6 High Utility Items You Can Consider For Your Next Promotional Event October 30, 2020 08:00

Do you think of hosting a party to celebrate milestones, like employee anniversaries, new hires, and product launches? However, on all these occasions, you have one common target. You like to promote your brand to potential customers, vendors, and business partners. Surely, your corporate event will gather their attention and you can spread your brand name. But, to stimulate a positive impression among the attendees, you need to offer some special gifts. From corporate umbrellas to custom chairs, there is a range of options available for you.

We have picked some high-utility items that you can buy as promotional corporate gifts. Buy these items online, and place an order of customization with your brand logo. We think that a bit of forethought will make your gifting successful.

Now, let us have a look at the most valuable items that you can choose for recipients in your corporate events.

Corporate Umbrellas

Umbrellas- Protecting against sunrays and rain-

A personalized umbrella is one of the practical gifts to please your customers and employees. We need to use umbrellas regularly to protect ourselves from rain and sun’s heat. Thus, when you have chosen promotional umbrellas as corporate gifts, it signifies your concern about your customers’ well-being.

Moreover, umbrellas are timeless choices, as they never turn out to be obsolete. Colorful umbrellas with proper packaging will reflect a positive image of your company. Recipients will use your umbrellas throughout the year for different purposes.

However, you can find umbrellas of a variety of sizes and designs. Golf umbrellas, paneled beach umbrellas, heavy-duty wind umbrellas, and parasols, are some commonly chosen models for your corporate gifting. Advertise your brand with an imprinted logo on the umbrella.

Sunglasses- Cool eyewear with an amazing style-

Sunglasses can not only protect our eyes from the scorching sun’s heat but also create a style statement. You can impress your potential customers by offering custom sunglasses at your corporate event. Some companies also choose sunglasses simply as freebies. Budget-friendly sunglasses with your brand logo imprinted on them will help you to gain the trust of customers. 

When you have arranged your corporate party at an outdoor site, it is best to choose custom sunglasses. Let recipients protect their eyes from the sun. Funky sunglasses with stunning frames can be the sure-fire gifts for employees and customers of all ages. What’s more, compact and foldable sunglasses can easily fit into pockets and handbags. Look for wholesale sunglasses for sale and buy them at a reasonable rate.

Towels- The most useful bath accessory-

As one of the bathroom accessories, towels are the most valuable items. Organic cotton robes, terry towels, and other fabrics are available for your promotional gifts. These durable towels will last long and make your brand message viewable to your recipients. Add a touch of elegance to these towels by showing your brand logo with embroidery works on these towels. In most cases, spa centers, gym clubs, salons, and hotels choose custom towels for their marketing campaign. However, businesses of any nice can purchase these items for promotional gifts.

But, choosing the right towels is highly important to get the desired value. For instance, the towel color needs to match your brand’s color scheme. What’s more, you have to keep your branding elements simple to avoid damaging the aesthetics.

foldable outdoor chairs

Chairs- Ensuring comfort with ergonomic designs-

Available at a reasonable rate, foldable outdoor chairs can be the best promotional gifts to gather the attention of your customers. Chairs are one of the useful furnishings for our everyday purposes, and thus, the compact, innovatively designed gifts are the most considerate corporate gifts. 

Lightweight folding chairs are highly durable and made of weatherproof materials to endure harsh conditions. Regardless of age, interests, and gender, these chairs hold an ultimate value. 

You need to ensure that your promotional chairs have wear-resistant, high-density fabrics with water-resistant and UV-resistant qualities. Manufacturers mostly use polyester to design these outdoor chairs. What’s more, these chairs come with durable steel/aluminum frames that endure the weight of users. We think that powder-coated steel is a better choice than painted ones. Thus, buy bulk folding chairs with a plain and simple design and promotional brand message.

Collapsible chairs give you much space to imprint your brand name and message. Based on the chair design, you may display your brand logo on more than one spot.

Mouse pads- The best companion to daily computer users-

Computers are now highly valuable for our everyday activities, and we need to place our mouse on special pads. Custom mouse pads are one of the much-needed accessories that you can offer to your recipients.

Repetitive scrolling and typing with the mouse may result in health problems, like carpal tunnel. Mouse pads are the best items where PC users can rest their wrists.

These pads are available in a range of shapes, and you may order full-color imprinted mouse pads as promotional gifts. Some pads have memory foam to ensure more comfort to users.

Small and thin pads are easy to carry to any place, and they will give the ultimate value to recipients.

Key chains- A handy device of utility

Key chains/key rings that can carry a number of keys are one of the essential items in our daily lives. This small gift holds much value to your recipients. Although the user may remove some keys, the key chain remains intact. You can find elegant key chains made of plastic, steel, wood, and other materials.  Customize these key chains with your brand logo and company name.

To add more values to your gift, you may choose innovative key chains with a bottle opener, LED flashlight, and small calendar. These specially designed promotional key rings make a perfect blend of functionality and convenience.

We have created a list of some promotional items that we can never overlook in our everyday life. However, while buying these customized gifts, you have to ensure that these items reflect your brand image. The best corporate gifts always become memorable to your potential customers.

The idea of gifting will help you in developing a strong relationship with your customers, employees, and business partners. Thus, to double your marketing efforts, you may invest in some personalized gifts.