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Safety Tips For Using Hand Sanitizers Among Children And Adults December 7, 2021 08:00

Do you have a habit of washing your hands with soap and water? With the onset of the pandemic, people are forced to use hand sanitizers to clean hands eliminating the need of water all the time you need some sanitization. The use of hand sanitizer is increasing day by day. Companies and organizations have also invested in hand sanitizers as trending and unique promotional giveaways.

Some consumers, despite using it multiple times, do not know the right way of using the sanitizer. The proper use of the sanitizer ensures that you have killed the harmful microorganisms. Before eating foods, you must clean your hands with the sanitizer.

Mini Hand Sanitizer Bottles In Bulk

How much hand sanitizer should you use?

One of the major mistakes of consumers is that they use very little amount of sanitizer. A single squeeze of the dispenser may not enable you to get a good amount of sanitizer. You should use a few drops of sanitizer to ensure its effectiveness to kill harmful germs and virus.

You must apply sanitizer to both sides of hands and fingers. Then, rub the gel thoroughly against the backside of your hands, palms, and fingers. Make sure that you have done it at least 20 seconds before cleansing the hands with water. While buying mini hand sanitizer bottles in bulk, you will find the usage instructions in the bottles.

Hand sanitizers contain alcoholic content-

The best hand sanitizers have some alcoholic content like ethanol, isopropanol, ethyl alcohol, and isopropyl alcohol. Thus, you have to keep your hand sanitizer bottles away from kids. You must consult a doctor when you have noticed alcohol poisoning symptoms like low blood sugar, sleepiness, loss of balance, and seizures.

Both adults and kids have a risk of poisoning from alcohol. Especially, the sanitizer, containing methanol, can cause poisoning effects while consumed. According to the FDA, the repeated use of this sanitizer on your skin can also result in adverse effects. For instance, you may have blindness, headaches, and damage to the nervous system. Thus, before buying your hand sanitizer promotional products, you have to check the type of alcohol used for the sanitizer.

Read the label of the products-

When you think of buying hand sanitizer, you have to read the label, which shows the ingredients, used for the product. Manufacturers also mention precautions and warnings for users.

In some cases, children try to drink the liquid solution of hand sanitizer. To minimize the injury risk to your kids, reliable manufacturers add some ingredients, which make the taste of the content bitter. Thus, children will stay away from consuming the product.

The most commonly used bitter ingredients are denatonium benzoate, butanol, and sucrose octaacetate. However, as a parent, you have to keep your sanitizer bottles away from your kids. Remove the old bottles that are no more used by you. Hand sanitizers, containing isopropyl alcohol, are more dangerous than products, containing ethanol.

Should you use homemade hand sanitizers?

Some consumers like to use homemade hand sanitizers, as they think that they are safe for their use. But, the FDA has send an alert that those hand sanitizers may not have the right formula. Thus, they may not be effective for your purpose. Several users have claimed that homemade hand sanitizers have caused burned skin.

Other safety tips for users-

  • Never rinse and wipe off your sanitizer before it becomes dry.
  • Do not apply sanitizer on your hands while your hands are greasy and dirty. Use water and soap to wash your hands.
  • After applying the hand sanitizer, you have to ensure that the gel gets some time for evaporation.
  • Do not touch a surface until the sanitizer of your hands is dry.
  • Never replace hand sanitizers with disinfectant sprays. They can cause eye and skin irritation. Moreover, disinfectant sprays serve the purpose of cleaning surfaces and not your hands. 

Storing the hand sanitizer properly-

The major ingredient used for the best hand sanitizers is ethyl alcohol. However, at room temperature, it undergoes evaporation and becomes an ignitable vapor. As the liquid is flammable, you have to be careful while storing ethyl alcohol-based sanitizer bottles. To store them in a closed space, like a house, hospital, and office building, you need to take some safety measures. Moreover, you must keep them away from potential ignition sources. These are some safe storage tips for hand sanitizer users. While buying pocket hand sanitizer wholesale, you have to follow these tips.

Pocket Hand Sanitizer Wholesale

Know about some more storage instructions-

  • Some consumers pour their hand sanitizers into a number of small bottles. They like to carry them during their travel. They must properly label the bottles and display the words- hand sanitizers.
  • It is already said that hand sanitizers may cause fire risks. Thus, when you store them in bulk, you have to choose a separate cabinet for flammables. This instruction is especially applicable while you store more than 5 gallons of sanitizers.
  • Do not store your sanitizers in a very high temperature. Heat can cause faster evaporation of the sanitizer.

When should you use hand sanitizer?

You may use hand sanitizer multiple times a day. In most cases, travelers like to use it when water and soap are not easily available to them. Moreover, after sneezing, coughing, blowing your nose, you have to use hand sanitizers. It is also important to use the hand sanitizer after removing the mask from your face.

Throughout a day, you touch different surfaces like windows, doorknobs, and desk surfaces. That is why you must keep yourself safe by sanitizing your hands repeatedly.

Hand sanitizer versus soapy solution- Which is better for you?

Some consumers think that they would better stick to the use of soap and water. But, there is an advantage of using hand sanitizer. The soapy solution can remove different germs from your hands. On the contrary. Sanitizers have potentials to kill germs, bacteria, and virus on your skin.

It is true that alcohol-based sanitizers easily reduce the germs in most cases. However, soapy solutions are not less effective. Hand sanitizers do not remove chemicals like heavy metals (such as lead) and pesticides.

Find wide variety of sanitizers in attractive packaging customized with your business logo for your employees at wholesale rates.

How To Maintain Your Workplace Hygiene During The Pandemic October 26, 2021 08:00

Have you taken every step to maintain hygiene at your home? If you believe that by doing so, your family is safe from the pandemic, you might be doing a little error. How will you take care of your employees at the office? It is important to keep your workplace hygiene to keep your employees, their families and your family safe from the risk of infections. You may have asked your employees to work remotely from their homes. But, when you are going to restart or reopen your office, you have to focus on the hygiene standards. Apart from all the sanitation activities in the premises, it is better to offer PPEs to your employees for more personal care. It is one of the best promotional giveaway ideas trending these days.

Every workplace needs to maintain the cleanliness standards. In fact, a healthy and clean work environment can increase your employees’ productivity and keep them safe. You pay much attention to the safety of the products you manufacture in your industry. Maintaining the hygiene is one of the regulatory needs. To avoid any legal issues, you have to invest in hygiene solutions. Some safety measures will prevent viral and bacterial contamination. As your employees are your assets, you have to take care of their health. You can reduce the rate of absences. You may buy personal protection items and encourage your employees to use them regularly.

Custom Hand Sanitizer

Tips for maintaining your workplace sanitation-

Take initiatives to promote regular hand washing habits-

By cleaning hands thoroughly, your employees can reduce the spread of harmful virus and bacteria. Researchers have found that most of us miss the thumbs and fingertips at the time of washing hands. But, what are the smartest initiatives to maintain hand hygiene of your employee?

  • Near basins and sinks, you can display a message that everyone must, sanitize, wash, and dry their hands.
  • The custom hand sanitizer should be easily accessible to your employees.
  • Discourage the use of mobiles in washrooms

Mobiles and other handsets taken into your washroom may carry germs with them. They will undo the effort of washing the hands with soap and sanitizer.

Choose hand sanitizers as promotional items-

Hand sanitizers will combat the transmission of germs around the workplace. It is best to place your hand sanitizer promotional item at different sites, like Kitchen, desks, washrooms, and other high-traffic zones. It will also help in developing a positive image of your business. This initiative will prove that you are concerned about the health of your customers and employees.

Hand sanitizers are available in small packs, and you do not need to invest a high amount to buy a bulk package. Buy sanitizers of the best quality to ensure their effectiveness of killing germs. Sanitizers containing alcohol are the right choice for you.

Include face masks in your PPE kit-

Face mask is not something about hygiene and cleanliness. However, it protects your employees from the invisible microorganism. The high-quality N95 antibacterial masks are one of the most important PPE kits for your employees. While coming to your office every day, your workers can put on the masks and prevent contaminants from entering their nasal passage. By wearing masks, your employees can keep away from different disorders. Nose and mouths are the major entryways of pollutants. Thus, by covering them, you can ensure safety. You may also choose face masks as corporate gifts. Print your brand name on the masks and start the marketing campaign.

Clean the common sites regularly-

Businesses should ensure thorough and regular cleaning of the common office spaces like reception and kitchen. Special sprays can kill bacteria and pathogens on the surface. You can avoid cross-contamination in this way. Moreover, it will also ensure protection of the high-usage items including light switches, desks, and stair rails.

Choose antibacterial door handles

Your smart office needs smart solutions. The clean hands of your employees can get contaminated when they touch door handles. Investing in antibacterial door handles is the best step. It creates a barrier between dirty door handles and clean hands.

Hand Sanitizer Promotional Item

Invest in some better products for your washroom hygiene-

Employees using the washroom of your office may not prefer soaps. They claim that soaps can make their skin dry. However, there are other alternatives, which do not affect the natural oil of the skin. That is why you can buy sanitizers and no-touch soap dispensers.  You may also look for linen dispensers and no-touch papers for drying the hands. These things will also prevent recontamination and reduce the amount of moisture on the hands.

Remove the trash every day-

As one of the workplace hygiene policies, you have to remove the trash holder regularly. You may ask your cleaning staff to do every day to maintain hygiene in your workplace. The trash bin can become the breeding place for germs. Furthermore, it will emit bad odor and affect the work environment.

To prevent your workplace from becoming unpleasant and dirty, you have to manage the everyday trash. Your customers will also feel impressed with the sanitary environment of your commercial premise.

Make cleaning routine for your office-

A cleaning routine is the most effective way of maintaining your workplace hygiene. You can minimize the risk of spreading the harmful virus. You may employ professional staff for cleaning and sanitizing your office. The daily cleaning regime must include-

  • Periodic and deep cleaning of the communal sites with sanitizers
  • Keep your commercial kitchen spotless. Clean appliances, utensils, and crockery.
  • Keep up sanitation in restrooms- Have a stock of hand sanitizers, soap, wet wipes, and hand-towels.
  • Disinfect workstations, conference rooms, vehicles, and different surfaces.
  • Regularly disinfect the surfaces touched frequently (door handles, telephones, windows, bannisters, railings, control panels, and kitchenware) 

Encourage your staff to be responsible and take care of hygiene. With the joint effort, you can fight against the pandemic.

Most importantly,you have to nurture the best culture to promote health and safety in your workplace. Your hygiene policy will make your employees aware of the importance of sanitation. Keep your employees, visitors, and customers safe. Your team plays a vital role in keeping the workplace free from virus and bacteria.

Order some custom-printed PPE products for your employees and adopt a healthy promotional approach.

Top Reasons Why Custom Hand Sanitizers Are Gaining Popularity As A Promotional Product January 19, 2021 08:00

In the past few years, you might have seen that most companies used to choose pens, bottle openers, and key rings as promotional gifts. However, recently, we have found a change in the corporate gifting trends. Several companies have started focusing on the hygiene products as the best custom gifts for employees and customers. Surely, you may find a range of products that ensure sanitation. But, the most commonly chosen ones of them is the hand sanitizer. Businesses are increasingly getting interested in custom hand sanitizer bottles.

We have found some potential reasons for investing in hand sanitizer bottles for your marketing campaign.

It is easy to customize sanitizer bottles-

The hand sanitizer bottles give you a space to add your brand name and business details. As consumers will use them regularly, you can make your brand name highly visible. Add logo and business name to the bottle, and you can then distribute those personalized packages among your customers.

Custom Hand Sanitizer Bottles

You can target huge audience-

Who does not like to maintain his health? Hand sanitizers help in killing germs, bacteria, and virus. Thus, they can reduce the risk of health issues by destroying those microorganisms. Almost everyone need sanitizers to avoid the negative effects of germs. However, most of the companies like to target offices, schools, colleges, parks, and government institutions to distribute these custom sanitizer bottles. They can find potential customers in these public places, and that’s why it becomes easy to promote their brand names.

Sanitizer bottles are simple, portable gifts-

A small sanitizer bottle can give a lot of value to users. Moreover, sanitizer is available in different packages, like carabiner bottles and sprays. These packs are easy to carry and are better alternatives to some bulky promotional gifts. You can buy pocket hand sanitizer bulk package and offer the best gift to your customers. During your corporate events, tradeshows, and other special occasions, you can find distribute these custom gifts to your employees, customers, and business partners.

Available at a very reasonable rate-

You do not need to think of your budget to buy the promotional giveaways, like hand sanitizer. Although sanitizers are low-priced corporate gifts, your recipients will feel grateful to you. The affordable gifts will help you to get the optimal value from your marketing campaign. Businesses from any niche can choose sanitizer as the best personalized gift for any purpose.

You can prove your consciousness about others’ health-

Coronavirus has now become a global threat, and the number of infected cases is growing at a high rate. We try to prevent the transmission of the virus by wearing masks. However, sanitization has become highly important in our everyday life. You have to wash our hands at least 3 to 4 times every day. FMCG brands manufacturing liquid soaps and hand sanitizers have found an increase in the sale. Everyone has become more conscious of his own health. Thus, a bottle of sanitizer as a corporate gift from your company will be of high value to every individual.

Before the outbreak of pandemic, we have found that only a few of us like to use sanitary products. However, nowadays, these products have turned out to be increasingly popular. That is why you choose these sanitizers as your corporate gift. We think that sanitizers are the best personal care products that you can offer your customers. 

A simple gift will also make your employees more aware of their health. As you gift them with wholesale hand sanitizer bottles, you can take care of their health. Thus, you will find a reducing rate of absences among your employees. Ultimately, you will notice a higher productivity level of your business.

There is no particular time during which you can distribute these sanitizer bottles. Throughout the year, you may find a reason to offer these promotional items to your employees and potential customers. Some companies choose sanitizer as the free gifts. Customers who buy their products and services will get a bottle of sanitizer free of cost.

Pocket Hand Sanitizer Bulk

Easy to spread your brand name-

Do you know that sanitizers have become our everyday companion? We take a small pack of sanitizer in our bag while getting out of our house. When you offer a custom sanitizer to your potential customer, he will take it everywhere. In this way, you can make your brand name viewable to others. It is truly one of the major reasons for choosing custom hand sanitizers as a promotional product.

Hand sanitizer is not a gender-biased item-

When you choose t-shirts, caps, and other similar products, you may need to focus on the demographic details of your recipients. That is why it is easy for you to buy sanitizer as the bulk promotional items cheap. A few drops of sanitizer can be effective in killing germs and virus. 

Buy hand sanitizers in bulk online

Hand sanitizers are available in gel and liquid versions. Based on the needs and preferences of recipients, you can make the right choice. By imprinting your brand logo, you can customize your sanitizer bottles. You will find more responses from your customers. Your promotional campaign will let you achieve successful. Add your phone number, email ID, and business website to the bottles.

Most of the sanitizer bottles are small in size. Still, you can find space to insert your business details. Especially, alcohol-based sanitizers are effective in killing germs and bacteria. The best products have at least 70% alcohol with some other constituents.

While buying hand sanitizers for your customers, you have to check out the ingredients used in them. For instance, some sanitizers may contain Aloe Vera and neem in the formula, as they have anti-fungal and anti-inflammatory properties. You will also find sanitizers with lovely fragrance. Still, the most important thing is their capability of killing germs. Quality sanitizers do not cause much dryness and stickiness to hands. The non-sticky formula, 99.9% germ killing potential, and proper packaging are some criteria to find the best hand sanitizer for your purpose.

Gift That Extends Care: A Gentle Way Of Business Promotion December 22, 2020 08:00

Are you searching for the best promotional gifts for your employees and customers? You may like to show your concern about the health of these recipients. Thus, the smartest gifting option for promoting your business is to choose hand sanitizers. You can imprint your brand logo and message on the sanitizer package. Buy hand sanitizer in bulk and get these customized products at the best price. These sanitizers have the potential to fight against the bacteria, virus, and other contaminants. As you like to make a strategic approach to promote your brand, you can invest in a number of sanitizer bottles.

Mini Hand Sanitizer Bulk

Hand sanitizers- The most valuable gift-

Germs and pollutant are everywhere, and we must use hand sanitizers throughout a year. However, you may have noticed the increasing use of these products due to the global pandemic. The alcohol-based sanitizers are effective to kill the deadly coronavirus and other harmful microorganisms. It is essential to have a sanitizer bottle in our back when we step out of our house. Thus, your hand sanitizer promotional products can be the most valuable gift for everyone. On any occasion, you can offer sanitizers to your target recipients.

Some of us use sanitizers only before eating foods. However, the recent virus outbreak has made us realize that they are essential every time when we visit public places, like airports, fitness centers, public transports, restaurants, offices, clinics, and hotels.

 A bottle of sanitizers can keep up your employees’ health-

You can never avoid touching germs and bacteria, as they are present on the surface of every object. When those germs get inside the body, you may become sick. Thus, to protect your employees’ health, you may invest in some sanitizer bottles. Proper hand hygiene of every employee of your office will reduce the rate of absenteeism by 40%. The best sanitizers can prevent the spread of germs and infection. Moreover, to create a healthier work environment, it is better to offer custom hand sanitizers to your employees.

While used properly, sanitizers will be effective to prevent flu and cold. The more alcoholic content will reduce the potential risk caused by bacteria.

Hand sanitizers- The best giveaway for businesses from any niche-

Some of us think that only healthcare centers and hotels can choose hand sanitizers as the unique promotional giveaways. However, businesses in any industry may invest in these personalized products to develop a positive image. Thus, organizations other than clinics can choose these hand sanitizers for clients and employees. These sanitizers can be the most thoughtful and considerate gifts for any purpose. Some companies also choose sanitizers as freebies. Make sure that you have imprinted your brand name on the sanitizer bottles and packages. It is one of the best tricks to make your branding campaign successful. Moreover, you can show how your company takes care of everyone’s health.

Buy waterless sanitizers as your promotional gifts-

You may purchase waterless hand sanitizers available in gel and foam versions. Ingredients used in these products are alcohol, Vitamin E, mineral oil, glycerin, petroleum jelly, and Aloe Vera.

Hand sanitizers available in different types of bottles-

As you are buying these sanitizers as your corporate gifts, you may choose the best bottle design. Manufacturers pack these products in the plastic containers found in a range of sizes. For instance, you can find round, cylindrical, and F-style bottles. Moreover, there are also spray bottles to apply the sanitizer very easily.

Squeezing and spray bottles are much popular options for hand sanitizer buyers. It will be easy to squeeze the bottle and apply the content on the hands. In our busy life, we feel that these squeezing and spray bottles are convenient for our use. 

You may also notice difference in the cap and closure styles. Depending on the design of the containers and the dispensing method, manufacturers choose the closures. The most commonly used closures are flip-flop closures, snap-top closures, fingertip closures, and threaded screw caps. Some bottles are also available with special dispensing pumps. 

Although there are diverse types of packaging, the function of all sanitizers has no difference. Most of the manufacturers choose plastic packaging to accommodate the content. The best fact is that you can simply add a label and customize the product. Thus, you can spread your brand name without much effort.

As you are going to purchase hand sanitizers for several customers and employees, you have to check out the capacity of every bottle. The capacity refers to the amount of content available in the bottle. The hand sanitizer dispensers available in both small and large sizes. Based on your budget, you can choose the right one. What’s more, some dispensers are refillable and give the best value to users. When you buying a few dispensers for your office, you can choose the 5-liter container. However, as they are custom gift for your campaign, you may prefer mini hand sanitizer bulk packages. 

Buy Hand Sanitizer In Bulk

Buy sanitizer bottles of some attractive designs-

Aesthetics are one of the biggest factors to buy any promotional gift. Although you need to focus on the practical value, you may pay attention to the bottle design. Nowadays, you can find hand sanitizers in unique-looking containers. While some sanitizers look neutral, others are colorful. These are some minor factors to get attention of recipients. Moreover, you may choose bottle colors that match your brand colors.

Now, we can conclude that hand sanitizers are the best antibacterial gifts that you can offer your customers and employees. However, recipients will get the ultimate value from hand sanitizer only when they use it in the right way. When you offer the sanitizer to your employees, you may ask them to read the label. Besides, it is also essential to invest in quality sanitizers for your target recipients.

Some of us think of composing hand sanitizers in a DIY process. However, without the right formula, the sanitizer will not be effective to kill germs. That is why you can look for the best-branded products for your workers and potential customers.

Top Reasons Why You Should Choose PPEs As Your Promotional Item November 24, 2020 08:00

With the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic, many businesses have started investing in Personal Protection Equipment. It is not that this pandemic is the only reason for using PPE. PPEs have gained popularity even before the world got infected with this deadly virus. Healthcare experts always refer special clothing and equipment to protect us from injuries and hazards. Mostly, employees at the industrial workplaces wear this protective clothing to keep away from risks. However, nowadays, businesses from other niches also choose personal protection items to keep their staffs safe from any injury or infection. This rise in need has led business owners and advertisers consider custom PPEs as their promotional product. And why not? The reach is so high and usability of the product is also on a daily basis. 

As a business owner, there are many other reasons also you should consider using PPEs as a promotional item. Let’s have a look on them. 

Keep away from being responsible for injuries-

You know that you need to pay compensation to workers injured at your workplace. As you offer custom PPEs to your employees, you take a step to ensure their safety. Based on the nature of your work, employees may become ill or get injured. To protect them from these risks, you can provide them with a set of PPEs. You can imprint your brand name on the protective clothing and gears. PPEs with your brand name will show how you are concerned about your employees’ health. 

Mini Hand Sanitizer

Custom PPEs- Best for both employees and customers-

You may have thought that personal protective items are only for your workers. However, your customers will also feel thankful when you gift promotional gifts, like PPEs. In the present crisis, caused by pandemic, your customers may have become conscious of their health and hygiene. That is why you can please them with mini hand sanitizer bottles personalized with your brand name on the package.

It has become essential to wash hands with sanitizers to fight against viruses and bacteria. Thus, your customers will surely give value to your promotional products. It is also better to offer custom face masks as free gifts. These simple items will safety to your customers’ health.

Minimize the risk of respiratory disorders- Maintain productivity

Some workers may need to deal with chemicals, gases, smoke, and other harmful elements. The contaminated air of the workplace can affect their respiratory systems. In some cases, this condition can result in the chronic health issues of workers. Ultimately, you will find an increase in the number of absents among your employees. This problem will also have a noticeable effect on your business output and ROI.

You can invest in respiratory protective equipment for your employees. However, there are other PPEs, which protect every part of a human body. For instance, you may buy safety gloves and footwear to prevent slip hazards for your employees.

PPEs make your employees feel more confident-

Have you employed some new workers to deal with risky jobs? Then, you can encourage them to do work by offer a set of PPEs. Customize this protective clothing and gear with some inspiring brand message. This simple step will surely stimulate your new employees to stay engaged in your work.

As a company owner, you know potential safety risks caused by the regular works at the site. Based on your employees’ needs, you can purchase quality gears for your workers. Your promotional gifts will minimize the physical risk of your employees. What’s more, your employees will feel highly confident while working for your company. Follow OSHA guidelines while investing in PPEs for your employees.

Continue your business in the pandemic-

It is another reason for choosing PPEs as one of the marketing items for your business. You know that the government has set new rules and regulations to prevent the spread of viruses. Although some companies have started reopening their businesses, they need to stick to rules. Employees must use the best hand sanitizer and wear face masks during the regular business hours.

As one of the responsible employees, you can invest in these protective items. By imprinting your logo and brand name, you can distribute PPEs among your employees. Aprons, face covers, head covers, and other items will ensure protection to your employees.

Personal Protection Items

A full PPE suit is available at a reasonable rate- 

Your employees need protection to every part of their body, including the face, hands, eyes, and head. You cannot decide on which protective gear to choose to ensure safety for your workers. The best option for you is to invest in a comprehensive package of PPE kits.

There is no need to invest in a big amount for the purchase. These PPE kits are low-priced products, and you can buy a bulk package for your workers. Moreover, the customization of these kits is also easy, and you can spread your brand name. 

It is true that most PPE kits are disposable. However, some face masks are washable and reusable. Users will continue using them for a number of days. Thus, these affordable PPEs will help you in promoting your brand name. 

A brief guide on the type of PPEs that you can customize-

You can look for the reliable promotional products supplier to buy these products. 

  • Face masks- Quality face masks are made of polyester materials and cotton. The best custom masks are also machine washable.
  • Face shields- They are slightly different from masks, as they can protect your eyes.
  • Sneeze guards- When you have healthcare centers, retail stores, offices, and other commercial establishments, you need to buy these kits.
  • Hand sanitizers- Almost any business can choose these products. But, it is essential to check out the chemical composition of the products. The alcoholic content is must on the best sanitizer. Hand sanitizers are available in sprays, bottles, and pouches.
  • Gloves- Vinyl and nitrite transparent gloves are best for customers and staffs.
When you buy protective clothing, you have to check out materials used for them. Premium materials make the clothing long lasting and make your employees feel comfortable. You can find innovative ways of customizing these PPEs. Learn about the needs of your employees and then start searching for the right protective items. These promotional gifts will be memorable to your workers and customers.

Keep Your Protection Handy: Buy PPE Supplies For Travel And Daily Use October 27, 2020 08:00

Protection against germs and viruses is always important for us to keep up our health. Still, some of us are not much conscious of this fact. However, the recent COVID-19 pandemic has raised concerns among us about our health and safety. Whether we are at home or traveling somewhere, we have to keep our protective kits handy. Surely, healthcare workers are at a higher risk of viral infection. But, professionals in all fields must be careful of their health. Travel hand sanitizer and other Personal Protective Equipment are essential to minimize our health risks. 

Travel Hand Sanitizer

Why protection with PPEs is must in our daily lives- 

Without the right protection and safety measures, we have a chance to get infected with the virus. In most clinical labs, doctors’ clinics, and hospitals, PPE supplies have become highly valuable these days. Frontline doctors, healthcare staff, and daily commuters traveling by trains and flights must use these PPE kits because-

  • PPE works like a barrier preventing bacterial and viral contaminants from getting into our eyes, nose, mouth, and skin pores. It helps in blocking the spread of the virus through body fluids, blood, and respiratory secretions.
  • Personal Protective Equipment can ensure protection to patients who have immunodeficiency and have undergone surgical treatment. It protects them from the risk caused by the contact with infectious materials.
  • While using PPE, you can focus on other virus control practices, like hand-washing with sanitizers. You may buy promotional hand sanitizer and invest in other PPE kits to avoid germs spread from sneezes and coughs.

However, to stay away from potential risks, you must dispose of your contaminated PPE kits.

In this pandemic scenario, healthcare workers are the most at-risk professionals, as they contact several infected patients. What would happen when your workers become sick due to the fatal infection? Thus, you can invest in hand sanitizers and other PPE supplies for every worker in your facility.

Now, we let you have a close look at different hand sanitizers and PPEs.

Full-body protection with PPE kits-

The non-woven head-to-toe bodysuit, made of polyester, is a highly durable piece protecting you from harmful germs and viruses. The overall kit includes a facial shield, hood cap, shoe cap, hand gloves, and a face mask. The package may also offer a disposable bag that enables you to discard the contaminated items. The lightweight, free-size bodysuit with elastic on the lower section is the right choice for every worker.

Face Masks-

We know that saliva droplets discharged from coughs can cause the deadly virus and germs to spread to several individuals. Thus, face mask is the most important protective gears to avoid health effects from these contaminants. However, choosing the right mask is vital to get the desired result.

The best masks have at least two layers of breathable and washable fabrics. It has to cover your mouth and nose without big gaps. Moreover, ear loops, integrated with masks, are easily adjustable. When you wear glasses, you may choose masks having a bendable border on the top section. By molding the mask, you can fit it over your over nose. Professionals may use certified N95 masks that filter 95% of particles of about 100-300 nm in size.

Hand Sanitizer Bulk

Face Shields

Face shields are different from masks, as they are rigid, plastics fitted to a headband. They help in covering your face fully. Dental hygienists and other clinicians wear these shields, as they need to be close to patients. Moreover, these face shields ensure protection to the eyes. Most personal protective equipment suppliers sell high quality face masks and face shields of different models.


Disposable gloves are one of the protective gears to save your health from bacteria and virus. While you are disinfecting a surface and coming around an infected person, you need to wear gloves. But, do not try to disinfect these disposable gloves and reuse them.  Some professionals may need to put on medical gloves that prevent virus transmission.

In fact, the premium quality gloves ensure safety to your hands and skin. You know that skin diseases are very common in some professional fields. That’s why workers in those fields always need to wear specially designed gloves. Heat-resistant and cut-resistant gloves are the most useful PPEs. But, nowadays, gloves have become protective gear to fight against viruses.

Hand sanitizers-

Most researchers have found that sanitizers are effective at killing germs in your hands. We usually use sanitizers while handling foods, working with soil and germs, and doing some other activities. Although we can wash our hands with soapy water, sanitizers can ensure better protection.

But, while buying sanitizers, you need to check out their formulas. The alcohol content has to range from 60 to 95% to kill bacteria and virus. Non-alcohol-based sanitizers and those with low alcoholic percentage are not be the right choice. Thus, when you are looking for the best antibacterial products for health safety, it is essential to use hand sanitizers.

Some of us think that only hospital personnel should use these sanitizers. However, everyone has to be aware of his health to prevent the viral infection. Hand sanitizing products available in the market can be the strongest defense against germs and contaminants. Buy wholesale hand sanitizer package to get these products at an affordable rate.

For promotional needs, there are various types of custom-made sanitizers like spray sanitizers, pen sanitizers, small bottles, pocket sanitizers, etc.


Eye protection is one of the significant factors to protect our health from infection. You can find specially designed goggles that prevent the access of virus through your eyes. Wear these goggles when you have a health risk from different biological hazards.

Now, we have listed a range of PPE kits that protect us from germs and other threats. Face shields, masks, sanitizers, wet wipes, goggles, and protective clothing are essential for the ultimate protection. Today, many companies have thought of providing these PPEs to employees to keep up their safety. Wherever we go, we must carry these PPEs with us.

You may also choose Personal Protective Equipment as the custom promotional items for your workers and customers. These protective kits are always valuable in our everyday life. PPEs are the most considerate gifts that you can offer to your employees and business associates.