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Blankets: A Highly Useful Promotional Product For Your Business January 22, 2021 08:00

Have you thought of offering something useful to your customers and employees? Obviously, there are lots of options available as promotional gifts. However, every company always likes to please its customers with attractive gifts that have a high value in our everyday life. Blankets are one of those gifts, which make recipients thankful to you. Buy wholesale blankets bulk package and find a positive response from your customers.

Why choose blankets for your marketing campaign?

When you have offered personalized blankets to your customers, they will take them to their hotel rooms and other places. You will get unlimited opportunities of spreading your brand name. Every time those recipients carry the blankets to any place, your brand name will be visible to others. Thus, invest in custom blankets with logo and find benefits from these promotional products.

Custom Blankets With Logo

Lightweight gifts- Make everyone feel cozy-

It would be odd to gift some bulky and heavy items to your customers and employees. That is why versatile and lightweight custom blankets can be the best alternatives.

Your customers can use these blankets for indoor and outdoor purposes. For instance, they will feel cozy by snuggling up soft, fleece throw blankets. They use these blankets in cars, bedrooms, living rooms, and drawing rooms. On chilly days and nights, they can use your personalized blankets. Every time they wrap up your blanket around, they will recall your brand. Thus, promotional blankets can be one of the best tools to impress your clients.

Blankets provide you a space for customizations-

You never like to damage aesthetics of blankets. Still, you can find much space to add your logo and business. Choose any part of the blanket to add these details. Your business name will be visible to the users. Buy the best quality blankets to get a good impression of customers. The type of fabrics and designs used for the blanket can make difference in the overall look. Moreover, based on your brand’s color scheme, you can invest in the best blanket.

Blankets are available in different fabrics-

You will find lots of choices while buying blankets as corporate branding products. Depending on your budget, purpose, and customers’ preferences, you can pick the right ones.

When you offer blankets during the summer season, you can choose the cotton ones. However, these cotton blankets are much heavy and give warmth during the winter season. Organic cotton blankets can attract the attention of your customers.

Wool is another commonly chosen fabric providing insulation, and it lets moisture evaporate easily. However, some of us are allergic to wool, and thus, you can look for some better alternatives.

The lighter and thinner down blankets with a layer of fabrics can make you feel warm. When you prefer a synthetic substitute, you can choose this fabric.

Cashmere blankets are soft, although they are much costly. The most popular ones are fleece blankets that give you the ultimate comfort. Micro fleece and fleece blankets are not too heavy and provide you with the best feelings. One of the important properties of fleece is that it can wick away moisture. Choose the printed fleece blanket with custom designs for your marketing campaign. 

Find blankets in different weaving styles-

The type of weaves can make a difference in weight and warmth of the blankets. The loose thermal weave is commonly mostly in cotton blankets. This weaving style promotes better air circulation, and that’s why the lightweight models are perfect for the summer months.

The woolen blankets have knitted designs that are warm and heavy. Similarly, down blankets have quilted design to keep the down in proper position. Some blankets are available in a conventional style weave, which is very close and tight.

Wholesale Blankets Bulk

Blankets are of different types used for diverse purposes. The most practical ones are coverlets with a highly decorative design. You can place it on your bed, as it reaches down to the floor. The thin coverlets are best for decorative purposes. Still, they can make you feel warmth and comfort.

Another type of blanket is quilt with patchwork and other patterns. There is a bed sheet-cum-quilt with a high functional value. However, quilts may be slightly costly, and you may look for other alternatives.

As you need to buy promotional gifts, you can look for throw blankets. Throw blankets with an attractive look can become the best accent pieces for interior designs of your room. A boring space can look charming with throw blankets. Available in bright colors and multiple sizes, these throw blankets can draw the attention of your potential customers.

The standard dimension of the throw blanket is 50 by 60 inches. Although this blanket is for aesthetic purposes, you can wrap it around your shoulder. However, border detailing and fringes can add a little more to this dimension.

Comforters and duvets are similar types of duvets. However, comforters need no covers, and they provide both warmth and decoration. Duvets are also thick, warm blankets that can trap heat due to the thick layers of down. You can add a protective cover to the duvets.

Customize your blankets in different ways-

Have you chosen blankets as your corporate gifts? You will find different customization options. For instance, when you buy blankets to gift the best employee of your company, you can personalize them with photos. These photo blankets can be the most remarkable gift on any corporate event. To celebrate special moments, you may also offer these photo blankets to your friends and relatives. Your custom gift will make recipients feel that you take care of them.

However, you may customize blankets with your business details and brand logo. Based on your target of the marketing campaign, you can decide on the customization technique. Branded blankets with your company name can be the perfect choice on any occasion. Some blankets are usable throughout the year providing users with the ultimate value. You may also choose embroidery designs to personalize blankets. Find innovative ways of customizing these blankets.