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Safety Tips For Using Hand Sanitizers Among Children And Adults December 7, 2021 08:00

Do you have a habit of washing your hands with soap and water? With the onset of the pandemic, people are forced to use hand sanitizers to clean hands eliminating the need of water all the time you need some sanitization. The use of hand sanitizer is increasing day by day. Companies and organizations have also invested in hand sanitizers as trending and unique promotional giveaways.

Some consumers, despite using it multiple times, do not know the right way of using the sanitizer. The proper use of the sanitizer ensures that you have killed the harmful microorganisms. Before eating foods, you must clean your hands with the sanitizer.

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How much hand sanitizer should you use?

One of the major mistakes of consumers is that they use very little amount of sanitizer. A single squeeze of the dispenser may not enable you to get a good amount of sanitizer. You should use a few drops of sanitizer to ensure its effectiveness to kill harmful germs and virus.

You must apply sanitizer to both sides of hands and fingers. Then, rub the gel thoroughly against the backside of your hands, palms, and fingers. Make sure that you have done it at least 20 seconds before cleansing the hands with water. While buying mini hand sanitizer bottles in bulk, you will find the usage instructions in the bottles.

Hand sanitizers contain alcoholic content-

The best hand sanitizers have some alcoholic content like ethanol, isopropanol, ethyl alcohol, and isopropyl alcohol. Thus, you have to keep your hand sanitizer bottles away from kids. You must consult a doctor when you have noticed alcohol poisoning symptoms like low blood sugar, sleepiness, loss of balance, and seizures.

Both adults and kids have a risk of poisoning from alcohol. Especially, the sanitizer, containing methanol, can cause poisoning effects while consumed. According to the FDA, the repeated use of this sanitizer on your skin can also result in adverse effects. For instance, you may have blindness, headaches, and damage to the nervous system. Thus, before buying your hand sanitizer promotional products, you have to check the type of alcohol used for the sanitizer.

Read the label of the products-

When you think of buying hand sanitizer, you have to read the label, which shows the ingredients, used for the product. Manufacturers also mention precautions and warnings for users.

In some cases, children try to drink the liquid solution of hand sanitizer. To minimize the injury risk to your kids, reliable manufacturers add some ingredients, which make the taste of the content bitter. Thus, children will stay away from consuming the product.

The most commonly used bitter ingredients are denatonium benzoate, butanol, and sucrose octaacetate. However, as a parent, you have to keep your sanitizer bottles away from your kids. Remove the old bottles that are no more used by you. Hand sanitizers, containing isopropyl alcohol, are more dangerous than products, containing ethanol.

Should you use homemade hand sanitizers?

Some consumers like to use homemade hand sanitizers, as they think that they are safe for their use. But, the FDA has send an alert that those hand sanitizers may not have the right formula. Thus, they may not be effective for your purpose. Several users have claimed that homemade hand sanitizers have caused burned skin.

Other safety tips for users-

  • Never rinse and wipe off your sanitizer before it becomes dry.
  • Do not apply sanitizer on your hands while your hands are greasy and dirty. Use water and soap to wash your hands.
  • After applying the hand sanitizer, you have to ensure that the gel gets some time for evaporation.
  • Do not touch a surface until the sanitizer of your hands is dry.
  • Never replace hand sanitizers with disinfectant sprays. They can cause eye and skin irritation. Moreover, disinfectant sprays serve the purpose of cleaning surfaces and not your hands. 

Storing the hand sanitizer properly-

The major ingredient used for the best hand sanitizers is ethyl alcohol. However, at room temperature, it undergoes evaporation and becomes an ignitable vapor. As the liquid is flammable, you have to be careful while storing ethyl alcohol-based sanitizer bottles. To store them in a closed space, like a house, hospital, and office building, you need to take some safety measures. Moreover, you must keep them away from potential ignition sources. These are some safe storage tips for hand sanitizer users. While buying pocket hand sanitizer wholesale, you have to follow these tips.

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Know about some more storage instructions-

  • Some consumers pour their hand sanitizers into a number of small bottles. They like to carry them during their travel. They must properly label the bottles and display the words- hand sanitizers.
  • It is already said that hand sanitizers may cause fire risks. Thus, when you store them in bulk, you have to choose a separate cabinet for flammables. This instruction is especially applicable while you store more than 5 gallons of sanitizers.
  • Do not store your sanitizers in a very high temperature. Heat can cause faster evaporation of the sanitizer.

When should you use hand sanitizer?

You may use hand sanitizer multiple times a day. In most cases, travelers like to use it when water and soap are not easily available to them. Moreover, after sneezing, coughing, blowing your nose, you have to use hand sanitizers. It is also important to use the hand sanitizer after removing the mask from your face.

Throughout a day, you touch different surfaces like windows, doorknobs, and desk surfaces. That is why you must keep yourself safe by sanitizing your hands repeatedly.

Hand sanitizer versus soapy solution- Which is better for you?

Some consumers think that they would better stick to the use of soap and water. But, there is an advantage of using hand sanitizer. The soapy solution can remove different germs from your hands. On the contrary. Sanitizers have potentials to kill germs, bacteria, and virus on your skin.

It is true that alcohol-based sanitizers easily reduce the germs in most cases. However, soapy solutions are not less effective. Hand sanitizers do not remove chemicals like heavy metals (such as lead) and pesticides.

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