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Some Interesting Uses Of Promotional Colorful Custom Lanyards November 23, 2021 08:00

Several startups think that buying promotional products needs a high investment. However, small and affordable items can deliver a considerable value to the recipients. There is no need to purchase costly products for a marketing campaign. A lanyard made of cotton and polyester has become one of the most chosen items in the promotional products industry.

Lanyards include an attachment or clip at the bottom to hold ID badges, keys, and other items, including flashlights and USB drives. Thus, they are versatile gifts that you can buy for your employees.

Uses of lanyards-

Businesses of different sectors need to buy lanyards.

Medical field-

Doctors, nurses, and other healthcare professionals do not have a single moment to waste. They can attach pens and other small items to the lanyards. Some hospital staff may need to entre rooms where they have to show an RFID card. It will be easy to hook the card onto a user-friendly retractable lanyard. You do not need to put your hands in your pocket.

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Both teachers and students have a busy lifestyle. Lanyards are valuable for them to carry pens and ID badges. These useful kits will be easily accessible to them. Thus, in the academic world, lanyards have a range of applications.


Lifeguards at the water park, community pool, and other sites need to carry a whistle with them. They can attach the whistle to the lanyard for an easy access.

Office Security-

Some offices have a rule of carrying badges and security keys to access the room. It ensures the safety of the office personal. By scanning the badges, the offices permit entry of the personnel. You may also buy cheap lanyards for your employees and let them attach their badges.

Conferences and tradeshows-

Corporate events like tradeshows and conferences involve several attendees. They don’t know each other. Attach lanyards to name tags and give them out to your attendees. It will add a professional touch to your employees. Make sure that you have invested in promotional lanyards. The lanyards have to show your business name and other details.

  • Sports tournaments-

Coaches and referees in the sports fields carry whistles and locker keys. In fact, whistle is one of the most important tools to command players. Referees can clip the whistle to a high-quality lanyard to use it anytime.

What items can you attach to a lanyard?

You may attach any small item, including


You have a chance of losing your car keys and house keys. To avoid this problem, you can attach the keys to a lanyard.

ID cards-

From students to drivers, several professionals need to carry ID cards with them. It is better not to put a small card into a big bag. Hook the card onto the lanyard, and prevent the risk of losing the card.

Face masks-

Facemasks have become one of the daily essentials in the public zones. You can attach them to your lanyard and put them on your face at any time.

Credit card-

It is distressing when you have bought something, and you cannot find your credit card buried in a big backpack. By clipping the lanyard to the card, you can create a wearable neck wallet.


Campers, hikers, and other adventure lovers may need to use a keychain flashlight during their nighttime trips. To stay safe, they can move through the trail with a flashlight attached to a lanyard.


Eyeglasses are one of the essentials for those who have eyesight problems. To make these spectacles easily accessible, they can attach them to a lanyard.

Hand sanitizers-

During the pandemic, everyone has become conscious of hygiene. To avoid the risk of virus and germs, several consumers like to carry sanitizers with them. A small pack of sanitizer can be attached to the lanyard.

Mobile phones-

Durable lanyards are capable of holding mobile phones. Put your device into a small pouch, and hook it onto a lanyard.

Ball pens-

From office workers to students, almost everyone needs pens as one of the important writing tools. The small items like pen can be easily attached to the lanyard.

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Lanyards are of different types, including

  • Tabular lanyards- They resemble the look of shoelace, as they are thinner than standard lanyards. They are more lightweight, and that’s why you can easily carry them around.
  • Pocket lanyards- Some users do not have put the lanyard around the neck. The best alternative to them is the pocket lanyard. The belt loop can be attached with the pocket lanyard. The band of this lanyard is comparatively small, and others cannot notice it easily.
  • Woven lanyards- They are premium-quality lanyards, which may last long. You may customize them with an image and brand name. Buy custom lanyards in bulk available at a reasonable price rate.
  • Double-ended lanyards- To hook multiple items, double-ended lanyards can be the perfect choice. Users feel convenient of carrying their items with lanyards.
  • Beaded lanyards- Some consumers focus more on the aesthetics of lanyards, and thus, the beaded design is the right choice for them. These lanyards have become one of the fashion accessories for modern users.
  • Designer lanyards- Like the beaded lanyards, these designer lanyards can become a fashionable item. Available in different sizes and shapes, these lanyards also have a practical value.
  • Breakaway lanyards-

Professionals in the medical and academic sectors like to use breakaway lanyards. They need to attach their cards to the lanyards. A latch is present on the top of the lanyard, and it makes the design different from other lanyards. 

These are some common types of lanyards used for a range of purposes. While buying lanyards, you must ensure that they are comfortable for you. The materials used for lanyards should not be itchy. The lightweight lanyards are easy to wear and carry around. Moreover, the best lanyards are durable and withstand weather elements.  Check the quality of the lanyard clip that must be sturdy to hold keys and other small items.

Use Lanyards In A Range Of Ways On Different Occasions September 17, 2021 08:00

A lanyard refers to a strip of material that can be attached to any small item. However, this small piece can become your versatile accessory in different ways. You can wear the loop of fabric around your neck. As there is a clip, you may attach an item to display it. Interestingly, a lanyard is one of the popular promotional items that you can offer your clients and employees. Some of us think that lanyards are useful only to attach ID cards for corporate purposes. But, from playgrounds to camping grounds, lanyards have several applications.

Check the ways how you can take advantage of lanyards. Professionals from different fields use lanyards for their purposes.

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Hold your gadgets-

Tabs and cell phones are very small devices, and you may lose grip at any time. The smartest way to hold them safely is to use a lanyard.

Mobile phones, dropped on the floor, can cause cracks on the screen. Thus, to save your costly gadgets from damages, you may choose a lanyard.

It is better to use thicker lanyards to double up the security level.

Lanyards as gift items-

For your corporate party giveaways, you can invest in custom lanyards wholesale. Both your customers and employees will find this gift useful. Although these are small items, they will provide value to every recipient.

Using lanyards at the campsite-

Camping will become more enjoyable when you have a number of lanyards with you. Attach lanyards with pockets and pouches. Fill these pouches with items, like batteries, flashlights, and other kits. Moreover, you may use lanyards as emergency attachments when you need a piece of rope.

Lanyards for your employees’ ID cards-

Big organizations always set some rules for their employees to maintain professionalism. Without the ID cards, employees cannot enter the office. Thus, to keep their ID cards secure, you can buy logo printed lanyards for them. Your brand logo will be visible to everyone, and it helps in creating a positive image.

In most cases, security guards, engaged by companies, need to put on the ID cards and badges. To hold these small items, lanyards are the perfect options. For all your employees, you can purchase the custom-printed lanyards.

Lanyards for foods and beverage service providers-

Workers in restaurants and bars always need to keep track of customers’ orders. To make the task easier, they carry a paper, pad, and pen. To hold these items, they can choose a lanyard. The lanyard may also be attached to a name badge. Moreover, your employees may attach a bottle opener to the lanyard.

Some restaurants have chosen contact less payment terminals.  To avoid losing the device, a lanyard is the perfect option.

Maintain hygiene-

Hygiene is always vital in our life. It has become more important in the recent years due to the transmission of deadly virus. That is why it is better to have a small bottle of sanitizer with you. Attach the bottle to the lanyard and carry it to any place. You may also secure wet wipes to the lanyard. While you travel anywhere and like to maintain hygiene, you can keep the sanitizer bottle and lanyard with you.

Lanyards acting as the mini tool belt-

While you are repair a small item in your house, you may not need several tools. Choose the right ones of them to serve your purpose. Lanyards are useful for organizing the tools. You will never lose track of them.

Attach the lanyard around your chosen tool and secure it properly to your belt. You will enjoy hands-free operation while dealing with your project. It will be easy to access your tools.

You may buy lanyards of different colors to identify tools. Another trick for you is to print the tool’s image and name on your lanyard.

Lanyards for tradeshow attendees-

You may have arranged a tradeshow to promote your business. However, without a corporate gift, your tradeshow can never be successful. A lanyard attached with your business card can be the best gift for your attendees. You can buy personalized lanyards in bulk and print them with your business logo. Although your cards have contact details, your lanyards can display your phone number.

Moreover, everyone uses cards for different purposes. Users may detach your business card from the lanyard. Still, your company name and phone number will always be there. This is how you will have benefits from investing in customized lanyards. Make sure that the lanyards’ colors match your brand color. They will create the best impression among your tradeshow attendees.

With a slight higher budget, you can invest in chargeable lanyards. Modern lanyards have a duo charging cable. Moreover, these chargeable lanyards are the best choice during an event. Attendees of an event may need to recharge their mobile batteries. Thus, your technologically advanced lanyards will be highly useful for your purpose.

Lanyards for school students-

It is stressful for teachers to manage several students during a small trip. That is why the school authority can invest in the school-branded lanyards. Volunteers and teachers will find a way of keeping track of every student. Students of different ages will have clear identification with these lanyards attached with cards.

Moreover, lanyards may hold other important details. It can display the contact number, school group, and other information. Buy a bulk package of lanyards based on the numbers of students. You may choose different colored lanyards for volunteers.

Personalized Lanyards In Bulk

Lanyards for political parties-

For candidates in your political rallies, you can buy lanyards. It will be easy to distinguish other party members in the crowd. Identify the color of your party and buy the lanyard of that color.

Purchase lanyards for law enforcement officers-

Law enforcement officers always need to wear badges. Government officials and other security officials have to be easily identifiable during the crisis. Thus, to attach the badge, they can use lanyards. They can ensure citizens that they will do their best to control the situation.

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