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The Useful Sticky Notes And Their Use As Promotional Giveaways November 12, 2021 08:00

The modern corporate world has already made a transition to the digital platform. Still, the sticky notes have not lost their value for the regular note-taking needs. The colorful sticky notes can serve several purposes. Most importantly, sticky notes have become one of the best promotional products for different companies.

Who buys custom sticky notes?

Businesses from any niche and industry can buy sticky notes and add a touch of personalization. Still, most commonly, these sticky notes are purchased by-

Custom Post Its Sticky Notes

New office owners- You like to celebrate the day of opening a new office. Show your company logo on the custom post-it sticky notes and place it on the employees’ desks. Your workplace will have a professional look on the very first day.

Healthcare centers- Several patients visit your clinic every day. Thus, it may cause distractions, and you can forget different tasks. Your staff will appreciate the use of sticky notes at the front desk.

School- You can stick the sticky notes on the wall, and write the timetable for students of every class.

Writers- Professional writers may need to note down several important things. The sticky notes will be highly useful for their daily purposes. 

Several other businesses can invest in the custom-designed sticky notes wholesale bulk. These small items are available at a very reasonable price. 

Sticky notes are available in a range of shapes. Square sticky notes are very popular, as they give you much space to display information. However, they are also found in triangular and circular shapes. Bright colored sticky notes of unique shapes can be the best promotional giveaways. 

Can you use your sticky notes for any surface?

One side of the sticky notes have adhesives, which work best with any smooth, dry, and clean surface. For instance, you can stick them to the wall, desk, windows, and kitchen counter. However, they work well while you paste them on paper.

Weatherproof sticky notes also work with textured surfaces of your concrete walls. They are capable of withstanding cold and hot temperatures. Moreover, the durable paper pieces are water-resistant, and they can be attached firmly to any smooth and rough surfaces. 

How can you use sticky notes?

The color-coded sticky notes are useful for several purposes. You can be creative to make the best use of sticky notes. Small colorful papers are best for using as department memos and for tracking your lunch orders. There are also large sticky notes that you can stick to your bulletin boards. Use these sticky papers at any community centers to note down the important lists.

You can find several other alternative uses of sticky notes. To find the useful notes easily, you can insert these papers into your books. Thus, sticky notes are useful for marking any page of your book.

Colorful sticky notes will let you stay organized, and you can track your daily assignments using these small pieces of papers.

Important factors for buying sticky notes-

Color- Color is one of the relevant factors for buying your sticky notes. Although some users do not care for colors, it is useful for categorization of notes. Color-coded notes enable you to sort your thoughts. However, color does not matter while you are using the sticky notes for casual purposes.

Sticky notes are available in several eye-catching colors like yellow, canary, citrus, pastel, and neon shades. For your professional and promotional purposes, you can place an order for preprinted sticky notes.

Plain sticky notes look boring. Thus, you can make them attractive and more valuable by printing any design, logo, and brand name.

Sizes of sticky notes-

The standard size of the sticky notes is 3 by 3 inches, and you can use them for different purposes. However, there are also larger sized sticky notes with a dimension of about 4 by 6 inches. The printed lines on the papers can make these sticky notes look unique. Moreover, you can find mini sticky notes best for noting down phrases and words. The biggest size of sticky notes is 8 by 6 inches.

Packaging for sticky note buyers-

Sticky notes (3 x 3) are available in a pack of 12. The bigger packs contain 18 to 24 sticky notes. The larger ones with a dimension of 4 by 6 are fewer in a single pack. Some sticky notes are available in decorative boxes. Based on your needs, you can buy the right pack of sticky notes.

Sticky Notes Wholesale Bulk

You can place a bulk order of 500 sets of sticky notes. You will have 12,500 to 25,000 sheets for regular use. The bulk packs are available at the lowest price rates.

What other gifts can you offer with sticky notes?

Although sticky notes are useful items, you can make your gift package more valuable by adding some other gifts.

A bag of office kits can be the best promotional giveaways for any business. These office kits include-

  • Pens- Pens are the perfect items to be paired with your sticky notes. As sticky notes are useful for taking notes, you can offer these writing tools to your recipients. Add brand name to your pens for customizations.
  • Mugs with lids- Those who need to travel regularly use sticky notes. Thus, a travel mug with a lid will also be a thoughtful gift. The mug can hold the beverage and keep it hot.
  • Desktop accessories- Mini globes and paperweights are the common items found on the desk surface.
  • Mini sanitizer packs- One of the vital items that you can add to every gift pack is the sanitizer bottle. Although it is not related to sticky notes, it keeps up your employees’ health. Moreover, during this pandemic, sanitizers are the best gifts for any purpose. Mini sanitizers do not cost high.
  • Highlighters- Similar to pens, highlighters are important for taking notices. While sticky notes are useful for bookmarking, highlighters are intended to highlight any part of the book’s content. 
You can add several other items to your corporate gift packs and make your customers feel special. Do not delay! Order your sticky notes in bulk at wholesale rates now!

Here Are Some Interesting Ways To Use Sticky Notes September 7, 2021 08:00

In the present tech-savvy world, the productivity of software applications has gained a strong position. Still, the humble items like sticky notes have not lost the value. There are ways of digitizing sticky notes. But no software applications have still become popular for this purpose. A piece of paper, known as the sticky note, is highly useful in your everyday life. In fact, they give you a chance of becoming more productive and organized. That is why corporate owners have chosen them as one of the best wholesale promotional products. Available at a lower price rate, these sticky notes will be a valuable corporate gift on any occasion.

Corporate Sticky Notes

Sticky notes are nothing but small papers. However, their small square designs have made them useful. You can find space to write down the most important information. Nowadays, these sticky notes are used for both personal and corporate purposes.

Bookmark important pages of your book

Originally, the major purpose of inventing sticky notes was to mark some pages. The credit of creating sticky notes goes to Arthur Fry- the American scientist.

As there is an adhesive strip with sticky notes, you can easily use it for bookmarking the pages. The marker will be in its place and will not damage the pages of your book.

When you think of using more than one bookmark, it is better to switch the position of your sticky notes. You will find it easy to trace out the desired pages of your book.

Annotate some text using your sticky notes-

Sticky notes are the most valuable stationery items used for writing down your personal thoughts. While reading some books, you can make use of those sticky notes. You may refine your reading skills. Moreover, the habit of using sticky notes at the time of reading enables you to manage difficult texts easily. You can think critically while going through the book.

Sticky notes are also useful for summarizing paragraphs, phrases, and chapters. You do not need to write anything on your book’s pages. Using your sticky notes, you can stick some annotations at any place. Revision will become easier with this trick.

Apply color codes for your tasks-

You can start color coding your ideas and tasks with sticky notes. It will make your learning and reading sessions more productive. It is best for organizing your thoughts.  The right use of colorful sticky notes will enable you to distinguish your information very easily. That is why color coding is the best trick to highlight the things, which need more attention.

When you buy wholesale sticky notes, you can choose different colors. By selecting multiple colored sticky notes, you can write down facts of different categories.

Brainstorm your ideas-

Brainstorming technique is effective to make your mind more creative. You will have freethinking ability. It has become a highly acceptable method while learning something new.

You may develop new ideas from different concepts. You will find it easy to reach solutions to your problems. Brainstorming is necessary in both office and educational environments.

You have to choose a spacious surface, like a wall. Then, you can attach sticky notes of different colors. It will be easy to group together your ideas. Moreover, based on the way you have organized your sticky notes, you need to create a mind map.

Strengthen your vocabulary in foreign language-

You may have started learning a new language, and you like to make your vocabulary stronger. As sticky notes are tangible and visual, they are the perfect tool to memorize the newly learned words.

Thus, use your custom-made sticky notes for better vocabulary. Choose some objects in your house and label them in the foreign language. It is the best way of using sticky notes. You may also remove those papers and add other new words.

Wholesale Sticky Notes

In this case also, you can use color codes. For instance, you can choose blue sticky notes for your electronics and the green ones for your tableware.

Make your to-do lists-

It is good to make a list of things to be done for any purpose. Use your sticky notes to create a short to-do list.

To-do lists enable you to stay organized. You will have better time management ability. Furthermore, the list will remind you of what you should do at the right time.

By filling your sticky notes with a to-do lists and compiling them together, you will have better learning skills. When you have accomplished a task, you have to dedicate a note to it.

Plan your projects-

You may think that there are project management applications to make your tasks easier. But, the best alternative to them is the sticky note. Use the corporate sticky notes for your visualization purpose. For instance, you can choose them for your storyboards, flow charts, and small diagrams. You may also create your personal study schedule with sticky notes.

These are some common ways of using sticky notes. However, you can find other smart ways of making the optimal use of these small pieces of papers.

  • Clean your keyboard-

One side of your sticky notes is not much sticky. You can use it to collect dust on your keyboard.

  • Mark your cables-

There are different cables with your electric appliances. You have to tear off the adhesive part of your paper and wrap it properly around the electrical wires. You can easily differentiate your appliances and their cables.

  • Create your shopping lists-

You have thought of buying a number of items from your grocery stores. Create a list of items that you would buy from the shop. Moreover, sticky notes would be helpful to make weekly schedules. It may also be your diet chart and routines of your activities.

The standard size of sticky notes is 3 x 3 inches. These sticky notes are useful for regular needs. But, there are larger versions of sticky notes. For instance, they can be 8 x 6 inches. You can choose the right one for your purpose.

Buy custom-made wholesale sticky notes for your employees and staffs at the best discounted rates on bulk order. Checkout all the designs and patterns an place an online order for quick doorstep delivery.