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Personalized Engraved Pens- Engrave The Right Message To Connect With Potential Customers October 29, 2021 08:00

Are you looking for the most affordable gifts for your customers? Although you try to save money, you might not like to compromise with the value of the gift. The best option for you is the custom-designed pen. A small pen can be the perfect custom promotional products for your customers and employees.

However, as you buy promotional pens, you need to customize them. You have to display your brand details on the pen. But, which is the most effective way to personalize the pen? You may choose engraving techniques for personalization of pens. The engraved ink pens will give the best value to recipients.

Custom company pens with engraved details are the best tools for marketing. You can invest in them and please everyone.

Custom Company Pens

There are different engraving techniques available for you.

Laser engraving- The most commonly used engraving option is Laser light. It is very easy to use the laser engraving equipment. Moreover, this modern engraving method provides you with a precise and clean imprint.

The laser engraving method has gained popularity, and you can choose it to personalize the soft touch barrel pen. These pens have an aluminum barrel and a rubberized finish. The laser engraving process uses the underneath metal by scratching the rubber finish. The imprint will be in silver, white, and any other color.

Rotary engraving-

Before the innovation of the laser engraving process, there was rotary engraving. Professionals use a computerized engraving system that includes a motor-powered spindle to spin the cutter. To design the intended pattern, the cutter needs to remove some materials. The operator of the system has to enter the chosen design into the computer, which will accept it for engraving.

One of the advantages is that the rotary engraver works fast, and the engraving technique can be accomplished on time. One of the common types of rotary engraving is diamond drag, which scratches materials without rotation.

What can you engrave on your pens?

You can engrave almost anything on your custom pens. However, in most cases, words are chosen to personalize the pens. For instance, you may like to reward the employee who has worked hard throughout the year. You may engrave the name of your employee on the pen. 

However, as the pens are small, you cannot engrave a long message. Still, you need to make sure your personalized engraved pens can serve your purpose.

Brand owns like to engrave different designs, logos, and special symbols. You can choose almost any design to personalize the pens.

Buy cheap personalized pens in bulk and make sure that they are properly engraved.

Factors on which you must focus for personalization of your pens-

Type of fonts-

 The font selection is one of the steps for engraving your pens. There is no need to choose the fancy fonts to personalize the pens. You can select the proprietary font for personalization of pens.

Font color for engraving purpose-

 You can find different types of engraving styles- Deep cut color filled and standard engraving.

In case of standard engraving, you have to cut into the pen’s finish to reveal the barrel’s color.

For the deep-cut color filling technique, you need a lacquer paint for engraving purpose. It will result in contrasting colors. It is useful while you need a silver and blue engraving on your pen.

Logo engraving-

The logo can be of a particular pattern and shape, and you need to engrave it on your pen. 

More tips for engraving a pen-

After choosing the pen, you can start deciding on the promotional message. Engraved pen buyers have to focus on these tips.

Keep up minimalism- Nowadays, everyone has a smartphone in his pocket. You may think of engraving your phone number, name, website URL. By including the contact details, you can make your branding campaign successful. Your potential customers will be able to check them easily.

Add a slogan and a quote- Every brand has a sentiment related to it. Thus, you have to choose one, which is effective in triggering the emotions of your potential customers. The business-oriented message displayed on the engraved pens will let you promote your company. The message for a fitness center will be different from that of a travel agency. You may also make the message related to your business event.

Cheap Personalized Pens In Bulk

Absence of logo causes no problem-

An engraved pen has the potential to make its own statement. You may have different purposes for choosing the pen. For instance, it can be a special event, political campaign, and any other occasion. The engraved writing tools will serve your purpose with elegance and grace. 

Think of the material of the pen’s surface-

The type of surface on which you like to apply the engraving technique is the most important factor. Both metal and plastic pens can be engraved easily. Some pen tips are designed with resilient materials. However, the most important thing is the materials used for the pen’s body. 

Why should you advertise your business with engraved pens?

  • Pens are useful for several purposes-

Pens are always the most commonly chosen companions of daily commuters and travelers. To write notes, sign receipts, and fill out forms, you need pens. Thus, you can choose pens as one of the promotional gifts. Your customers will use them regularly, and you can spread your brand identity.

  • Pens are easy to share-

It is a trend of sharing and borrowing pens. A pen user can do it several times. It is another advantage of investing in promotional, engraved pens. You can increase your business reach with these pens.

  • Engraved pens look beautiful-

There are several ways of customizing the pens. Still, the engraving technique is the best one available for you. The elegant engraved pens can be highly appealing to your customers. You can make your corporate gifts unique.

Engraved message lasts longer.

One of the issues with printed pens is that their colors can fade with time. You will not encounter this problem with your engraved pen. Using the laser engraving technique, you can make that the design will be permanent for several years.

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