Discover Promotional Umbrellas Of Different Types For Business Purpose November 2, 2021 08:00

Umbrellas are one of the best corporate gifts to make your promotional campaign successful. Available at a reasonable rate, these umbrellas are highly valuable items for your consumers. They are the best utility items that your consumers can use throughout the year. During the heavy rainfall and hot summer season, they need umbrellas. You can buy printed umbrellas from promotion companies.

The large umbrellas make your brand logo easily noticeable to your potential customers. However, which type of umbrellas should you buy for your customers? Check the list of different types of promotional umbrellas.

Umbrella With Logo Printing

Patio umbrellas-

Also referred to as garden umbrellas, they are highly portable. They are available in semi-fixed and fixed versions. Some users like to take them to the beachside to ensure protection against the harsh sunrays.

Street vendors also invest in these umbrellas to protect their goods from sunrays and rainfall. The diameter of the umbrella is about 8 to 10 feet. Moreover, the weight of these patio umbrellas is 30 kg. The structure needs to be strong, as it has an outdoor application. The powder coating applied to the framework is another reason to ensure protection.

Folding umbrellas-

They are compact umbrellas with a diameter of about 3 feet. However, you may order a custom size based on your needs. The folding umbrellas include 4 panels, and you can print your logo on each of these panels. Edge-to-edge printing will enable you to promote your umbrella. There is no color restriction while personalizing the umbrella. The iron stand is strong, and the diameter of the pole is 1 inch. 

The best folding umbrellas are made of polyester tefta that has waterproof materials. Several companies place an order for folding umbrella printing online. Start your branding campaign by investing in the folding umbrellas. 

Tables integrated with umbrellas- 

A single umbrella with a company design is best for gifting purpose. But, when you need umbrellas for corporate events, you can choose a table fitted with an umbrella. It is one of the cost-effective solutions for you. You can print 3 sides of your umbrella. The umbrella is placed at the center of the table. 

Golf umbrellas-

The big promotional golf umbrellas are useful for several purposes. During the golf tournament, the umbrella can protect golfers from the rain and sun. The diameter of the golf umbrella is about 48 feet. However, you must not use the umbrellas near the beachside. The golfer also protects his basket by using the umbrella. Your golf equipment will be dry due to the use of this umbrella.

Roadside vendor umbrellas- 

Fruit sellers, tea stalls, snacks counters, and several other roadside stalls need these umbrellas. These vendors can display the business contact details and the name of the stalls. However, any business can invest in these big umbrellas. 

Stylish umbrellas-

The trendy and elegant umbrellas are available in a range of cuts and shapes. While promoting cartoon characters and films, the production houses like to generate buzz. These companies look for unique umbrellas to grab everyone’s attention.

Mini umbrellas-

They are also known as the telescopic umbrellas, as they have a compact design. Travelers and daily commuters like to use the umbrella, as they do not prefer bulky luggage. You may also buy these mini umbrellas and pack them in your gift bag. The baggage will not be bulky. During a tradeshow and corporate event, you can please your attendees with these portable umbrellas.

Stick, tube, and solid umbrellas-

Stick are conventional style umbrellas easily identifiable with the curved end. Users can use the pole as the walking stick. The stick is slightly longer than that of standard umbrellas. There are handmade springs with the costly stick umbrellas.
The tube umbrella includes a metal shaft and is available in stylish designs. The slim models have made them attractive. The handles of these umbrellas are of different types.

Another option for you is the solid umbrella with a continuous wooden piece.  Thus, the shaft handle can create a single piece.  Since there is a single piece of wood, you may use it as your walking aid. 

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Clear umbrellas-

These umbrellas have a unique design, as they are made of transparent, see-through fabrics. They may not work best to protect you from the sun’s heat. However, they will protect you on the rainy days. These transparent umbrellas are mostly used as a prop during the photography session.

The clear umbrellas have a clear PVC fabric. However, as the frames and handles are sturdy, you do not need to compromise the functional value of the umbrellas.

Doorman umbrellas-

These umbrellas are slightly bigger similar to the standard golf umbrellas. Hotel attendants and doormen use these umbrella models. You can find these umbrellas highly robust. Moreover, the curved handle and the overall design can make these umbrellas look attractive.

Both material quality and style are important for buying the umbrellas. The doormen hold the umbrellas to keep the guests protected from rain and other weather elements. The design of the umbrellas is foldable and portable. However, a doorman umbrella with logo printing is not intended for daily use. Professionals working as the doormen can use them.


You can use a parasol on your patio to have considerable protection. As they are very big, you cannot carry them around. That is why parasols, like beach umbrellas, have to be stable in one place. However, one of the major advantages is that the canopy can give you the ultimate protection. UV rays are harmful to your skin, and thus, you can install a parasol on your patio. You will enjoy a good environment during the sunny days. The parasol also protects you from rainfall and makes your patio usable throughout the year.

Screen-printed promotional umbrellas-

The screen-printing method is an alternative to the modern digital printing process. You can use it for printing multi-colored logos and tagline. While procuring umbrellas for promotional purposes, you can check the printing techniques.

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