Digital Journaling Versus Paper-Based Journaling- Which One Is Better For You? December 28, 2021 08:00

The act of journaling is not new, and it has been prevalent for several years.  Journaling is one of the activities to track different moments and promote mindfulness. Interestingly, it is a part of a healthy lifestyle. Nowadays, several companies invest in branded notebooks and journals as the promotional gifts. However, the question is-

Should you choose between online and offline journaling? It has become a debatable topic for journaling enthusiasts. Today, everything has become digital. Still, some of us like to stick to paper journaling. So, which one will you choose for your needs?

Benefits of paper journaling -

Several hardcore writers prefer their manual effort for journaling. They do not like to rely on digital technologies for regular journaling. They get a different feeling when they put pens on papers. Moreover, they claim that handwritten journals save them from distractions. They can focus more on their thoughts, and it is one of the biggest advantages.
Your employees may also like to deal with handwritten journals. Thus, you can purchase some custom-designed journals as the best promotional items.

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Find the detailed benefits of paper journaling -

  • Disconnection from the digital screen-

Throughout the day, your employees need to sit in front of the computer and other digital devices. They will surely appreciate your promotional journals notebooks. They will get an opportunity to write a journal by hand. It is sometimes essential to get disconnected from the online world. In fact, it is one of the ways to care for the health.

Your employees may need to compose emails and write online documents every day. But, to write journals, they can use some paper-based notebooks.

  • A highly creative medium-

Your employees with have unique feelings when they make every journal entry. They can also inject some creativity into their regular journals.

It is true that the manual writing process is slower. However, it also time-consuming to deal with digital drawings and set up spreadsheets.

That is why some employees feel comfortable with the paper journaling. 

  • Better privacy-

Privacy is one of the biggest concerns of digital journals. Some writers like to keep their journals private. To ensure privacy of your employees’ journal entries, you can buy small journals in bulk. No one will read the journal until he has found it. On the contrary, the cloud storage of the journals has a risk of hacking. Moreover, your journals may be at risk when someone has stolen your device.  These are some reasons for using the paper journals.

  • An element of nostalgia-

Some writers feel the sense of nostalgia when they write on paper journals. Notebooks and handwriting habits are the things of the past. Everyone is familiar with these habits. Thus, some writers still like them in the modern era.

You may try to know the preferences and interests of your employees before investing in journals.

Journaling on the digital platforms-

Your employees can use mobiles and computers for journaling activities. Some of them claim that they can easily keep their journals organized. There are some benefits of using electronic journals.

  • Easy to organize-

One of the major pros of choosing digital journals is effortless organizations. There are some special applications to rename journals and organize them by dates and color codes. Users can edit them in the future. It is the biggest reason for relying on computer-based journaling. Moreover, users can link their present journals to their previous entries. Digital tools enable them to organize their thoughts and maintain consistency. Furthermore, users can search for a particular journal by dates, titles, and keywords.

  • Virtual journaling saves time-

Another advantage of digital journalism is speed. Writing a word by hand is more time-consuming than typing it. Nowadays, children also like to type words to leverage benefits of technologies. For the fast journal updates, a digital journal is the right choice.

  • Easy accessibility-

Accessibility is one of the strongest reasons for choosing digital journals. You do not need to carry your paper journal in your bag. You may use any device to access the online journal. Moreover, previous entries are accessible with a few clicks. You can also make new entries to your journals. There are tools to back up the data of your journals.

Digital journaling is preferable for those who have disabilities and do not feel comfortable to write by hand.

  • Capabilities to store multimedia files-

Digital journals have multimedia capabilities to track anything happening in your life. For instance, you may like to make a journal entry of a memorable day in your life. You can link an image of your short trip with your family members. You may make your journal more beautiful in this way. Moreover, when you have listened to a new song, you can add it to your everyday journals. It will be easy to illustrate a story by adding multimedia to the journal. You can keep your journal fresh and unique.

Digital journals can be a scrapbook, and you will get fun from using them.

Automated reminders-

Some digital journals are equipped with automated reminders. They will automatically remind you to make an entry. They can send email notifications, and thus, it will be easier to grow the journaling habit.

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These are some interesting reasons for choosing digital journals.

Which type of journals would you choose?

 The clear comparison of digital and paper-based journals will help you to make a decision. Every journal writer has his own preference and interest. Some writers do not like to use technologies for every purpose, and thus, they prefer paper-based journals. While buying journals for your employees, you may talk to them and learn about their journaling habits. However, to purchase the paper-based journals, you have to check the paper quality, the design of the journal’s cover, and the binding quality. The best fact is that you can customize the cover design of the journals. That’s why you may choose them as one of the promotional giveaways for your company.

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