Reusable Shopping Bags- Find The Perfect One For Your Purpose August 31, 2021 08:00

The rate of consumption of plastic bags is gradually reducing. It is one of the positive signs to save the environment. Still, there is a need to put more effort into decreasing their usage and increasing the consumption of reusable bags. Manufacturers have started choosing recyclable and reusable materials to manufacture their bags. Hemp, calico, and cotton shopping bags bulk packages are available at a cheaper rate. However, as there are several options available for you, it is important to know them in detail.

Calico bags-

Calico refers to a type of cotton fabric- not properly processed and unbleached. It is an eco-friendly fabric used for manufacturing the bag. Due to the lack of processing and bleaching, it does not have chemicals. That is why it does not harm the fabric. Moreover, calico is a highly resilient fabric, and thus, calico bags will surely last long.

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However, one disadvantage is that calico bags are not water-resistant. When you store any sensitive item, there may be a risk.

Jute bags-

The plant fiber, jute, can be spun into strong, coarse threads. Hessian bags refer to the jute bags, and they are highly sturdy in design. By using the strongest natural fibers, manufacturers create stylish jute bags. From the jute tote bags to backpacks, there are several designs available for you. Jute crops do not need much water for cultivation. Jute bags are now useful for a range of casual and formal purposes.

But, jute is also not much resistant to water. That is why some manufacturers treat the fiber with chemicals to add water-resistant properties to the bag.

Non-woven polypropylene bags-

Non-woven PP bags are one of the cheapest options available for you. These are strong bags, which look like cloth bags. You can find them in small versions looking like pouches. Moreover, they are colorful and vibrant bags capable of holding a number of items. In most cases, retailers try to invest in these bags and use them for promotional campaigns. Some PP bags are available in laminated designs. These bags are easy to clean after everyday use.

Cotton bags-

Cotton bags with logo are now one of the best promotional products to advertise a business. Customers also like to use these bags for their everyday shopping purposes. Bespoke bags, made of 100% unbleached cotton, are the eco-friendly choices for customers. But, cotton bags have several uses other than shopping purposes. Users can take them to their gym clubs, colleges, and any other sites.

However, when the cotton bag is for your shopping needs, you can choose between standard and gusseted styles. While some bags have long on-the-shoulder handles, others have short handles. Based on the preference, you need to select the right one.

Buy your bags from the best stores, as they provide you with cotton bag printing services. You can place your order and inform them about the design to be printed.

Reusable hemp bags-

You may have heard about the term- hemp.

Most commonly, consumers associate it with marijuana. But, although industrial hemp also belongs to this family, it is different. There is no hallucinogenic property. Manufacturers choose hemp to design durable and long-lasting bags. Hemp is a rot-resistant fiber. But, as hemp is not available in all regions, it may be costly.

Recycled PET bags-

Custom shopping bags made of recycled plastic look like fabrics. However, in reality, they are plastic in nature. As consumers use different plastic bottles and containers, these items are recycled to design bags. Being made of recycled plastics, these bags are eco-friendly. You do not need to compromise durability. That is why you can invest in recycled PET bags and decrease the amount of waste in the environment. Moreover, these bags help in conserving non-renewable resources. The custom-designed bags are useful for a range of purposes, like shopping, gifting, promotion, and advertisement.

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Some more details to purchase your shopping bags-

While buying shopping bags, you can focus on some other factors-

Foldup style- Reusable bags, made of fabrics, are easily foldable into a small pouch. They are highly portable bags, and you can carrying them for any trip. As they are small, you can put them into other big bags, pockets, purse, and car cup holders. Some folding bags are available with zippers, drawstrings, and snaps. But, while choosing the zippered bags, you have to check the zipper quality.

Printable fabrics- Most of the fabrics are printable, and you can display your brand logo. You may also apply more than one color to customize the design. Manufacturers use heat transfer and other printing techniques to personalize the bag. By adding color graphics, complicated patterns, and designs, they add a unique touch to plain bags. Custom printed reusable bags will spread your brand name.

Insulated design- Some shopping bags have thermal insulation to keep your foods cold. They may be slightly costlier models compared to regular grocery bags. Still, it is good to have at least one insulated bag in your collection. These bags are also useful for carrying wine and other drinks. The drinks will retain their temperature for a longer period. Insulated bags are available in different sizes. Based on your needs, you have to invest in the right one.

Handles, gussets, and other features-

The reusable shopping bags are available with handles of different lengths. Some users like to carry the weight on the shoulder. In that case, the length of the handle should not be less than 20”.But there are also bags with shorter handles. For instance, they may have handles of about 18”. These are hand-carry bags. Know your needs before choosing the right one.

Another important feature of the bags is the gusset. The gusset size indicates the bag’s depth. A generous gusset is best for those who like to carry groceries. But, there are flat bags without any gusset. Moreover, you can find bags with 3-sided gussets. Check these details before investing in a bulk package of shopping bags.

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