Eco-Friendly Water Bottles- Which Materials Are The Best Choice? July 2, 2021 08:00

A good employer has responsibility to take care of his employees’ health. However, how do you prove that you are conscious of their health? The best option for you is to buy promotional water bottles with logo and choose them as the corporate gifts.

It is essential to keep our body hydrated to stay healthy. By offering drinking water bottles to your employees, you can encourage them to drink the right amount of water every day. Moreover, these logo-printed water bottles will help you to promote your brand name. But, which water bottles are the best choices for your employees?

You can find a range of options, including glass, plastic, stainless steel, insulated, and collapsible. There are also bottles with special flavor chambers.

However, plastic bottles can pollute the environment and are not healthy choice for users. That is why you can look for some better and safer alternatives. We have listed some eco-friendly water bottles that can be the perfect gift for your employees. 

Clear Water Bottles In Bulk

Glass drinking water bottles- 

Glass is the best material when you like to buy clear water bottles in bulk. The reusable glass water bottles store drinking water, juice, and other liquids. These bottles do not emit flavor, and thus, you will enjoy the purity of taste of your potable water.

Moreover, glass bottles are BPA-free options and do not cause any negative effect on your health. You do not need to be concerned about the presence of harmful chemicals in glass bottles. 

Manufacturers use different types of glass to design the drinking water bottles. The best manufacturers ensure that the bottles are free from cadmium and lead. Borosilicate glass is the best material, as it can withstand low and high temperatures. There is no risk of getting the glass shattered. 

Another advantage of using high-quality glass bottles is that they are not dishwasher-friendly. Thus, it is easy to clean bottles after every use.

BPA-free plastic water bottles- Reusable and disposable-

We have already said that plastic bottles are not safe for the environment. However, reusable and BPA-free plastics can be a better alternative for consumers. They are attractive, lightweight, and low-priced bottles. But, you need to check the label to ensure that they are free from BPA. One of the demerits of these bottles is that they can get warped. That is why you can choose bottles of some other materials.

Plastic bottles are also available in disposable versions. You may use them one to two times and throw them away to the bin. They are lightweight bottles made of polyethylene terephthalate. They are most used for packaging beverages and other drinks. Some consumers like to reuse them after cleansing them repeatedly. But, these bottles are not durable and reusable. Bacteria can infect the material, and your bottles will have cracks on the body. There are several downsides to these disposable bottles, and thus, you can avoid buying these plastic bottles for your employees.

Stainless steel bottles

The culinary-grade steel is used for manufacturing drinking water bottles. You can find them in a range of colors and sizes. Most importantly, they are free from any safety issue. Stainless steel bottles do not contain lead and other harmful elements.

Some consumers think that water stored in stainless steel bottles can emit metallic taste. However, with high quality, branded stainless steel drinking water bottles, you will not have this problem. 

Stainless steel bottle sizes can range from 8 oz to 50 oz. Based on your needs, you can decide on the right sizes. It is better to purchase high-capacity bottles when you are on a long trip. Keep yourself hydrated throughout the journey.

 Moreover, the best quality stainless steel bottles have an insulated body. You can store hot and cold liquids in these bottles to retain their temperature for at least 24 hours. 

Some stainless steel drinking water bottles have a filter capable of removing 99% of bacteria and harmful metals. The vacuum-sealed bottles are sweat-free models. You can easily put them into your bag without any risk of making your stuff wet. 

Thus, you may choose stainless steel versions to place your order for bulk buy water bottles. These stainless steel bottles will please your employees and make them feel thankful. 

Aluminum drinking water bottles-

Aluminum bottles are highly popular among modern consumers. However, you can find diversity in materials used for aluminum bottles. For instance, manufacturers use high-density and low-density polyethylene, co-polyester, and polypropylene. Sill, one of the major advantages is that aluminum bottles are odor-resistant, and you will get the desired taste from your drink.

Furthermore, they are deformation-resistant and shock-resistant containers protecting water and any other content. The lightweight aluminum water bottles are easy to carry to any place. Some aluminum bottles have coatings in their interior sides, and they do not break easily. The inner coating and secure cap are some major attractions of aluminum bottles.

Why do you choose water bottles for a promotional campaign?

You have now learned about different material choices for your water bottles. However, there are several reasons, for which eco-friendly bottles are better than the harmful, plastic models. 

Spread your brand name-

Eco-friendly water bottles are mostly reusable, and users will not throw them away. Thus, as you have printed your brand name on those bottles, it will be visible to everyone several times. These promo products will work for your brand for a number of years. 

Bulk Buy Water Bottles

Multipurpose bottles-

You can use water bottles for multiple purposes. Although we like to carry drinking water, they are useful for holding juices and beverages. Moreover, users can take them to offices, corporate events, and any other place.

Lasting water bottles- 

While plastics do not last long, eco-friendly stainless steel and other materials are highly durable. You can refill the bottles and use them several times. The printed logo on the bottles will advertise your brand name. Moreover, they are affordable bottles that do not compromise quality. Get premium bottles at the lowest price.

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