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Opening A New Office? Things You Must Have At The Workplace November 30, 2021 08:00

Setting up a new office is not all about hiring employees and installing PCs. You need to buy a number of other items for a proper workplace setup. In most cases, new office owners invest in promotional and corporate gifts to inform potential customers about the presence of the business. But, it is important to purchase several other office kits for regular needs of your employees. Although you have installed desks, cupboards, and furnishings, you must pay attention to small useful kits.

Find the list of those stationery items and office supplies that you must have at your workplace.

You never like to make your new office desk messy. To make the desk surface look clean and organized, you can buy files. Your official papers will be safe in your files and folders. Paper folders are the most commonly chosen items for an office setup. Buy the best document binders and report covers as your office essentials.

Business Logo Mugs

Pens and pencils-

As a tech-savvy entrepreneur, you prefer digital world to establish your business. But, you can never overlook the importance of pens at your workplace. Almost every businessperson needs to carry a pen. It may be a presentation, sales meeting, conference, and any other corporate events. You need pen for different purposes. Buy a couple of pens for office desks of every employee. To create a professional look, you can buy promotional pens. You may also invest in some correction pens to fix the mistake with a special white ink. 

However, do not think that pencils are only for children. Buy a few pencils and sharpeners for your office.


While reading, books, newspapers, and magazines, you will find something important. To mark that part, you can use a special marker. The marked details may be useful during your seminar and on other occasions.  Moreover, markers are useful for highlighting the essential parts in your books.


Notebooks are one of the important items where you can record your important notes. Small notebooks are useful for sketching maps, drawing pictures, creating graphs, and writing some relevant information. You may also buy journals for your daily needs.  Promotional journals and notebooks on your desk will create a positive brand image.

Some office owners also buy notepads to write information like customers’ phone numbers and employees’ details. As a new office owner, you can invest in these writing pads.

Coffee cups and mugs-

In most cases, new office owners overlook the importance of buying printed cups and mugs.

However, several offices have coffee machines to serve beverages and refreshing drinks to employees. As an employer, you need to take steps to increase productivity of your employee. Work satisfaction of employees is highly important to achieve success in your business.

Keep your staff motivated by serving them hot tea and coffee. It is one of the reasons for buying business logo mugs and cups.

Moreover, on the day of inaugurating your office, you may have thought of offering some promotional gifts to your employees and customers. Coffee cups and mugs are the best items that you can choose as your corporate gifts. Order mugs with logo to use them for marketing purposes.

Staples and staplers-

These small kits are important for compiling your papers together using the staple pins. You can use them for keeping your papers organized. Staplers are of different types- electric, manual, and pneumatic. A stapler can punch almost 70 pages at a time, while a heavy-duty one may punch more than 100 pages. Electric staples are more powerful and work faster.

Printed Cups And Mugs

Punching machines-

Punching machines are of multiple types, including eyelet/rivet, 2-hole, single hole, slot type, and electric hole type. You can assemble your documents and punch holes in papers. To punch 300 papers, you may buy the heavy-duty models. Electrically operated punches are easy to use and maintain accuracy. There are also battery-powered systems with an inbuilt motor. They help with automatic punching and save your precious time.


You may need to do different calculations for business-related purposes. That is why you can buy easy-to-use display calculators for your new office. These innovative calculators also have printing options. Some businesses may need a financial calculator to deal with complicated calculations. Graphing calculators can deal with mathematical equations including trigonometry and geometry.

Organizers and envelopes-

Envelopes are useful for sending invitations, cheques, flyers, and business cards. Nowadays, most businesses rely on email to send letters and e-business cards. Still, to invite your local customers to any event, you can buy a pack of envelopes. Organizers are essential for storing envelopes.

Stamp kits and stamps-

The major stamp kits include inkbottles and stamp pads. To deal with paperwork, you may need to use stamps. It is better to buy eco-friendly stamps for your business purposes. Stamp pads with refillable and water-based ink are available in a plastic case.

Scissors and tapes-

Backing materials like tapes are made of acrylic adhesive and BOPP. Some tapes have a special design to tear them easily using your hands. Moreover, tapes are of different types like double-sided, super clear, transparent, and specialty type.

There are scissors with blades of different types. For instance, you may choose the right one for deep cuts, shallow snips, and long cuts. It is safe to buy all-purpose scissors for your office needs. Some scissors with a micro-tip design ensure precise cutting solutions.

Sticky notes-

To record some vital information, you can use sticky notes. These details and ideas may be useful for your future reference. Sticky notes are available in a range of sizes and colors. You can easily remove them and stick them to any surface. You may also use these sticky notices for noting down your regular office tasks. Businesses also personalize their sticky notices by printing a brand logo.

Phone chargers-

A dead mobile phone battery is frustrating for your employees. To please your employees and create a positive impression, you can buy some phone chargers and store them in your office cupboards.

Find a wide variety of office supplies at wholesale rates and get them delivered to your doorstep.