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Features Of Duffel Bags- Choose The Best Style Of These Travel Bags May 25, 2021 08:00

A bulky suitcase is not the right choice for a short weekend trip. You do not need to carry lots of items during a train ride and car ride. Thus, why should your luggage be cumbersome? A collapsible duffel bag can be the perfect companion for weekenders. The best duffel bags are sturdier than gym bags. You may squeeze them easily and store them into your hard case. You can replace your clunky suitcase with a stylish and eco-friendly duffel bag.

But, how do you identify your duffel bag? Let us make you familiar with the most important features of a duffel bag.

Large Duffel Bag

A roomy design to hold your stuff-

We have already told that duffel bags are not bulky. However, they have capacity to accommodate a number of travel kits. You do not need to carry multiple bags for your purpose. The standard length of these bags can range from 1 to 2 feet. Although they are smaller than any suitcase, they are more spacious than backpacks.

Available in attractive styles and vibrant colors-

You do not need to compromise style while carrying duffel bags during a trip. Nowadays, bag manufacturers design these bags in a range of colors and styles. Companies in the travel industry like to choose duffle bags as promotional products with logo.  They can find bags of the perfect color that matches their brand colors. Moreover, it is easy to customize these bags by printing the brand name and other business information.

Made of durable fabrics-

The high quality duffel bags are mostly designed with eco-friendly fabrics, like canvas. You will find a perfect balance of affordability and quality.

Travel bags always need to be highly resistant, as you may need to throw them into your overhead luggage compartment and drag them out of your car. Thus, the durable duffel bags will endure the harsh conditions. The regular usage will not cause wear and tear to the bags. Moreover, canvas duffel bags have waterproof design to keep our personal belongings safe. 

Straps and handles-

While some duffel bags have shoulder straps, others have handles on their sides. You can look for bags that have both these others. Shoulder straps are the perfect options when you like to free up your hands to carry documents and check your mobiles. Moreover, there are different types of fasteners used for these travel bags. To buy wholesale duffel bags for your customers, you can review these features to invest in the right ones.

Includes multiple storage compartments-

Duffle bags are reliable travel bags with pockets both outside and inside the model. You can use the additional pockets to store delicate items, including passport, jewelry, documents, and watches. Some bags have split pockets to hold items, like books, laptops, tabs, and magazines. Thus, it become easy for you to organize the bag and get ready for a trip. While buying the duffel bag, you need to ensure that it has additional storage options.

Duffel bags found in a range of sizes-

The lightweight duffel bags are the best options for travel purposes. The modern bags have a weight of around 3.5 lbs. However, the difference in size can cause variations in weights. For your weekend trip, you can choose a bag ofabout 30 to 50 liters. It can carry lots of items for your short trip. But, when it is a 2-week trip, you may look for a bigger bag.

Features of duffel bags of different styles-

Duffel bags are available in different shapes and styles. Based on the choice of the travel bag, you can find variations in their features.

Barrel-style duffel bags-

These barrel-style bags are best for those who prefer a classic design. They have a tube-shaped design integrated with double straps. However, these duffel bags are available in two versions. The original one has a drawstring closure with a top opening. It is highly durable and can carry heavy load. In most cases, the military professionals prefer this thick canvas bag with a top closure. As the bag is spacious, it accommodates large equipment.

Another version of the barrel-style duffel bag includes a side zipper closure found along its length. Manufacturers mostly use woven polyester and canvas to design this bag. However, it is slightly smaller than the first version, and you can use it as your gym bag. Athletes also like this bag model to carry their small sports kits.

Both the above models have a big compartment with side pockets. However, when you put small items into this compartment, they can become disorganized. There is no divider inside the compartment.

Collapsible Duffel Bag

Squared duffel bags-

A large duffle bag with a squared-shaped design is a trendy choice for consumers. The rectangular duffel bag includes a side zipper closure. Moreover, there are multiple zippered compartments for storage purposes. You can easily keep your things organized using this duffel bag. Manufacturers make a combination of woven polyester and rigid plastics to design these bags.

The bag border has plastic-covered wire pipes to add rigidity to the overall structure. The squared bag design is highly preferable to law enforcement officers. Moreover, some squared duffel bags have inserts and foam padding to protect your items.

Wheeled duffel bags-

The integrated wheels enable you to roll the bag smoothly without much effort. The rigid bottoms of these wheeled bags can last long. Other common features include U-shaped zippers and wider openings. You can find separate sections in these bags to let you store your things properly. When you need to carry heavy loads, the built-in wheels make it easier to move these bags.

However, some consumers cannot choose between non-rolling and rolling bags. Rolling duffels can be the best choice for those who need to travel by plane. These travelers do not like to carry bags on their backs. Thus, the absence of straps will not be an issue.

But, the non-rolling ones have more lightweight designs and several travelers prefer this design for their needs.

Order wholesale duffle bags online and save big on bulk orders.

Discover The Enormous World Of Bags With These Varying Bag Types October 20, 2020 08:00

Bags are one of the must-have accessories whenever we step out of our house for a long or a short trip. But, should we focus only on the practical value of the bag? Fashion-conscious men and women love aesthetics in their chosen bags. To grab the attention of these modern users, bag manufacturers have introduced their products in a range of styles. From a professional corporate bag to an informal handbag, there is a wide variety of designs available for you. Nowadays, buyers like to choose bags based on their purpose and occasion. Let us delve deep into the world of bags to uncover some interesting models.

business travel backpack


Large, spacious backpacks with a sturdy design are best for travelers and daily commuters. In addition to the main compartment, you can find small zippered pockets, padded back straps, and air mesh pockets. The adjustable straps enable you to carry loads comfortably. Some personalized backpacks come with internal padding and a divider to let you carry laptops.


Totes are mostly rectangular-shaped bags with medium-sized handles and roomy designs. You can easily put your gym gears and other personal belongings into these totes. Due to the sleek and versatile design, totes are also useful as shopping bags and beach bags. Some totes have a zipper to ensure security to the interior content. Moreover, lots of brands choose totes as promotional gifts. A tote bag with logo can turn out to be the best marketing tool for your business.

Messenger bags-

Most of us think that messenger bags always have a sloppy design. However, contemporary style messenger bags have become a popular choice among commuters due to their stylish look. When you are looking for an alternative to a business travel backpack, the messenger bag is the right choice. You may carry your lunchbox, laptops, papers, and other small items with these bags. Moreover, buckled fasteners, internal pockets, and adjustable straps are notable features of standard messenger bags. You can place a bulk order of promotional messenger bags as the best gift for your employees.

Beach bags-

Made of polyester, canvas, vinyl, and other similar materials, these bags can resist sand and the sun’s heat. The best beach bags also have waterproof compartments, as you need to put your beach towels into them. Beach bags are available in a range of colors and prints. However, most of them look like tote bags with a single zip and a single compartment.

Shopping bags-

Although they have a simple, minimalistic design, you can find a high functional value with these bags. Nowadays, environmentally conscious shoppers like to use eco-friendly grocery bags made of jute, canvas, cloth, hemp, and other fabrics. With properly stitched long handles, these bags accommodate lots of things. Some reusable bags have neutral shades, while others look vibrant with red, blue, pink, and different bright colors.

Laptop bag-

A laptop bag is one of the best companions of regular officers who need to carry this electric device. Keep your laptop, documents, and chargers safe and secure while you are on the move. Moreover, stylish laptop bags complement any formal outfit. What’s more, laptop bags are available in a range of designs. Some of them look like backpacks, whereas laptop sleeve bags have a decent design. There are also sling bags to hold laptops enable you to enjoy comfortable hands-free walking.

promotional messenger bags

Bucket bags-

Bucket bags mostly have long handles and a drawstring closure. Surely, we can compare them to standard drawstring bags. But, the difference lies in their flat bottoms that let you put in lots of items. You may carry these bucket-style bags while shopping for something from a local store.

Handheld handbags-

The iconic designs of handheld handbags can create your fashion statement. These bags are popular mostly among women and are available in both single-handle and double-handle versions. They are somewhat bigger than a purse to hold a number of essentials. Although you can find leather models, an eco-friendly handheld bag with wooden handles has become a trendy choice.

Duffel Bag

Originally, duffel bags were available only in cylindrical shapes. However, today, we may also find wheeled and squared duffels popular with travelers. The thick canvas duffels with high durability have a top closure, and they can easily hold large equipment. Smaller versions with one compartment are also useful as gym bags. Moreover, squared duffels, made of woven fabrics and foam padding, have a heavy-duty design. When you need to carry weight items, it is better to invest in wheeled duffels. The built-in wheels enable you to move your bags smoothly. Custom duffle bags with your brand logo are the best promotional gifts for your marketing campaign.

Insulated lunch bags-

The small handy lunch bags are best for packing tiffin for everyday needs. Designed with reusable and machine washable fabrics, these lunch bags are durable and easy to store. However, modern and innovative lunch bags are available with insulated designs. A compact and insulated lunch cooler bag can keep up the temperature of your foods and drinks. To carry meals to your office, picnic spot, and any other place, you can use these lunch bags. Besides, custom insulated bags with leak-proof interior lining can be the best gifts to promote your business.

Luggage – soft-side and hard-side

A wheeled bag is one of the best choices for travelers who need to carry heavy luggage. You can find luggage with two-wheeled and four-wheeled versions and it is easy to move the heavy load through some uneven surfaces. However, to avoid strain on your shoulders and wrist, it is better to choose the four-wheeled systems.

Hard-side luggage is best for protecting fragile items, as it has a rugged design. Conversely, soft-side carry-on luggage bags have better shock-absorbing capacity and are available in lightweight models. Strong zippers, pockets, stain-proof, and waterproof fabrics are some notable features of this soft-side luggage.

Now, you have a good idea of the trendy bag designs intended for users with different lifestyles and purposes. When you buy custom logo imprinted bags online for promotion in business, you need to know the recipients' preferences and tastes. Quality bags of durable fabrics will surely last long.