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Are Leather Bags Expensive? Discover Other Affordable Options! November 19, 2021 08:00

When you think of buying premium bags, you perhaps envision the leather ones. The polished design with a highly elegant look can grab everyone’s attention. While men prefer personalized leather messenger bags, women like to carry leather purses and totes. People prefer to have at least one leather bag in their wardrobe. But, there is a major problem with leather bags. They are much costly and it is not affordable to buy them for your regular use. They are difficult to maintain as well.

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Why are leather bags pricey?

Leather is highly durable- The most durable bag material is leather and premium bag brands always use genuine leather to design their products. High-quality leather does not tear away easily and it is better than cheap synthetic leather.

The leather bag design process increases the cost- Designing a leather bag is a painstaking process. Manufacturers have to go through multiple steps like pre-tanning, tanning, curing, liming, de-liming, bating, and pickling. Thus, it is a time-consuming process that needs much effort. Manufacturers should have a modern infrastructure to design leather bags. The best-processed leather bags do not emit bad smell. Additional tanning helps in the removal of the moisture from raw materials, while under-tanned leather attracts fungi. Bags made of under-tanned leather are cheaper.

Unique and creative design of the bags- Bag manufacturers invest a high amount in creating a unique design for every leather bag. They like to serve customers of different tastes and preferences. Leather bags are available in a range of styles, which make them usable on several occasions.

Authentic and original- Authenticity is another reason for higher price rates of leather bags. Quality leather bags are made of authentic materials. Moreover, reliable bag manufacturers try to design original and distinctive products. Genuine leather looks and feels different from the scrap leathers.

Bag accessories- Modern leather bags are available with metal accessories. Strong zippers, buckles, and other accessories add the cost of the leather bags. The leather bags with more complicated designs can cost higher. These metal parts of leather bags do not have rust issues in the future.

For these reasons, leather bags can be a costly choice for several customers. However, although the initial cost is high, leather bags can last lifetime. With detachable shoulder straps, multiple compartments, and ergonomic designs, leather bags are incomparable. But, for regular usage, there is no need to buy a costly bag. Thus, what are the available alternatives to leather bags?

Find cheaper bags for your everyday purposes-

There are some low-priced materials used for designing bags. However, the lower price rates do not affect the quality of these bags. While buying bulk promotional items cheap, you can place an order for these bags.

Check the list of the most commonly chosen materials used for manufacturing bags.

Suede- Although suede is a type of leather, it is a cost-effective option. It is made of sheepskin, goatskin, deerskin, and cow skin. The material is softer, smoother, and lighter than genuine, full-grain leather. Thus, you can purchase suede bags at a reasonable price.

Canvas- The plain-woven canvas is reliable and durable fabric for designing bags. Some canvas bags have a waterproof design, and you can use them for your daily purposes. They are available in several styles to serve different types of users. For instance, a cheap messenger bag is best for regular office goers. Similarly, canvas totes are reusable grocery bags found in different sizes. Moreover, you can print those bags with any pattern and brand information. Canvas bags are lightweight and you do not need effort for cleaning them. While leather bag needs proper maintenance and care, cotton canvas bags have to be cleaned using cold water and soap. Cotton canvas bags mostly have lighter shades like grey and white.

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Nylon- One of the most commonly chosen materials for bags is nylon. It is a cheap fabric made from silky polymer, and thus, you can stay on your budget. However, one disadvantage of nylon bags is that they can tear away very easily and are not durable. There are handbags, athletic bags, and backpacks available in the market. Nylon bags are best for those who do not need to carry weighty things.

As nylon is a synthetic fabric, it has several variations. One of them is nylon pack-cloth, which is a shiny and smooth material used for backpacks.

Ripstop nylon is another lightweight material with higher durability. It is resistant to tearing and has a special grid pattern. You can buy bags of ballistic nylon with considerable thickness and durability. Ballistic nylon is thick and easily cleanable and it is mostly used for soft-side luggage and travel bags.


Mesh has a pattern knit of some knotted fabrics, and there are holes between these fabrics. There are interlocking chainmail links with these mesh fabrics. A mesh bag is versatile, and you can use it as your beach bag and shopping bag. You can put some small and lightweight items in the mesh bags. For instance, you may carry a single bottle with these bags.


Straw bags have a classic design that can create a unique fashion statement. The clean and clear lines with a defined frame have made these bags unique. Straw materials add sturdiness to the bag. You can take them to your picnic venue.


Jute is another eco-friendly fabric used for designing bags. While buying bulk promotional items cheap, you can place an order for jute bags. You can customize these bags with your brand information and any attractive prints.

Vegan leather-

Although it is referred to as vegan leather, it is made of polyutherane. Thus, it may not be resilient as real leather. But, it is cheaper than authentic leather, and thus, you can choose it when you have a tight budget.


Used for jeans and workwear, denim is a popular fabric for bags. You can find stylish shoulder bags made of denim. There are also denim backpacks with sturdy metal buckles. Denim bags look best with casual outfits.

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