Custom Coffee Mugs- An Interesting History And Evolution Of Their Designs August 6, 2021 08:00

Imagine a day without your favorite beverage. You like to drink tea, coffee, and any other beverages at least once every day. Without drinking it, you cannot get the energy to work throughout the day. While some beverage lovers do not bother drinking coffee in a standard cup, others prefer a customized mug and they are really very particular about it. They like to make their style statements by drinking coffee from custom large coffee mugs. Hot drinks sipped from a beautiful mug create memories in their life. But, do they know about the history of coffee mugs? A brief about the coffee mug history will gather your interest.

As you like to stay caffeinated, you need to know how your coffee mug designs have undergone transformation. From regular cups to uniquely shaped mugs, there are several options available for consumers.

Cups in the ancient ages-

During the ancient period, our predecessors probably used to drink beverage from cups made from wood and bone. According to archeologists, these oldest coffee mugs were available during Neolithic Stone Age, and it was almost 10,000 years B.C. You could also trace these ancient drinking vessels in Japan and China. Although they were durable, they did not have handles.

In due course, pottery replaced the wood and bone cups. There were also the invention of cups with handles. However, as the pottery wheel was not available at that time, manufacturers create and decorate clay mugs manually. One of the notable things is that those clay coffee cups had very thick walls. Consumers did not find it easy to drink coffee out of those cups.

Custom Engraved Coffee Mugs

When it was 4500 BCE, metal mugs entered the market. Lead, bronze, silver, and gold mugs were popular at that time. But, those cups were not good for health, as there was a risk of lead poisoning. Moreover, the metal structures used to become very hot, and consumers had felt the risk of scalding burns.

In 2400 BCE, consumers in some countries drank their beverage out of beaker pots. The bell-shaped pottery had a unique look that reflected the ancient Bell-Beaker culture.

In 1200 BCE, as the pottery wheels had already been invented, ancient craftsmen displayed their artistry with ceramic cups. Both ceramic and clay coffee mugs have beautiful designs and geometric pattern. You will also notice these designs in the modern, innovative custom engraved coffee mugs.

The entry of novelty mugs into the market-

The European countries first saw the introduction of novelty mugs. There were dribble holes in these custom coffee mugs. However, in terms of functionalities, those cups were not desirable. Users felt discomfort from drinking their beverages out of those cups. 

The idea of printing coffee mugs emerged in 1750. You could notice the transfer printing process applied for designing the coffee mugs. The decoration technique turned out to be popular at that time. There was a mass production of custom-designed coffee mugs.

In 1992, consumers started showing their interest in espresso mugs available in a range of colors. Some companies add logos to the mugs’ body as a part of decoration. These decorated espresso mugs had gained the attention due to their aesthetics.

While different iconic mugs have gained attraction, the unique Starbucks mugs made their entry. Today, you may have seen personalized coffee mugs with lids. Those Starbucks cups are also available with a lid, and they look different from standard cups. These mugs have bold patterns and a logo at the center. The mermaid designs on the cup’s body have made the overall structure unique.

These Starbucks mugs are reusable, and you can drink your delicious cappuccino out of these cups. You may use these long-lasting cups for years.

During mid-2000s, several companies had started showing creativity in designing coffee mugs. While taking the daily caffeine, consumers began to choose these mugs. Some coffee mugs were coated with heat-sensitive paint. They were custom mugs with heat-changing capacity. As the cup gets warmed up, it will alter its colors and image. The innovatively designed coffee mugs had once grabbed a good share in the market.

The coffee cup manufacturers are still trying to make their products different by using technologies and special skills. You will get amazed at the mug designs offered by several brands. Most importantly, coffee mugs have become one of the trendy promotional items. Company owners like to offer personalized mugs to their customers and employees. Let’s check the latest technologies used for designing modern coffee mugs-

Coffee mugs with an insulated design-

Manufacturers design the coffee cups with materials that have insulating properties. Your cup will retain the temperature of your drink for several hours. The temperature-controlled cups are highly valuable to consumers.

Cups with a mobile phone holder. It is an interesting design found in a few technologically advanced coffee cups. While you are sipping coffee, your cup will display smartphone. You can engage in social media activities.

Some smart coffee mugs have capabilities of tracking your calorie intake. You can check your health in a better and easier way. The app compatible with the mug will inform you about the drink. Lots of fitness-conscious persons like to drink coffee from these cups.

Materials used for coffee mugs-

There are different materials used for manufacturing coffee mugs. Ceramic cups have not lost their values. In fact, you can find the use of ceramics for different kitchenware.  There are also copper cups made of copper. Copper drinkware is also useful for holding cocktails.

Custom Large Coffee Mugs

Some consumers like to buy glass mugs due to their transparent designs. You can clearly view the drink while sipping it. Manufacturers use special glasses to prevent breakage issues.

However, the best choice for you is the stainless steel cup. Stainless steel acts like insulator. Stainless steel cups and mugs can hold both cold and hot drinks. They retain the temperature of your drink for a number of hours. You may look for stainless steel travel mugs with lids and straw. Available in different colors, stainless steel mugs are the perfect options for your daily needs.

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