functional value of the umbrellas.

Doorman umbrellas-

These umbrellas are slightly bigger similar to the standard golf umbrellas. Hotel attendants and doormen use these umbrella models. You can find these umbrellas highly robust. Moreover, the curved handle and the overall design can make these umbrellas look attractive.

Both material quality and style are important for buying the umbrellas. The doormen hold the umbrellas to keep the guests protected from rain and other weather elements. The design of the umbrellas is foldable and portable. However, a doorman umbrella with logo printing is not intended for daily use. Professionals working as the doormen can use them.


You can use a parasol on your patio to have considerable protection. As they are very big, you cannot carry them around. That is why parasols, like beach umbrellas, have to be stable in one place. However, one of the major advantages is that the canopy can give you the ultimate protection. UV rays are harmful to your skin, and thus, you can install a parasol on your patio. You will enjoy a good environment during the sunny days. The parasol also protects you from rainfall and makes your patio usable throughout the year.

Screen-printed promotional umbrellas-

The screen-printing method is an alternative to the modern digital printing process. You can use it for printing multi-colored logos and tagline. While procuring umbrellas for promotional purposes, you can check the printing techniques.

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Golf Umbrellas Looking Different From Standard Umbrellas- Know The Details August 17, 2021 08:00

Professional sportsmen need to use different kits to take part in the tournaments. An umbrella is one of them, and it is especially useful for golfers. Umbrellas ensure the ultimate protection against the rain and intense sun rays. However, regular umbrellas are different from golf umbrellas. As golf is one of the outdoor sports, umbrellas are one of the essentials for both spectators and players. Nowadays, golf training clubs and other organizations choose the golf umbrellas as the marketing giveaway items. But, how can you differentiate the golf umbrella from the regular one?

You can easily identify the golf umbrella by analyzing its design and look. A golf umbrella has a larger coverage to protect a number of golfers. On the contrary, regular umbrellas are smaller and highly portable. Thus, size is the most important factor to differentiate different types of umbrellas. The canopy of the golf umbrella is also bigger than other models.

Printed Market Umbrellas

Details of dimensions of different umbrellas-

A golf umbrella is mostly 30% to 50% bigger while compared to a highly compact, foldable umbrella. Still, you will not have a storage problem with the large golf umbrellas. You can easily put them into a golf bag. Golf umbrellas have a straight handle. On the contrary, the regular outdoor umbrellas can be carried to any place. They have hooked a wooden handle.

Most of the golf umbrellas have rib arc with a length ranging from 26 to 34 inches. The dimension measuring both sides is about 52 inches. The diameter of the canopy is around 60 inches.

In fact, size should be your major focus while you need to purchase your golf umbrellas. When the umbrella is intended for the golf cart, you should choose the model based on the cart size and the number of users. But, the diameter should be small when you need to move your cart through the narrow zones.

Fabrics used for golf umbrellas-

You can find premium standard features with your branded golf umbrellas. These strong and sturdy models are capable of enduring harsh winds and other adverse weather conditions. The canopy is made of waterproof fabrics, like Pongee. Pongee blends the properties of nylon and polyester. However, its quality is better than other two fabrics. Available at a reasonable rate, Pongee is the first choice of several umbrella manufacturers. It never creases like polyester and cannot shrink like nylon in diverse weather conditions. While buying custom golf umbrellas with logo, you have to make sure that their fabrics are made of Pongee. 

Moreover, the golf umbrellas have a high durable frame made of fiberglass and metal. That is why they do not get damaged easily, as they are made of quality materials.

Aesthetic details of umbrellas-

Both golf umbrellas and regular umbrellas are available in colorful and vibrant designs. You can place an order for custom printed umbrellas for your marketing campaign. Some umbrellas have a plain black fabric, while others have an attractive look. You may choose from white, yellow, red, and any other color of umbrellas. There are also umbrellas with a combination multiple colors.

However, when you buy custom-designed umbrellas for a promotional campaign, it is better to choose your brand color. Those umbrellas will easily serve your purpose. Print your brand name on the canopy of the big umbrellas. These brand details will be visible to everyone, and you can create brand awareness.

Similar to the normal, regular umbrellas, golf umbrellas are available with folding and straight styles. You can open them both manually and automatically.

Most importantly, normal umbrellas have a single canopy, and their frames are not much strong. You must not use them on a stormy day. However, golf umbrellas have double canopies to let the wind pass through the gaps. The gap is created between two layers of canopy. Due to these features, golf umbrellas have a longer lifespan. But, you need to make your decision based on your needs.

Custom Printed Umbrellas

Shaft materials for golf umbrellas-

You can find difference in the shaft materials used for your golf umbrellas. Based on the brand you have chosen, there are variations in the materials. Several consumers like to use fiberglass shaft for their umbrellas. The biggest advantage of using this shaft is that it minimizes the risk of getting struck by lightning. When you are at the outdoor site, this fiberglass shaft of the umbrella will save you. However, you will not find this advantage with the steel shafts of the umbrellas. As golfers like to stay away from the risk, you can go for fiberglass umbrellas.

Moreover, fiberglass is a highly lightweight material, and that’s why it is better than steel. It can easily adjust to adverse weather. Other commonly chosen shaft materials are EVA, graphite, and rubber. You can compare these materials before making your decision.

Different uses of golf umbrellas-

Golf is an outdoor game, and normally, players play the game on a sunny day when the weather is dry. They do not like to play in the golf course on a rainy day. It is easy to tolerate the mild winds. But, to ensure protection from the heavy rains, umbrellas are a must.

Regular golf players carry a bag to hold their important golf kits, like tees, balls, and clubs. However, some golfers like to move along the golf course using their carts. At this time, they can protect themselves and their carts from the rain, wind, and sun.

As these specially designed golf umbrellas have a large coverage, you can use them on different occasions. For instance, when you have outdoor hobbies, like fishing, camping, and hiking, these golf umbrellas will be the best companion.

The printed market umbrellas of a large model will protect you from different weather elements. In fact, a single umbrella will cover a number of persons. Thus, when you are on a trip with your friends, you can use this umbrella for protections. But, for your daily commutes, you can choose the regular umbrellas.

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Best Businesses To Use Heavy-Duty Umbrellas And Why November 27, 2020 08:00

Most of us carry small foldable umbrellas in our bags for personal purposes. However, businesses also invest in bigger versions of these umbrellas. They use the heavy-duty beach umbrella for their promotional campaign. They can either be given to the employees or prospects or can be used at a business place. By imprinting the brand name and business details, any business or organization can promote their brands using these umbrellas. Food joints, open restaurants, and pubs on beaches can use large size heavy umbrellas for their promotional needs.  You can find these patio umbrellas in varying sizes, shapes, weights, and sizes. Now, the question is-

Does your business need this large-sized or patio umbrella? We have listed the type of businesses that must invest in these big umbrellas.

Beach Umbrellas For Sale

Resort and hotel umbrellas-

The hotel pool is one of the major attractions for your guests. Your guests may like to lounge in a chair after having a bath in the swimming pool. However, the direct sunlight in the pool deck may cause discomfort to your guests. That is why you can install promotion umbrellas and let them take a rest in the shade. The heavy-duty patio umbrella will ensure protection against sunrays and rainfall. 

Some hotels also install these umbrellas on the rooftop. Your guests will have a spectacular view of the city from the rooftop. But, without shade zones, they may not spend long hours in your roof. The best umbrella works as a shield and makes everyone feel comfortable. What’s more, the presence of umbrellas makes the space more welcoming. 

Restaurants and cafes-

Surely, the indoor setup of your restaurant may be beautiful. However, some restaurant owners choose the outdoor site as the dining space for their customers. The beauty of the surrounding nature will add a better taste to every dish. But, weather conditions may become adverse at any time. Thus, umbrellas are the best solutions to protect your customers from rainfall and harsh sunrays.

You can personalize these umbrellas with the logo and color scheme of your restaurant. It is the best way of drawing the attention of your potential customers.

Umbrellas for educational institutions-

During the lunchtime, most of the students spend more than an hour outside the school building. These young children may not be conscious of taking any safety measure against weather elements. When you have installed large umbrellas in the open field, it will encourage them to take rest. In the front yard of your commercial premise, you can place these umbrellas.

Thus, big umbrellas are one of the best business promotional products for several organizations. We have found some particular businesses that must invest in these umbrellas. However, almost any business can choose these umbrellas while it hosts tradeshows. The printed and customized umbrellas will turn out to be billboards during your corporate programs. 

Prevent effects of UV rays on the skin-

We have already mentioned that hotel and resort customers like to enjoy outdoor space on bright sunny days. When your hotel is near the sea, your guests may enjoy the beach. As one of the safety measures for your guests, you need to install these big umbrellas.

Truly, sunlight helps in producing Vitamin D in our skin. However, it has some limitations. We must not have a direct contact with sunlight for more than 30 minutes. Sunrays may cause serious negative effects on our body. We will have early aging signs due to the direct contact with sunlight every day. To ensure skin protection for your guests, you can look for beach umbrellas for sale. In fact, businesses in the hospitality industry need to install outdoor umbrellas for their guests.

Have cool shady zones at any place-

It is another obvious benefit of investment in these beach umbrellas. Although these umbrellas are big, they are lightweight and portable. You can easily place them at any place and make shade. 

Protect your furnishings with umbrellas-

You have a big lawn in front of your hotel, and you have installed some wooden furniture for your guests. As these wooden furnishings are in direct contact with sunrays, they can result in discoloration and damage. UVA and UVB sunrays, visible light, and heat radiation may affect the beauty of your outdoor furniture. The furniture can start degrading and you will finally need to invest in new ones.

The best way of protecting your furniture is to invest in the big umbrellas. With minimal investing in these umbrellas, you can save your furnishings from intense sunrays. What’s more, umbrellas also protect your furniture from rainwater. The moisture buildup on the furniture may cause permanent damage to wooden materials. Prevent these weather elements from harming your assets.

Heavy Duty Beach Umbrella

Umbrella is a part of the outdoor décor-

You may have placed your umbrellas in your patio and deck for some reasons. However, they will add an aesthetic value to the overall environment. Patio umbrellas are available in a range of colors and shapes, and you can transform the outdoor space by installing umbrellas.

Other structure benefits from using heavy-duty umbrellas -

The major function of an umbrella is protection. However, you can try to have some other advantages from umbrellas installed on your site. For instance, on Christmas days, you may hang small decorative battery-operated lights. It is also better to suspend a bird feeder from this umbrella.

We have shown you the reasons for investing in durable and heavy-duty umbrellas. Now, it is essential to make the right choice to get the ultimate value from these umbrellas. When you are buying table umbrellas, you may look for lightweight models. The freestanding umbrellas must have a base weight of around 50 lbs.

The standard outdoor sun umbrellas have plastic models with no waterproof fabrics. They may not hold up properly in heavy rain. Similarly, umbrella fabrics must be durable, as they need to endure harsh weather elements. Fade-resistant and water-resistant fabrics provide the optimal UV protection. 

Some innovative umbrellas include lights and they are the best choice to illuminate the outdoor space. They are solar-powered umbrellas that can brighten up the look of your patio and yard. You can find several other outdoor umbrellas, which can be the most valuable promotional products for your business.