Aluminum Bottles- Benefits, Uses, And Customization Technique December 21, 2021 08:00

A few years ago, there was a trend of using the cheap plastic bottles to drink water. However, now, modern consumers have become highly conscious and they look for eco-friendly solutions for their everyday needs. Aluminum and stainless-steel water bottles have become much popular in recent years. Several companies also invest in them as the promotional drinkware.

You may be familiar with the stainless-steel sports bottle and other stainless-steel items for your daily purposes. However, how do you get benefits from aluminum bottles?

To design aluminum bottles, manufacturers use 1070A aluminum slug. With internal coating and several other techniques, they design these aluminum bottles. The most important reason for buying an aluminum bottle is that it is a recyclable material and does not harm the environment. When you discard the metal bottle, it will not cause negative effect on the green environment. In fact, 90% of aluminum used for automotive parts and building undergo the recycling process. Thus, your aluminum bottles will also be recycled.

While plastics take more than 400 years to decompose, aluminum takes a very short time. Thus, to save environment, you can increase the use of aluminum bottles. But, there are several other reasons for using aluminum bottles.

Promotional Drinkware

No health concern from aluminum drinking bottles-

Safety to your health is one of the major factors for buying drinking water bottles. Aluminum bottles do not cause any health risk, as they are BPA-free. Some food container manufacturers use the harmful chemical like BPA. This chemical can cause adverse effects on your health. For instance, the intake of BPA can result in higher blood pressure, heart disorder, and diabetes. It is safe to eat and drink from a container, which has no BPA.

Save money by investing in aluminum water bottles-

You can claim that plastic bottles are the most cost-effective options. However, you need to throw them away within a few days. That is why you can purchase high-quality aluminum bottles. You can buy a bulk pack of these metal bottles as your custom corporate gifts. They will be the most useful gifts for your customers and employees. These metal containers are best for holding water, juice, and any other drink.

Get the best taste of your drinks-

Some aluminum bottles have an insulated design, which maintains the temperature of your drinks. For instance, you can pour cold drinks into the insulated aluminum bottle and drink it at any time. Similar, it will hold the favorable temperature of your coffee and other hot beverages. You will enjoy the desired taste at any time. Travelers can carry these bottles with them.

Aluminum bottles are highly durable-

Durability is another big reason for choosing the aluminum bottle. You can accidentally drop the bottle on the concrete ground. Glass bottles may easily get shattered. But, the aluminum ones do not have this risk, and they will last long. You may use them for your regular purpose.

Aluminum bottles with a spill-proof design-

The best aluminum water bottles have secure caps to prevent liquids from spilling out of them. Although your bag has books, mobiles, and other items, you can put your bottle into it. There is no risk of water damage to sensitive items.

Lighter and rust-resistant bottles-

You may have used cylindrical shaped tin cans. They are heavy and easily get rusted. You will not find this issue with your aluminum bottles. Available at a very reasonable price, aluminum bottles will give you the best value.

Aluminum containers and their uses-

You think that aluminum bottles are useful only for drinking water. However, several companies have started using aluminum containers for product packaging purposes.

Sports bottle-

Sportspersons like to have some energy drinks with them, and thus, they need to carry high-quality aluminum bottles with them. These bottles have a screw cap and a wide mouth. The bottle’s capacity can be up to 1.5L. You can promote your business by distributing sports water bottles made of aluminum.

Stainless Steel Sports Bottle

Bottled water-

Bottled water is now available to serve drinking purposes of consumers. However, to save the health of consumers, the use of aluminum containers is now prevalent. The rust-resistant quality is another reason for choosing the aluminum bottles.

Beer industry-

There is a trend of using aluminum containers in the beer industry. Several beer brands have considered aluminum packaging for their alcoholic drinks. The lightweight, shatterproof beer bottles are now easy to carry for consumers.

Beverage industry-

You can now find the use of aluminum coke bottles with reusable caps. The brands are trying to draw customers’ attention with eco-friendly beverage products. Filled in aluminum bottles, your carbonated drinks are now safe for your health.

How do you custom-design your aluminum bottles?

You may have invested in blank aluminum water bottles wholesale. The custom-printed bottles are best for your promotional purposes. There are different printing technologies for personalizing aluminum bottles.

  • Polishing technique-

High-speed rotating polishing wheels are effective in pressing against your aluminum bottles. They can treat the aluminum bottle’s surface for micro-cutting it.

  • Painting-

There are special spray guns for spray a range paint colors on your bottle’s surface. Based on your chosen color, you can customize the aluminum bottle.

  • Anodizing process-

Anodizing process is something, which involves the use of anode in the electrolyte solution.

  • UV Coating-

It is another innovative technique to treat the surface of your aluminum bottle. This surface will have bright gold, bright silver, and any other tones.

  • UV printing-

It is a digital printing technique, which uses the ultraviolet light to dry the ink. However, UV printing takes 10 to 30 minutes for every bottle. You can print your company’s name on the flat part of your bottle.

Heat transfer printing-

It is a method, which applies pressure and heat to print your brand logo. The thermally transferred ink will last long.

Screen printing-

You can use this technique to decorate your bottle with high color opacity. The color will remain intact for several years.

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