Bluetooth Speaker- A Cost-Effective Tech Gift For Your Promotional Campaign January 26, 2021 08:00

Have you thought of choosing some tech gifts for your employees and clients? A small tech gift can provide a high value to the recipients. Some companies think that they need to invest a high amount to buy these innovative giveaways. However, one of the most affordable choices for them is a Bluetooth speaker. You can look for a reliable Bluetooth speaker wholesale distributor to buy these small gadgets for your chosen recipients or your loved employees. Customized with your company logo, a Bluetooth speaker can be a valuable gift for everyone. You will also get positive response for this corporate gift.

Smartphone and tab speakers are very small, and they may not always have a good output. Your flat TV also has some low-priced speakers. However, with the specially designed Bluetooth speaker, you will get the best quality sound.

Battery-operated Bluetooth speakers can be the perfect promotional gift due to their portability. They are the right choice for those who like to get entertainment from their smart devices.  When you have chosen these Bluetooth speakers for your employees and clients, they will surely be pleased with the gift. They can upgrade their TV audio with the wireless Bluetooth speakers.

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How do your employees and customers use your Bluetooth speaker?

Maybe, your customers like to listen to their favorite music while doing their household activities. However, while using headphones, the cord may get tangled. To avoid those annoying cords, they can use your Bluetooth speaker corporate gift. They can turn on the speaker and enjoy music from Spotify, iTunes, and other playlists. Moreover, as the Bluetooth speaker is a portable gadget, they can carry it to any place. For instance, a Bluetooth speaker can be the best companion while playing nursery songs and listening to a soothing music at night.

Sharing music is now a fun-

Most of us like to share latest songs with our friends using a smartphone. However, we can play those songs only with the crummy speaker of our mobiles. With the Bluetooth speaker, you may play the music to let everyone listen to it. Travelers have found these Bluetooth speakers much useful for them. Moreover, when you host a party in your yard, you can turn on music with the speaker. Your favorite music will be audible to everyone.

Why choose Bluetooth speakers as the corporate gift-

  • Spread your brand name easily with promotional speakers-

As you have offered promo Bluetooth speaker to your customers, they will take it to different places. You know that Bluetooth speakers are useful for both indoor and outdoor applications. Thus, they will help you in spreading your brand names to your potential customers. With a small investment, you will get a high value. Buy the best quality Bluetooth speakers and let others stream their audios at any time. When your recipients use your custom gadgets regularly, your marketing campaign will be successful.

  • Wireless gadgets get the highest appreciation level-

The best thing about the Bluetooth speaker that it does not consume much energy. Users can save their battery energy. Moreover, the wireless models ensure tripping and falling risks. It will be easy to turn on the speaker and enjoy audio for any purpose.

  • Let your employees enjoy hands-free calls-

Your employees are busy with their everyday office works. They may need to receive important phone calls related to your business. To make employees feel that you are concerned about them, you can offer promotional Bluetooth speakers. They can receive your business phone calls without a hassle of picking up the phone.

Bluetooth speakers are available in different models- 

Sound bar speakers-

The movie enthusiasts like to hear dialogues clearly. That is why these sound bar speakers are the best options for them. Only one speaker in your living room will make you feel that you are in a home theatre. You will get crystal clear sound using this speaker. 

Bluetooth speakers with waterproof designs-

Waterproof models are perfect for those who like to listen to music all the time. For instance, they may want to enjoy music while sitting at the poolside and the beach. The contact with water will not cause damage to your gadgets.

Promo Bluetooth Speaker

Speakers with microphone-

Some modern Bluetooth speakers are available with microphone. You can answer the phone calls and chat with your dear ones. As you drive your car daily, you can consider buying these speakers. There is no need to stop the car to pick up the call. 

The best quality branded Bluetooth speakers are available in colorful designs. Some of them look like a long pill. The length of the gadgets may be about 7 to 8 inches. But, they can ensure a high functionality to users. The impressive sound clarity is one of the major factors while choosing Bluetooth speakers. Additional bass button, passive radiators, and dual firing drivers are some notable features of the device. You can check out these features while buying your promotional speakers.

There are also wireless multi-room speakers, which can be connected to any streaming device. They are compatible with Alexa and Google Assistant. They rely on Wi-Fi network to stream the audio. However, these versatile systems also work as the Bluetooth speaker.

Buying the best Bluetooth speaker for your marketing campaign-

You have to check technical details while purchasing Bluetooth speakers for customers and employees. For instance, you must learn about the frequency response that ranges from 100Hz to 20,000Hz. The higher frequency response indicates the better audio production by the speaker.

Drivers are also important parts of Bluetooth speakers, and most of the portable speakers have 40mm drivers. The bigger speakers have bigger drivers that can be about 58mm. Besides, you have to check the connectivity options for your chosen Bluetooth speakers.

Now, you can decide on buying quality Bluetooth speakers and customize them with your brand name. These engraved corporate gifts will stimulate the best feelings in your customers. You may also look for several other tech gifts and offer a combo package to your target recipients.