Handbags Of Different Designs- Why Totes Are The Best? April 23, 2021 08:00

Handbags are one of the fashionable choices for women of all ages. Although they are one of the essentials for daily commuters, they create a style statement. However, while talking about the handbags, it is to be said that they are available in different models. Based on their designs, we have found them with different names. When you think of investing in wholesale promotional bags, you can choose any of these handbag models. Customize them with your brand logo and business name.

Let us make a list of most common handbag designs available for you. You can easily compare their features.


These everyday handbags are the favorite choice for lots of women.  Although they look like cross body bags, they fall under the category of handbags. You can find satchels in rectangular shapes. Moreover, while crossbody bags are available with a clasp fastening system and zipper, satchels have an envelope flap. Some satchels also have dual buckles to keep your items secure.

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Another notable feature of satchels is that they have a short strap. You can grab the strap and carry the bag to any place.

Bucket bags

These bags are available with a unique silhouette. In most cases, you can drawstring used to fasten these bags. However, some models also have a long strap combined with a shorter one.

Bucket bags, made of fabric, have beautiful embroidered designs. Leather-made bucket bags also look elegant. The best fact is that you can find much amount of storage space with these bucket bags. Thus, these bucket bags are both fashionable and functional.

Messenger bags-

Both men and women prefer these bags, as they suit their lifestyle. In most cases, office goers like to use these bags. Messenger bags have a roomy, slim design. You can find a number of pockets to keep your things organized. Moreover, you can find messenger bags in both small and big sizes. Available in rectangular designs, they have a long durable strap. Use the strap to carry your bag comfortably and easily.

Hobo Bags

You can carry hobo bags over your shoulder. However, hobo bag models include two handles. There is a press-stud to fasten these bags. Most commonly, hobo bags are available in trapezoid and half-moon shapes. Thus, they look unique and beautiful. As you value aesthetics, you can buy hobo bags.

Clutch bags-

When you like to choose bags as a fashion accessory, you can invest in clutch bags. The clutches are the best party bags that have drawn the attention of several women. You may use them to attend both formal and informal parties. While some clutches are slouchy, others have soft and beaded designs. Based on your personal taste, you can purchase these bags.

However, clutches do not have much interior space. You may use them for holding your phone, keys, and cards.

Duffle bags-

The standard duffle bags have a high functional value. Most of the travelers, sportsmen, and gym goers like to use these bags. These are big handbags with small straps and an integrated large strap. Although there are mini versions, most of the duffle bags have a barrel shape. Nylon and waterproof canvas are some commonly used fabrics for duffle bags.


Available in a range of styles, totes are attractive choices. They have an open mouth with no zipper, and most of the users like to use totes as their shopping bags. These sleek bags always have a rectangular shape. Nowadays, cotton tote bags with logo have become highly popular options as corporate gifts.

You have now understood different designs of handbags. However, while comparing them, you will find that totes have grabbed the utmost attention. Let us find the reason why totes have won the heart of modern consumers.

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Totes are bags for any occasions-

Designer bags with beads and a sparkling look are costly options. You cannot have a stock of a number of designer bags in your wardrobe. However, when you like to stick to your budget without compromising style, totes can be the perfect choice. The modern, beautifully designed totes can be the best companion on all occasions. Thus, totes are stylish bags with a high functional value, and most of us have chosen them for our everyday purposes.

Tote bags are versatile-

You can reuse your totes in different ways. A stylish tote bag is reusable in multiple ways. You can use it as your workbag, beach bag, office bag, gym bag, diaper bag, and shopping bag. Therefore, with a single investment, you will get a considerable value.

High durability-

Due to the durable design, fabric tote bags have become highly popular among consumers. The stitched straps are also highly resilient and carry the weight of your items. You can buy personalized cotton tote bags for your branding campaign. With proper care, these totes last for years. Thus, your customers can see your brand name for a longer period. You will have the ultimate value from investing in these promotional bags.

Totes let you carry your laptops safely-

When you think of flaunting your style, you can use tote laptop bags in the workplace. The long-lasting, stylish bags can hold your laptops properly. Moreover, as totes are spacious, you can put bigger laptops into them. Most importantly, the tote bags are designed in a way that they go with your professional attire. You can comfortably carry your laptops using your totes.

Size is the major attraction-

One of the commonly used bags in different households is the tote. As totes are big and spacious bags, they hold a number of items. You can put your essentials into them. For instance, while going to gym, you may use the bags to store your accessories and clothes.

Best bags as gifts-

Promotional cotton tote bags can be the best party favors for your guests. As these bags are available in a range of shapes and sizes, you will find the perfect choice for your needs. Moreover, environment-friendly totes will let you get appreciation from your potential customers.

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