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Trendy Sunglasses That Can Add To Your Stylish Looks June 22, 2021 08:00

Are sunglasses simply an eyewear to protect eyes against sunrays? Everyone will agree to the fact that sunglasses are more than that and have become a fashion accessory. From classic round sunglasses to retro-chic models, you have a range of choices. Then, why haven’t you thought of offering sunglasses to your employees and customers? Promotional sunglasses with logo can spread your brand name and the recipients will feel thankful to you by receiving this high utility product as a free giveaway. Sunglasses are versatile gifts for every man and woman. However, which style of sunglasses can be the perfect choice for your promotional campaign?

Let us make a list of trendy sunglasses to make your selection process easier and faster.

Custom Branded Sunglasses

Aviator Sunglasses

Aviator sunglasses are best for those who love vintage designs in their eyewear. Lomb and Bausch developed these sunglasses in 1936, especially for fighter pilots. The special features of these sunglasses are double bridge and flat browline. The teardrop lenses are wider. Originally, these sunglasses have lightweight metal frames and rims. However, in due course, designers have updated the style by using plastic and combining different finishes. Moreover, you may notice slightly curved browlines with slim teardrop lenses. Those who have an oval face can try out these sunglasses.

Retro Sunglasses-

We have added another classic pair of sunglasses with retro styling. When you desire a retro-inspired look in your sunglasses, you can prefer this design. You may find them in a range of shades. Some notable features are wood grain patterns, a keyhole bridge, and other classic details.

Wayfarer Sunglasses

These sunglasses make your face graceful. You will look cool with these sunglasses. The unique trapezoidal shape can help you to identify them. Moreover, other distinct features are shark fin temples and thicker plastic rims. The modern designers have created a different version with thinner temples. These sunglasses have gained high popularity, and you can wear them on any occasion.

Heart-shaped sunglasses-

We are familiar with the heart-shaped emojis, and now, you can find them in your sunglasses. The manufacturers design the sunglasses in the shape of a heart. These models are best for those who love fun and playful frames. They look different from conventional designs.

Round Sunglasses

Needless to say, round sunglasses are the most reliable options available for you. From the oversized silhouettes to the innovative frames, different models are designed for modern consumers. Round sunglasses look best with square shaped faces. Some celebrities have also tried out these sunglasses. Timeless and graceful round sunglasses have a split frame with special accents near the rims. You can find some more details by checking the design of these sunglasses. While buying bulk designer sunglasses, you can prefer this model.

Square Sunglasses

Although there is nothing unique in these sunglasses, they have become highly popular. In most cases, they are easily identifiable due to their square rims that may be thick or thin. Manufacturers use different materials to design the eyewear. Wearers with almost any type of face look perfect with square sunglasses. Other distinct features include straight browlines to reflect a vintage style. Some square sunglasses have an oversized frame to make you look like Hollywood celebs. You can look for striking sunglasses embellished with crystals.

Polarized sunglasses-

As you like to wear sunglasses with both aesthetic and functional values, you can choose this model. The polarized pair of sunglasses helps in blocking the harsh sunlight and its bright glares. Your eyes will not feel the strain while wearing these sunglasses.

Embellished sunglasses-

When you like to get back the style of the 80s, you can choose this design. Some models have black frames with small gold studs. They are fail-proof stylish sunglasses best for both men and women.

Mirrored sunglasses

They have become highly popular sunglasses in the past few years. You can find these sunglasses worn by movie stars. The cool and fun design in the eyewear will make your look attractive. Moreover, you can notice a special silver lining to flaunt your style. But, there are different frame styles of these sunglasses.

Club master Frame

During 1950s, this frame became popular due to its unique browline. It is a combination of wayfarer frame with a thicker browline. Clubmaster models are available in both rectangular and round frames. 

Butterfly sunglasses-

The butterfly-inspired shape is slightly oversized and makes your eyes look highly elegant. You can accentuate the beauty of your eyes by wearing these glasses. The frames may be made of aluminum, alloy, acetate, plastic, titanium, and stainless steel. Due to the generous size, you will have better protection against the sunrays.

Flipper shades sunglasses-

Are you looking for two-in-one sunglasses with a unique and stylish design? You can choose this model, as they contain two for both outdoor and indoor uses. When you need protection from the sun, you may flip down their lenses. Similarly, by flipping up the lenses, sunglasses are ready for indoor usage. The lens of these sunglasses can range from gradient to polarized ones.

Promotional Sunglasses With Logo

Photochromic Sunglasses

You may have found that eyeglasses do not have shades, while stylish sunglasses are available in different shades. When you like to have a combination of shades and eyeglasses, you can invest in these photochromic models. There are custom branded sunglasses available in these designs. You can fit your lenses into these sunglasses.

Cat-eye sunglasses-

Cat-eye sunglasses are favorites for women of any age. This model entered the market during 1950s. However, it had not lost its popularity. The cat-eye design ensures a refinement of your style. When you are looking for oversized frames with a touch of old Hollywood glamour, you can choose these frames. Elevate your look with cat-eye sunglasses. These sunglasses are both chic and classic, and you can create a fashion statement while wearing them.

Anti-glare Sunglasses

You can find anti-glare sunglasses in a range of frame colors and shapes. It is better to prefer frames having bigger lenses to get anti-glare sunglasses. The peripheral vision will be better will these sunglasses. Anti-glare sunglasses that have grey and brown lenses are perfect for drivers. You can choose these sunglasses as the cheap promo products for your company.

Find a wide variety of stylish sunglasses at wholesale rates and get them customized with your business logo for your next branding event.