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Best Features Of Headphones And Earbuds You Should Consider While Buying December 3, 2021 08:00

Do your tech-savvy employees always like to get in touch with digital devices? They might enjoy listening to music with smartphones, receive hands-free calls, and do several other things. As an employer, you would also prefer to offer something that benefits your employees. The most affordable and useful promotional gift is a pair of headphones. Receiving headphones and earbuds can bring a big smile to your employee’s face. You do not need a big investment to buy headphones in bulk. Still, what features are important while purchasing these earbuds and headphones? You must know its answer to get the best product for your employees in any corporate event.

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Wireless design-

Although wired headphones have not lost their value, modern consumers prefer wireless ones. Bluetooth devices have grabbed a good share of the market, and that’s why you can look for Bluetooth-enabled earbuds and headphones. As smartphones have Bluetooth technologies, it is easy to connect headphones with these handsets. Users can enjoy their favorite music for long hours.

However, wireless headphones and earbuds also rely on other technologies, including RF and infrared. The reception distance is shorter in case of infrared models, and they need a line-of-sight orientation to the transmitter. Moreover, the signal quality of RF models is not good. For this reason, you can look for headphones with Bluetooth technologies. 

Noise cancellation technology- 

It is another feature important for buying the best custom logo earbuds. Music enthusiasts like to turn on the audio tracks while travelling by train, car, and airplanes. To eliminate the background noise and enjoy the pleasing music, the best manufacturers add this technology to the headsets. Moreover, while receiving phone calls using earbuds, this innovative technology enables you to hear a clear voice. Do not overlook this feature while purchasing the earbuds and headphones for your employees and customers.

Controls on earbuds- 

Some reliable brands have released true wireless earbuds for modern consumers. Due to the true wireless models, you do not need to rely on any gadget for operating the earbuds. The highly advanced earbuds include buttons and control pads to receive phone calls, choose audio tracks, and adjust the volume. With a slightly higher budget, you can find these features in your earbuds. 

Lightweight design- 

Daily commuters always love easy-to-carry headsets. While buying printed earbuds and headphones for your employees, you have to check their weights. The lightweight design does not make users feel bulky. In most cases, wireless earbuds are small, and they can be used for several hours without feelings of fatigue. 

Impedance of the headsets-

Impedance refers to how much power is needed for driving the headphones. Low-impedance headsets need less power, and you may easily use them with devices that have weaker amplification (like media players and smartphones).

On the contrary, high-impedance headphones need increased amplification to deliver powerful performance. They have a low risk of blowouts, and can manage more amplification. While buying headphones, it is vital to check the impedance based on the device to be used.

In most cases, manufacturers give clear details about impedance. Impedance of about 15 Ohms is low, whereas impedance of 50 Ohms needs some amplification to get the best outcome. But, most media players and smartphones can drive headsets with impedance of more than 50 Ohms/

Imaging and sound-staging-

These terms indicate something about the potential of headsets to create a perfect image and sonic stage in your mind. Reliable sound staging will make you feel that you are enjoying a live performance of musicians.

Imaging is a way of separating sonic elements. Thus, with better separation, you will enjoy a more realistic sound. But, some brands do not mention anything about the imaging and sound staging capacity of their headphones.

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Frequency response- 

While reviewing features of your headphones and earbuds, you have to check this factor. Normally, our ears can hear frequency responses ranging from about 20 to 20,000Hz. Thus, you will find this range in most headphones. But, some headphones can provide you with deeper responses. The wider range may ensure a better tone and proper management of the highs, mids, and lows. Check the headsets’ frequency range before making a deal. 


One of the major components of headphones is the drivers capable of converting the electrical signal into an audio signal. Human ears can perceive this signal easily. Moreover, drivers in headphones are of different types-

  • Dynamic drivers
  • Planar magnetic drivers
  • Balanced armature drivers
  • Electrostatic drivers

They rely on different technologies to deal with the sound. The most commonly used drivers are the dynamic ones. However, in-ear headphones have balanced armature drivers, as their size is small. Electrostatic and planar magnetic drivers are the biggest ones, and you can find them in over-ear headphones.

Fit and comfort-

Ergonomics are highly important, and the best headphones will never make you feel uncomfortable. The models with bigger ear cups are better ones. Those who prefer closed-back headphones can look for large-sized ear cups. Headsets resting on ears must have a smaller size. Moreover, they have a fabric-padded design to reduce pressure.

The headband also plays a role in making a difference in your comfort. Some headphones are equipped with over-the-head headband, while others have a behind-the-neck style. But, the most important thing is that the headband must be adjustable. Another interesting feature for better comfort and ergonomics is the rotating cup. The design is adjustable to your head to increase your comfort.

Battery life- 

It is important for wireless headset buyers, as low battery power can prevent ultimate enjoyment. Check how long you can use the headphones after a single charging. Those who prefer wireless models and like to listen to songs for hours must focus on the battery life. A fully charged battery can last for a number of hours. 

These are some important features that headphones and earbuds buyers must analyze to make a deal. You can choose these headsets as the best promotional items with logo. However, headphones and earbuds are of different models, and thus, there are variations in features. Learn about the needs of your employees to invest in the right headsets for your marketing campaign.

Earbuds Versus Headphones- Which Set Is The Better Choice For You? September 14, 2021 08:00

Smartphones, smart watches, and other smart devices might have become your everyday companion. However, without a pair of headsets, you cannot get the ultimate delight from your favorite music track. You may listen to an audio without disturbing others. The small gadgets can be a lovely gift for a tech-savvy person. Nowadays, wholesale earbuds and headphones are available at a low rate. You can choose them at the best corporate gifts. Branded headphones and earbuds deliver the best quality audio. However, how do you differ headphones from the earbuds?

Headphones and earbuds- A brief overview-

Headphones refers to two small loudspeakers, and a band connects them together. You can wear them over your head and listen to the music privately. Although there are some differences in every pair of headphones, the overall configuration has no variation.

On the contrary, earbuds have a very compact design, and each one of them has its unique driver. You can directly fit them into your ear. You may connect them to your devices and carry these gadgets to any place due to their high portability. However, some users claim that the audio quality of headphones is better than earbuds. The major reason behind it may be the design. As earbuds are small, they have minimal space for components. But, nowadays, several brands have designed earbuds with advanced technologies to deliver the quality audio.

Headphones and their categories-

Headphones can be categorized in different ways. The over-ear models have bigger earpads surrounding your ears. Moreover, they have a cushioned design to make you feel comfortable. But, due to the weighty design and big size, you may not like to put them into your bag. Another category is the pair of on-ear headphones, which rest directly on your ears. The best fact is that they are more lightweight than over-ear models. But, sound intrusion may be a problem with these headphones. Thus, both the types of headphones have pros and cons.

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Headphones are also available with open-back and closed-back designs. The closed-back models have a solid and reliable enclosure on their outer coverings. The enclosure helps in preventing the audio from going outside. The closed structure also traps bass tones. Another alternative is the open-back earphones with a breathable outer shell. They promote airflow while keeping your ears free from sweat. Furthermore, they turn out natural sound and remove echoes. As they have an open design, noise isolation may be an issue. You will find no seal to control the sound.

Earbuds and their categories-

The latest ones are in-ear monitors, which directly go into the ear canal. On the contrary, the standard ones are placed on the internal parts of your ears. They help in delivering the best audio to your ear. Moreover, IEMs have removable eartips offering more effective noise isolation capacity. You may adjust them and fit them perfectly based on your ear size.

Earbuds are available in wired and wireless versions. The wired ones have a cable connecting the earbuds and plugging directly into the audio source. However, for the true wireless models, you can find the wireless connection of the audio source and earbuds.

Know the target users and choose the right gadgets-

You may have chosen earbuds and headphones as the best branded corporate gifts. You can also buy them for personal gifting purposes. Based on the preference and lifestyle of users, you have to purchase the better one.

Headphones for your flight journey-

It may be a long flight journey, and to get the best value from your headphones, you can buy the noise-cancelling models. Due to the padded design, you will not feel distressed while wearing headphones. The innovative feature helps in blocking the outside noise. You will feel enjoyment during your trip. The loud engine noise will not be audible to you.

Earbuds for your workout session-

It is a trend of doing workouts while listening to songs. In this case, you can invest in true wireless earbuds. They have a lightweight design, and there is no need to deal with cables. The cables will not restrict your movement and tug on your clothing. Nowadays, fitness clubs promote their businesses by offering promotional earbuds to customers.

Headphones for teens-

Eardrums of kids and teens are developing and have not attained maturity. Headphones are more comfortable choices for them. You can choose volume controlling headphones for them. The highest volume can be about 85 decibels.

Headphones for recording-

A pair of closed-back headphones can be the best choice while recording an audio. They provide the noise isolation feature.

The professional-grade monitor headphones enable you to differentiate every instrument. They also prevent the sound bleeding problems.

On the contrary, for audio mixing, you can choose the open-back headphones to enjoy natural and original sound. You need to ensure that you are mixing audios in a noiseless environment while using these headphones.

Earbuds and headphones for digital training classes and offices-

Both these models are perfect for online training programs and offices. Your personal preference is the most important factor to make your decision on the gadgets. Headsets may be preferable for professional needs due to the integrated microphone. You can place an order for cheap headphones bulk package to get them at a lower price. Your employees will get advantages from using those headphones.

Earbuds for commuters-

While you are going to workplace, library, and educational institution, you can put on earbuds. These lightweight, compact gadgets will be a comfortable choice. However, although headphones also serve your purpose, they are large and bulky.

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Headphones for bass enthusiasts-

Bass enthusiasts can choose over-ear headphones with a closed-back design and larger drivers. These drivers can produce deeper and better bass. The closed-back model complements it and prevent any effect on bass.

Headphones for gamers-

The choice of the right headphones can make a difference in the gaming performance. You can buy a set of headphones for PC gaming purposes. Put on the over-ear headphones to get comfort.

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