Keep Your Protection Handy: Buy PPE Supplies For Travel And Daily Use October 27, 2020 08:00

Protection against germs and viruses is always important for us to keep up our health. Still, some of us are not much conscious of this fact. However, the recent COVID-19 pandemic has raised concerns among us about our health and safety. Whether we are at home or traveling somewhere, we have to keep our protective kits handy. Surely, healthcare workers are at a higher risk of viral infection. But, professionals in all fields must be careful of their health. Travel hand sanitizer and other Personal Protective Equipment are essential to minimize our health risks. 

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Why protection with PPEs is must in our daily lives- 

Without the right protection and safety measures, we have a chance to get infected with the virus. In most clinical labs, doctors’ clinics, and hospitals, PPE supplies have become highly valuable these days. Frontline doctors, healthcare staff, and daily commuters traveling by trains and flights must use these PPE kits because-

  • PPE works like a barrier preventing bacterial and viral contaminants from getting into our eyes, nose, mouth, and skin pores. It helps in blocking the spread of the virus through body fluids, blood, and respiratory secretions.
  • Personal Protective Equipment can ensure protection to patients who have immunodeficiency and have undergone surgical treatment. It protects them from the risk caused by the contact with infectious materials.
  • While using PPE, you can focus on other virus control practices, like hand-washing with sanitizers. You may buy promotional hand sanitizer and invest in other PPE kits to avoid germs spread from sneezes and coughs.

However, to stay away from potential risks, you must dispose of your contaminated PPE kits.

In this pandemic scenario, healthcare workers are the most at-risk professionals, as they contact several infected patients. What would happen when your workers become sick due to the fatal infection? Thus, you can invest in hand sanitizers and other PPE supplies for every worker in your facility.

Now, we let you have a close look at different hand sanitizers and PPEs.

Full-body protection with PPE kits-

The non-woven head-to-toe bodysuit, made of polyester, is a highly durable piece protecting you from harmful germs and viruses. The overall kit includes a facial shield, hood cap, shoe cap, hand gloves, and a face mask. The package may also offer a disposable bag that enables you to discard the contaminated items. The lightweight, free-size bodysuit with elastic on the lower section is the right choice for every worker.

Face Masks-

We know that saliva droplets discharged from coughs can cause the deadly virus and germs to spread to several individuals. Thus, face mask is the most important protective gears to avoid health effects from these contaminants. However, choosing the right mask is vital to get the desired result.

The best masks have at least two layers of breathable and washable fabrics. It has to cover your mouth and nose without big gaps. Moreover, ear loops, integrated with masks, are easily adjustable. When you wear glasses, you may choose masks having a bendable border on the top section. By molding the mask, you can fit it over your over nose. Professionals may use certified N95 masks that filter 95% of particles of about 100-300 nm in size.

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Face Shields

Face shields are different from masks, as they are rigid, plastics fitted to a headband. They help in covering your face fully. Dental hygienists and other clinicians wear these shields, as they need to be close to patients. Moreover, these face shields ensure protection to the eyes. Most personal protective equipment suppliers sell high quality face masks and face shields of different models.


Disposable gloves are one of the protective gears to save your health from bacteria and virus. While you are disinfecting a surface and coming around an infected person, you need to wear gloves. But, do not try to disinfect these disposable gloves and reuse them.  Some professionals may need to put on medical gloves that prevent virus transmission.

In fact, the premium quality gloves ensure safety to your hands and skin. You know that skin diseases are very common in some professional fields. That’s why workers in those fields always need to wear specially designed gloves. Heat-resistant and cut-resistant gloves are the most useful PPEs. But, nowadays, gloves have become protective gear to fight against viruses.

Hand sanitizers-

Most researchers have found that sanitizers are effective at killing germs in your hands. We usually use sanitizers while handling foods, working with soil and germs, and doing some other activities. Although we can wash our hands with soapy water, sanitizers can ensure better protection.

But, while buying sanitizers, you need to check out their formulas. The alcohol content has to range from 60 to 95% to kill bacteria and virus. Non-alcohol-based sanitizers and those with low alcoholic percentage are not be the right choice. Thus, when you are looking for the best antibacterial products for health safety, it is essential to use hand sanitizers.

Some of us think that only hospital personnel should use these sanitizers. However, everyone has to be aware of his health to prevent the viral infection. Hand sanitizing products available in the market can be the strongest defense against germs and contaminants. Buy wholesale hand sanitizer package to get these products at an affordable rate.

For promotional needs, there are various types of custom-made sanitizers like spray sanitizers, pen sanitizers, small bottles, pocket sanitizers, etc.


Eye protection is one of the significant factors to protect our health from infection. You can find specially designed goggles that prevent the access of virus through your eyes. Wear these goggles when you have a health risk from different biological hazards.

Now, we have listed a range of PPE kits that protect us from germs and other threats. Face shields, masks, sanitizers, wet wipes, goggles, and protective clothing are essential for the ultimate protection. Today, many companies have thought of providing these PPEs to employees to keep up their safety. Wherever we go, we must carry these PPEs with us.

You may also choose Personal Protective Equipment as the custom promotional items for your workers and customers. These protective kits are always valuable in our everyday life. PPEs are the most considerate gifts that you can offer to your employees and business associates.