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Custom-Designed Journals Benefiting Your Employees In A Range Of Ways August 27, 2021 08:00

Every year, lots of employerstry to please, reward or recognize their customers and employees with personalized corporate gifts. However, the choice of inappropriate gifts may affect the brand image. Thus, some business owners have realized that it is not easy for them to identify the right gifts for every recipient that is why they go with some general item which is liked by people always. One of the most acceptable gifts for users of any age are the notebooks and journals.

Bulk journals for sale do not cost high. Still, you have a chance of gaining a high value from investing in them. Your employees and customers may have a habit of journaling. Your customized notebooks and journals will be the best choice to promote your brand name and please the recipients.

Different ways of using a journal-

Record the best ideas-

No one knows when brilliance strikes your mind. While you find the smartest idea about anything, you can record it in your journal. Thus, it is good to have a journal with you at every moment. You can put it into your pocket and take it to your workplace.

As the journal is with you, it will be easy to write down your thoughts. You can share those thoughts with others at any time. It is one of the ways to stay organized in your life.

Keep a record of new lessons-

At every moment in your life, you have a chance of learning some good and bad things. You may have learned lots of things from your personal and professional lives. You can note down those things to analyze them in the future. You will achieve success in life in this way.

Corporate Notebook

List out the tips from mentors-

Seniors in your family and at your workplace can provide you with invaluable advice. You must not overlook it. Use your corporate notebook and journal to have a record of useful tips.

You may have guidance from your manager, guardian, peer, and any other person. As you record their words, your journal can be a resource to you. The words of wisdom will be locked in your journal. You can read them anytime and find inspiration. You will find a positive effect on your life and career.

Write about your emotions in the safest place-

Negative things can happen in your life at any time. For instance, you may have received a hostile email from one of your co-workers. You have also dealt with several disgruntled clients. The best way to control your frustrations is to write about them in a journal. Your journal will maintain your privacy and hold your emotions. No one will know about your negative feelings, and you can easily try to manage your dissatisfaction. By reading the facts about your frustrations and negative emotions, you can naturally let them go. 

Have a collection of several compliments- 

Not everything is negative in a life. Your journal could be a collection of positive things happened in your life. You can use it to keep a proper track of the praises and compliments you have received from your friends.

You will get value from it in two ways. You may easily recall the best moments in your life. Moreover, while reading this personal journal, you can boost your morale at any time. When life seems to be harder, you can read them repeatedly. 

How do journals are useful for your employees?

Being an employer, you can choose journal as one of the best corporate giveaways. Wholesale notebooks and journals are available at the most affordable rate. But, you must print your brand name and details on them for promotional purpose. Your employees will feel thankful to you for these gifts. Moreover, journals will benefit your workers in a range of ways.

Increase the focus-

Journaling at workplace can keep a worker highly focused and enable him to reach goals. He can write about his work in the journal for different purposes. For instance, he may talk about his career goals and have a track of his achievements. In fact, journal writing is a way of maintaining positivity. Your employees will get lasting benefits from it. Researchers have found that those who write down their goals in notebooks can easily reach their targets.

Reduces the blood pressure level-

Journaling is one of the natural ways to control blood pressure. Scientific studies have shown how journal writing habits can affect the lives of individuals with blood pressure problems. Moreover, researchers noticed that by jotting down emotions, one could control his blood pressure. Thus, you can encourage your employees to write journals during the lunch-hour. It will make them stress-free. 

Increase the creativity-

You may have been engaged in the creative activities, like story writing and script writing. It is better to have a journal with you all the time. While unique ideas come up in your head, you can write them in your journal. You will easily be able to capture the best thoughts.

Strengthen memory-

For better memory, visual journaling is the perfect option. You can add drawings and doodles to your journals.

Researchers have observed that doodling and drawing in a notebook can be highly beneficial. It sharpens the memory and calms you down during the harder situations. Do not think that journals are simply for handwriting. You may use your art to fill the page of journals. 

Wholesale Notebooks And Journals

Reduce the stress-

Your employees face lots of workplace challenges. To let them manage those challenges and stressful events, you can offer them customized journals. Your employees would find a good place to talk about their fears and trauma. They would be able to unwind themselves in the best way. 

Stay productive and minimize negative habits- 

Nowadays, there is a trend of staying engrossed in social media platforms. It can result in digital distractions. You can stimulate your employees to use a productivity journal every day. The journal should track their regular habits and enable them to stay focused. You can invest in journals and promote these natural habits in your employees. 

Find highly affordable range of corporate notebooks and order in bulk with customization services. We deliver across Australia including locations like Melbourne, Perth, Gold coast, Sydney etc.

Promotional Stationery Items For Corporate Gifting: Know What Is Trending March 9, 2021 08:00

Do you like to offer something special to your employees to celebrate a festive season? Then, nothing can be better than promotional office stationeries. Although these promotional giveaways are some low-priced gifts, the recipients will get the best value from it. Corporate gifting creates positive impression and stimulates good feelings. That is why you can invest in a bulk package of stationery items.

We have now made a list of promotional stationery items that create goodwill and strengthen your relationship with employees.

Promotional Sticky Notes

Promotion pens- A small pen can be a big gift-

Pens are always the most desirable gifts for every employee. Your employees like to carry at least one pen in their bags. When you have gifted them with promotional pens, they will feel grateful to you. You can buy bulk advertising pens within your budget.

However, promotional pens are available in a range of styles and designs. The lightweight pens with high quality ink can be the everyday companion to your team. Some common pen models are-

  • Gel pen-

The water-based ink ensures smooth writing solution to the user. The ink color is rich and vivid, and you may choose any color for your promotional pens.

  • Ballpoint pen-

It has an oil-based ink, and a special rolling action enables the pen to dispense its ink.

  • Felt-tip pen-

You can produce a thicker stroke with this pen. The pen has felt fibers and alcohol-based ink.

  • Stylus pen-

When you like to offer some innovative pens, it is better to buy stylus pens. These are technologically advanced pens useful for drawing and designing something on the digital screen. The soft and nice grip of these pens ensures precise results. Some stylus pens are available with replaceable and detachable rubber grips. With a slim and sleek design, a stylus pen looks elegant. Your promotional pens with stylus can add value to your marketing campaign. 

Promotional notebooks- Let your employees take personal and corporate notes-

Print your brand logo and name in your notebook cover and start your branding campaign. In most cases, employees use these notebooks for official needs. However, they may also use your gifts for personal purposes. But, while searching for promotional notepads and notebooks, you can find several options.

  • Glued pads- These are one of the common office items to be customized for your promotional campaign. Pages of these pads are glued together, and users have to tear them out to write short notes. These pads are much similar to sticky notes. Promotional sticky notes are colorful papers attached with glues.
  • Notebook with hard and soft covers- Both these versions have equal functional values. You can fold the soft cover page without leaving marks. On the contrary, hard covers are not foldable easily. While buying custom printed notebooks, you may choose any of these versions.
  • Diaries- Your employees can use diaries as reporting diaries and personal diaries to track regular activities.
  • Memo books- These memo books are the perfect choice to take notes of different events. Employees of a company can use memo books to note down everyday tasks and accomplish them on them. 

Promotional calendars- Make your presence stronger throughout the year- 

Calendars are one of the useful stationery corporate gifts for your employees. You can find much space to display your brand name, logo, and contact details.

The users may check the calendar every day and thus, your brand name will be visible to them daily. Moreover, you can buy custom calendars at a very low rate.

Promotional Pens With Stylus

Nowadays, promotional calendars are available in different innovative styles and designs, and some of them are- 

  • Mini sticky calendars-

These are most cost-effective options found in small sizes. They have an adhesive back to stick to any surface. However, it is better not to stick them to the wooden surface.

  • Magnetic calendars-

As these calendars have a magnet at the back side, they stick to metal surfaces, like refrigerators and cabinets.

  • Pocket calendars-

Everything that fits into our pocket is easy to carry to any place. Customize these pocket calendars and use them as promotional gifts for your customers.

  • Wallet card calendars-

These are perfect promotional calendars, as you can include business cards in one of the sides. On another side, you can print the calendar dates. Make your brand name visible by distributing these wallet card calendars.

  • Greeting card calendars-

Calendars are one of the common corporate gifts on the festive season of Christmas. The trifold calendars looking like the greeting cards can attract your employees’ attention. 

Mouse pads- Best for regular computer users-

A promotional mouse pad as the corporate gift will make your employees think that you care for them. Regular usage of a mouse causes a friction, and thus, a mouse pad can give comfort to the user. Available in different colors, shapes, and sizes, this pad can prevent mouse rubbing problem.

Mouse pads have a non-slip base, and you can print your brand name on their top surface. We have found mouse pads of 3 types-

  • Ergonomic mouse pads- They minimize stress on your wrist tendons and are available in different designs. The use of these pads also helps in avoiding carpal tunnel syndrome, caused by improper positioning of wrists. Let your office workers prevent this issue.
  • Textured mouse pads- As they have become highly popular, you can find them at a lower price. There is a fabric layer added to these mouse pads, and you can find a small cushion in one of the parts. Textured pads are made of different materials, and the common ones have a low-density rubber composite. However, there are also plastic, leather, wood, and silicone rubber pads.
  • Gaming mouse pads- They are slightly larger than standard mouse pads. You will have better ergonomics and sensitivity with these pads. Some gaming mouse pads are made of plastics to ensure a high level of endurance. Attractive pads have graphical images on the surface, and you may add your logo to it. 

Choose any of these mouse pads as corporate gifts for your employees

Find many other options of affordable corporate gifts and place bulk order to get the best deals and rates.


I hope you remember how we have used notebooks for our advantage for the longest time. Anywhere we went, we made sure we carried a small notebook. Our entire childhood had been spent writing notes and even today we have been jotting down every single thing just in case we do not forget about our important events. Considering this high usage of this product, now, its application for  various tasks has also increased.

So, if you are running a business or work as a marketing professional and are thinking as how can you use notebooks to your advantage today, then using notebooks as a way of cheap promotional gifts in your business is quite a fashion today and holds many additional benefits.

Let’s explore the different types of promotional notebooks that meet varying needs and budgets.

Cheap Notebooks In Bulk


Notebooks are just a stack of paper bind together. They come in different categories able to meet your set of requirements. Some basic type of notebooks are -

  1. Spiral notebooks – These notebooks are spiral-shaped as their name suggests. Such kind of notebooks are wire-bound, easy to fold and work with. Also, they look highly classy and can fit all your office space requirements.
  2. Business notebooks – These kinds of notebooks are specifically used for business needs or schedule planning. If you are one of those people who stay busy and have a lot to manage every single day, then these kinds of notebooks fit the best to you.
  3. Case Bound Notebooks – These notebooks come in a form of hard covering. The cover is hard and keeps the notebook and its pages in place. If you are fond of hard covered notebooks, then they are the best fit for you.
  4. Soft Bound Notebooks – These notebooks are the opposite of hardbound notebooks. They have a soft cover and they can fit easily in your bag as well. These notebooks are quite a in fashion today.
  5. Plain Notebooks – These types of notebooks are plain white sheets. They don’t have any ruling inside them. You can use such notebooks for drawing, doodling or jotting down quick tips and tricks.
  6. Notebooks with pen-Many small, big or medium size notebooks come in various colors and with a side pen that are highly used for promotions. They are suitable to be presented to clients and guests. 


I am sure that you use several different kinds of products in your business. Whether it is for your boss, your employees, or you run a business from your home, the world has a lot in store for you and notebooks are one of those. Yes, custom branded notebooks can be the next big thing for you in your business. The reasons why notebooks can be considered for your business are – 

  1. Different shapes and designs – This are no false statement to say that notebooks are available in a variety of designs and sizes. From A4 to letter size to pads, you can find almost every kind of notebook that can fit your business and personal choices.
  2. Eco-friendly- Some notebooks are made from eco-friendly paper and can meet your sustainable goals. There are also some other notebooks which can be recycled and thus, using such notebooks can be quite useful for your brand.
  3. Brand image – Using customised notebooks can prove to be a golden tip to enhance the effectiveness of your business. Imagine carrying branded notebooks to your conferences. Imagine an employee using a notebook of your company’s logo outside of work. Such tactics are always helpful in uplifting and maintaining the status of your company or brand. A better brand attracts more customers.
  4. Increased sales – Having a better brand can also make your business grow in terms of sales. There goes a lot of effort in maintaining a business and thus, having a brand item can push you to heights.
  5. Personalisation – Notebooks carry a large potential to be customised. Every letter to every page can be customised inside in a notebook. You must have seen such personalised notebooks in almost every store. That is what you can exactly do with notebooks if you are using them for your business. 


I am sure you have seen people playing around with creativity on notebooks and different notebooks. When the world runs on digital clicks, it is really simple to have sweeter fruits. You can apply the same concept if you are looking for customised notebooks as well. There are a lot of different ways in which you can get these wholesale custom notebooks personalised.

You may choose to get your brand’s logo imprint on the cover of the notebook. You may choose whether the notebook should be a hard bound cover or a soft bound cover.

Custom Branded Notebooks

If you are a company that deals in creating planners, then you may make the best use of your creativity in designing each page of the notebook in the most adorable form. You may choose to give away your notebook with a personalised pen that could bring more credibility and trust from the customer’s end to your end.

There a lot more ways and you can exclusively use each notebook to your creativity and take your brand to a high level. 


You might be wondering how can you get these notebooks personalised? Well, you do not need to worry about this because there are a lot of online stores and shops that specialize in customized products. You can easily get in touch with these companies via their social handles and get your notebooks customized as per your needs. 


I am sure we provided you with all the details about getting a suitable promotional gift i.e., notebooks for your business. Also, you can get these notebooks inside your budget if you choose to order cheap notebooks in bulk.

Explore different types of notebooks at the best rates for business promotion and buy them at wholesale rates.