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Bluetooth Speaker- A Cost-Effective Tech Gift For Your Promotional Campaign January 26, 2021 08:00

Have you thought of choosing some tech gifts for your employees and clients? A small tech gift can provide a high value to the recipients. Some companies think that they need to invest a high amount to buy these innovative giveaways. However, one of the most affordable choices for them is a Bluetooth speaker. You can look for a reliable Bluetooth speaker wholesale distributor to buy these small gadgets for your chosen recipients or your loved employees. Customized with your company logo, a Bluetooth speaker can be a valuable gift for everyone. You will also get positive response for this corporate gift.

Smartphone and tab speakers are very small, and they may not always have a good output. Your flat TV also has some low-priced speakers. However, with the specially designed Bluetooth speaker, you will get the best quality sound.

Battery-operated Bluetooth speakers can be the perfect promotional gift due to their portability. They are the right choice for those who like to get entertainment from their smart devices.  When you have chosen these Bluetooth speakers for your employees and clients, they will surely be pleased with the gift. They can upgrade their TV audio with the wireless Bluetooth speakers.

Bluetooth Speaker Wholesale Distributor

How do your employees and customers use your Bluetooth speaker?

Maybe, your customers like to listen to their favorite music while doing their household activities. However, while using headphones, the cord may get tangled. To avoid those annoying cords, they can use your Bluetooth speaker corporate gift. They can turn on the speaker and enjoy music from Spotify, iTunes, and other playlists. Moreover, as the Bluetooth speaker is a portable gadget, they can carry it to any place. For instance, a Bluetooth speaker can be the best companion while playing nursery songs and listening to a soothing music at night.

Sharing music is now a fun-

Most of us like to share latest songs with our friends using a smartphone. However, we can play those songs only with the crummy speaker of our mobiles. With the Bluetooth speaker, you may play the music to let everyone listen to it. Travelers have found these Bluetooth speakers much useful for them. Moreover, when you host a party in your yard, you can turn on music with the speaker. Your favorite music will be audible to everyone.

Why choose Bluetooth speakers as the corporate gift-

  • Spread your brand name easily with promotional speakers-

As you have offered promo Bluetooth speaker to your customers, they will take it to different places. You know that Bluetooth speakers are useful for both indoor and outdoor applications. Thus, they will help you in spreading your brand names to your potential customers. With a small investment, you will get a high value. Buy the best quality Bluetooth speakers and let others stream their audios at any time. When your recipients use your custom gadgets regularly, your marketing campaign will be successful.

  • Wireless gadgets get the highest appreciation level-

The best thing about the Bluetooth speaker that it does not consume much energy. Users can save their battery energy. Moreover, the wireless models ensure tripping and falling risks. It will be easy to turn on the speaker and enjoy audio for any purpose.

  • Let your employees enjoy hands-free calls-

Your employees are busy with their everyday office works. They may need to receive important phone calls related to your business. To make employees feel that you are concerned about them, you can offer promotional Bluetooth speakers. They can receive your business phone calls without a hassle of picking up the phone.

Bluetooth speakers are available in different models- 

Sound bar speakers-

The movie enthusiasts like to hear dialogues clearly. That is why these sound bar speakers are the best options for them. Only one speaker in your living room will make you feel that you are in a home theatre. You will get crystal clear sound using this speaker. 

Bluetooth speakers with waterproof designs-

Waterproof models are perfect for those who like to listen to music all the time. For instance, they may want to enjoy music while sitting at the poolside and the beach. The contact with water will not cause damage to your gadgets.

Promo Bluetooth Speaker

Speakers with microphone-

Some modern Bluetooth speakers are available with microphone. You can answer the phone calls and chat with your dear ones. As you drive your car daily, you can consider buying these speakers. There is no need to stop the car to pick up the call. 

The best quality branded Bluetooth speakers are available in colorful designs. Some of them look like a long pill. The length of the gadgets may be about 7 to 8 inches. But, they can ensure a high functionality to users. The impressive sound clarity is one of the major factors while choosing Bluetooth speakers. Additional bass button, passive radiators, and dual firing drivers are some notable features of the device. You can check out these features while buying your promotional speakers.

There are also wireless multi-room speakers, which can be connected to any streaming device. They are compatible with Alexa and Google Assistant. They rely on Wi-Fi network to stream the audio. However, these versatile systems also work as the Bluetooth speaker.

Buying the best Bluetooth speaker for your marketing campaign-

You have to check technical details while purchasing Bluetooth speakers for customers and employees. For instance, you must learn about the frequency response that ranges from 100Hz to 20,000Hz. The higher frequency response indicates the better audio production by the speaker.

Drivers are also important parts of Bluetooth speakers, and most of the portable speakers have 40mm drivers. The bigger speakers have bigger drivers that can be about 58mm. Besides, you have to check the connectivity options for your chosen Bluetooth speakers.

Now, you can decide on buying quality Bluetooth speakers and customize them with your brand name. These engraved corporate gifts will stimulate the best feelings in your customers. You may also look for several other tech gifts and offer a combo package to your target recipients.

Custom Drinkware Adding More Values To Your Campaign- How? November 6, 2020 08:00

Coffee mugs are one of the everyday essentials in our life, as we like to sip a hot beverage in the early morning. However, these custom coffee cups, travel mugs, and tumblers have become the best marketing tools for several companies. Organizations of all sizes try to impress their customers with promotional gifts. But, how do these coffee mugs add value to your marketing campaign? Let us now see why a set of drinkware can be the ideal corporate gifts for your recipients.

A galore of choices-

It is easy to find a coffee mug of a unique shape and model. You may choose the best travel mugs promotional corporate Christmas gifts. While some mugs are slimmer and taller designs, others have a compact shape. Moreover, you will find them in a range of materials, like glass and ceramic. When you are looking for something innovative, you may choose smart mugs with insulated designs. These specially designed mugs are capable of retaining the temperature of the drink.

Custom Coffee Cups

Simple yet effective

It is one of the reasons for choosing coffee mugs and tumblers as your promotional giveaways. Most of your potential customers use these mugs almost every day. Without any flashy decorations, these cups will add value to your giveaways. Every time the recipient holds your personalized cup, he will consider your brand name. What’s more, you can buy those custom cups at the lowest price. It does not cost much to print your brand information on these cups.

Mug colors that match your brand color-

Wholesale coffee mugs suppliers can present you with cups and tumblers of a variety of colors. Most of the companies like to choose promotional gifts that go with their brand color schemes. Surely, you will find tumblers and coffee cups of the desired colors. From navy blue to neon green, travel mugs are available in different shades. What’s more, you can beautify them with your brand logo. Every day when the recipient drinks his coffee from the custom cup, the perfect color scheme will remind him of your brand. Thus, buy a bulk package of promotional cups for your target recipients.

Travel mugs can work as your walking billboards-

You may have gifted portable travel mugs to draw the interest of your potential customers and employees. The recipients will take those logo-imprinted custom cups to different places. Thus, your logo and brand name will be viewable to several other prospects. It is another obvious way of getting values from your promotional gift. Buy the best reusable mugs for your marketing campaign and engage more customers in your business.

Find much space to fit your business information-

As you have bought coffee mugs for your marketing campaign, you will get a good amount of space to imprint your company details. Choose travel mugs of any style to serve your promotional purposes. Customize these mugs with your logo, company name, phone number, website URL, and email address. It is also better to display your company tagline in your cup. You will find more traffic to your physical and digital store. Business details shown on the cups will easily draw the notice of your target customers.

Last for a number of years-

You are going to invest your money to hand out your promotional gifts to your customers. You never want your customers to throw away those items within a few days. Small stationery items, plastic pens, and similar other objects will ultimately find their place in the bin.

However, coffee mugs will keep on giving values to users for several years. Recipients will drink their favorite beverage in your cups and mugs. Thus, your custom cups will surely leave an impression in their mind. You can place an order of coffee mugs, travel mugs, and stadium cups bulk to get them at a lower price.

Drinkware is shareable- Double your brand visibility-

What do you serve your guests to welcome them? Most of us provide them with some refreshing drinks, like tea and coffee. Thus, when your recipients use your cups to serve coffee to their guests, you can spread your brand name and promotional message. Your cups will help you to reach your marketing message to lots of potential customers.

Tumblers In Bulk

Useful in a range of ways-

Sometimes, you may wonder- Does everyone has the habit of drinking coffee and tea? Obviously, some of them do not drink beverage regularly. However, they will use your mugs in several other ways. Although they do not use the cup to sip coffee, they will never discard your gift.

For instance, the bright colored logo-printed coffee mugs may become beautiful tabletop souvenirs, fresh flower vases, and pen holders. Thus, drinkware can be the most versatile gift that you can offer your customers on any occasion. You can buy custom coffee mugs and tumblers in bulk to impress your employees and customers.

We have presented you with some strong reasons for investing in custom travel mugs, coffee cups, and tumblers. These branded items will keep your customers engaged with your brand. The bespoke shapes, your brand name and unique logo will make your gift highly memorable. You may also find out some innovative ways to display your brand information.

Moreover, it is better to choose eco-friendly, reusable coffee mugs and tumblers with lids and straws in bulk. The easily washable and durable mugs can give the lasting values to your customers. These mugs are most available as stainless steel, ceramic, and bamboo products.

You may claim that social media ads and TV ads may help you to reach wider audiences. However, you will need to invest a high amount to publish those ads. Thus, when you have a low budget for your marketing campaign, you can choose coffee mugs as your advertising tools. You can host a corporate event and offer these BPA-free mugs to your customers. Your promotional giveaways will be effective to attract lots of customers to your business premises. Finally, you will have a higher ROI from your investments.

Looking For The Best Technology Gifts? Here Are A Few Trending Options November 3, 2020 08:00

Are you looking for the best gifts for your gadget-obsessed employees, customers, business partners, and any other person? In the present tech-savvy age, we always anticipate cool gadgets, which are useful in our everyday life. Wireless and portable devices are the most amazing items that you can choose client gifts, employee recognition, and corporate giveaways. Look for a corporate gift supplier to buy the tech gifts for your target recipients.

We have listed the most popular technology gifts that can add value to your promotional campaign.

Wireless headphones and earbuds-

Wireless headphones are one of the important accessories in our corporate lives. In-ear, on-ear, and over-the-ear headphone models have become popular among tech-savvy users. Although we mostly use headphones to listen to music, these small gadgets are valuable for other purposes. How do you choose the best headphones as corporate gifts? Quality headphones are available with

  • Surround Sound technology
  • Noise isolation system
  • Superb bass response
  • Tight air seal 
  • Lightweight and foldable designs

What’s more, modern wireless headphones are found in different versions- Infrared, Bluetooth, and Radio-Frequency. These wireless systems are the right choice for your outdoor use. You will also find Behind-The-Neck headphones and clip-on headphones, known as earbuds. These earbuds are smaller headphones with water-resistant features to give lasting values to users. Thus, place an order for bulk headphones and please the tech lovers with these affordable gifts.

Bluetooth speakers-
As you like to prove your forward-thinking attitude with promotional gifts, you can invest in Bluetooth speakers. Wholesale Bluetooth speakers are available at the most reasonable price rates. Users do not need to connect cables to enjoy pleasant music and radio program. Your portable Bluetooth speaker will turn out to be the best companion to recipients. Thus, nothing can be a better promotional gift than Bluetooth speakers. What features distinguish innovative Bluetooth speakers?

  • 360° sound radiation
  • LEDs
  • Connection to more than one device
  • An integrated rechargeable battery
  • A waterproof design
  • Quality sound
  • Adjustable sound preferences 
  • Compatibility with Voice Assistants
  • Splash-proof technology to protect against harsh weather conditions

Above all, stylish look and smooth performance are two major factors to choose the promotional Bluetooth speaker 

Bulk Power Banks

Power banks-

Power banks are one of the most thoughtful gifts that you can offer your business partners, employees, and customers. As most of us are highly reliant on smartphones and battery-operated devices, power banks are the most versatile gifts. There are both high-capacity and low-capacity power banks designed to charge different devices. The high-capacity ones provide more than 20,000mAh of power.

Your order for bulk power banks for corporate gifts will not cost high. Mostly, these power banks have lightweight metal casings with two types of batteries- Lithium Polymer and Lithium Ion. These are low-maintenance batteries with high energy density.

While buying power banks, you have to check out these features-

  • Long lasting batteries with high capacity
  • More than one port
  • Speedy charging
  • Compatibility with a range of devices
  • Lightweight design

USB drives-

USB flash drives, known as pen drives, thumb drives, and USB memory sticks, are small devices with a high capability of saving data. Your recipients can store essential data in the memory chip by hooking them up to a PC. Thanks to the high compatibility, most USB ports work with these drives.

These USB flash drives are some non-volatile tools having the potential to save data without any power supply. Thus, although there is no accessible power source, they retain data without compromising quality.  USB 3.2 ports are the latest versions with flawless performance. Their writing speed is 1250 MB/sec, while the reading rate is 2500 MB/sec. Now, you can check out other features to buy bulk USB drives as corporate giveaways.

  • Compact and portable with plug-and-play designs
  • Rewritable contents- No chance of losing the data
  • High storage capacity
  • Transfer rate ranging from 5 MBPS to 60 MBPS 

Bluetooth Smart pens-

Simple pens are one of the utility gifts for any corporate events. However, while those pens remain integrated with Smart technologies, they add value to your gifts. Smart pens can be incomparable gifts for your employees and customers. Users can transcribe texts, draw sketches, and write something directly on the device screen. What’s more, these Smart pens help in recording audios.

  • Long battery life with a stand-by mode
  • Consistent results
  • Voice control system
  • An integrated camera to scan handwriting
  • Image to text conversion
  • Audio sliders

The best Smart pens have a rubber design to ensure a secure and comfortable grip. You may also combine your gift with a Smart notebook to let users write with their technologically advanced pens.

Wholesale Bluetooth Speakers

Temperature control mug-

We always like to sip our favorite drinks in some beautiful cups/mugs. Personalized mugs are one of the common corporate gifts chosen by several companies. However, to let your recipients feel more special, you may present them with insulated mugs. These are temperature control coffee mugs that retain the optimal temperature of your drinks. Our coffee does not taste good while it gets cold. That is why these specially designed mugs are the best solutions.

Some of the notable features of these coffee mugs are-

  • Long battery life
  • Leak-proof lid with slide closure
  • Charging station
  • Touch-sensitive buttons
  • Food-grade stainless steel layers
  • Automatic power cut off

Wireless mouse-

Wireless mice are one of the most adorable gifts to regular PC and laptop users. There is no need to deal with cables to connect the mouse to the device. These small wireless devices ensure comfort and ergonomics for users. The best mouse has multi-device compatibility and you can switch between your preferred devices.

With these wireless mice, you will find some common features

  • Hyper-fast scrolling
  • Smooth tracking
  • A high precision tracking sensor
  • Rechargeable batteries
  • Integrated with Radio-frequency/Bluetooth technology
Now, you can choose any of these tech gifts for your customers, team members, and other corporate associates. In this digital age, we cannot live without electronic gadgets. Thus, your tech gifts will surely please recipients of all ages. Customize these gifts with your brand name and logo for a promotional campaign.